The Four Immeasurables - Nyingma Centrum Nederland



The Four Immeasurables - Nyingma Centrum Nederland
Met groot genoegen kondigt Nyingma Centrum
Nederland de komst aan van gastdocent Christoph Bangert, Dean van het Nyingma Institut in
Keulen, Duitsland. Christoph zal in de herfstvakantie in Amsterdam een retraiteprogramma
presenteren getiteld ‘The Four Immeasurables’.
Retraite programma
‘The Four Immeasurables’
o.l.v. Christoph Bangert
donderdag 16 oktober 19.30 uur
lezing: ‘Choosing Goodness: Bodhicitta and the
Four Immeasurables Qualities ’
vrijdag 17 oktober 10.00 - 16.00 uur
workshop: ‘Unconditional friendship - The
Voice of the Heart’
‘The Four
o.l.v. Christoph Bangert
16 - 19 oktober 2014
vrijdag 17 oktober 19.00 uur tot
zondag 19 oktober 17.00 uur
retraite: ‘The Cultivation of the Four
Immeasurables Qualities’
Christoph Bangert
Christoph Bangert is a student of Venerable
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche since 1987. He is trained
in Kum Nye Yoga, Meditation Shamatha and
Vipashyana, Nyingma Psychology, and Classical
Buddhist Studies and Practices, and is leading
courses, programs, workshops and seminars since
1995. In 1999 he became a fulltime member of
Nyingma Zentrum Germany. Currently he is
a member of the Executive Board of Nyingma
Zentrum and co-Dean of the German Nyingma
Institute in Cologne. In 2012 he was invited to
become a Member of NC Board of Teachers,
........‘May all beings be happy,
and may they be free from suffering.
May they never be separated from joy,
and may their mind rest in peace’..........
Deelnamekosten voor het totale programma
bedragen €290, voor Nyingma cursisten €250.
Voor wie niet alles kan bijwonen zijn de
onderdelen eventueel ook los toegankelijk:
lezing €10 workshop €95 retraite €220
De prijs is incl. maaltijden, koffie en thee.
Voor wie buiten de stad woont is gratis logies
mogelijk op eenvoudige meerpersoonskamers
(beperkt beschikbaar, dus geeef je tijdig op!)
De voertaal is Engels. Voor een vertaling naar het
Nederlands wordt desgewenst gezorgd.
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Betaling: IBAN NL19INGB0003133166
t.n.v. Nyingma Centrum Amsterdam
o.v.v. ‘Four Immeasurables’
Nyingma Centrum Nederland
Reguliersgracht 25 Amsterdam
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‘The Four Immeasurables’
do 16 okt 19.30 uur tot zo 19 okt 17.00 uur
Workshop: “Unconditional friendship - The
Voice of the Heart”
vr 17 okt: 10.00 - 16.00 uur
Do we not all yearn for somebody who always
cares for us, listens when we need an ear, giving
us a hand when we stumble, advising us when we
do not know what to do?
This yearning often makes us restless and
dissatisfied and leads again and again to
frustration. What makes us believe fulfillment is
to be found somewhere out there? How can we
become intimate with the way we create barriers
of isolation and suffering in ourselves?
For sure there is a path to reach the tenderness of
our heart and its natural aspiration to
unconditionally love and care for ourselves and
others. It starts by openly accepting and
embracing all of our experience.
Lecture: ‘Choosing Goodness: Bodhicitta and the
Four Immeasurables Qualities ’
do 16 okt: 19.30 - 21.00 uur
Arousing Bodhicitta, the precious mind of enlightenment is the heart of the Buddhist
Mahayana Path. The bodhicitta practices are ways
for cultivating the intention and aspiration to
bring all sentient beings to enlightenment.
Often called the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel, Bodhicitta
brings true happiness for oneself and others and
aspires to fulfill the highest potential of all beings.
A very powerful bodhicitta practice is the
meditation on the Four Immeasurables:
equanimity, loving kindness, compassion, and
sympathetic joy – the boundless limitless treasure
inherent qualities of all sentient being.
In this opening lecture Christoph will give an
overview of the Four Immeasurables and their key
role in the Mahayana Path. At the same time the
lecture serves as the introduction for the workshop and retreat that follow directly the days
In this workshop we will pursue these questions
and listen to our inner answers. Deep relaxation
and meditation as well as sensitive inner seeing
will open up a deeper understanding of the path
towards unconditional friendship with ourselves.
Maybe thus we will start to hear again the voice of
the heart, we so long dismissed. Maybe the heart
will gently pronounce: welcome home!
At the core of this training is Bodhicitta - the wish
to liberate all being from suffering and the causes
of suffering. One of the essential parts of this
training is cultivating the Four Immeasurables –
equanimity, loving - kindness, compassion, and
sympathetic joy – which helps us open our mind
and heart to arouse this generous aspiration:
‘May all beings be happy,
and may they be free from suffering.
May they never be separated from joy,
and may their mind rest in peace’.
Cultivating the Four Immeasurables will give you
a deep understanding of the state of your own
mind and heart right now. This will enable you to
contact the experiential benefits of these limitless
The retreat will present methods for cultivating
the Four Immeasurables. Through traditional
texts, discussion, mantra, and special Meditation
Practices you will learn about
• what prevents you from cultivating each one of
these Immeasurable Qualities
• the power of these four boundless qualities to
counteract negative emotional patterns
• how they can become a natural response to life.
Retreat ‘The Cultivation of the Four Immeasurables Qualities ‘
vr 17 okt 19.00 uur tot zo 19 okt 17.00 uur
No matter how and where we live we all share
this basic wish for a happy life free of sorrow.
But if we look at our own and at the life of others
we have to admit that despite all our efforts the
happy moments we experience are relatively rare.
On a basic level we do not really know what
conditions will lead to genuine happiness for
ourselves and others. We need a training that will
help us to sow the seeds of this heartfelt motivation. ....
Wij hopen dat veel van onze studenten dit
bijzondere retraiteprogramma in zijn geheel of
gedeeltelijk zullen kunnen bijwonen. Speciale
voorkennis is niet nodig: deelname staat open
voor ieder die oprechte belangstelling heeft en
bereid is om het hart te openen voor de eigen
innerlijke ervaring.