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AVAILABLE NOW! - Warburton Music Products
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(Philip Harper)
29979 £49.95
Philip Harper’s latest concert
suite gives band and soloists
every opportunity to shine. First
performed by Black Dyke Band in
Symphony Hall, Birmingham in
February 2010.
Aspects of Adiemus
(Karl Jenkins arr. Peter Graham)
29985 £74.95
Karl Jenkins is regarded as one of
the most popular and successful
composers of his generation and
his ‘Adiemus’ albums have sold
in huge numbers around the
world. The first movement of this
suite, ‘Adiemus’, was originally
used in an airline commercial and
later released on the composer’s
platinum disc album, ‘Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary’. The following
three movements are from the
second album, ‘Adiemus - Cantata
Mundi’ and were first performed
in their brass band form by
Cory Band in Symphony Hall,
Birmingham in 2001.
Flame of Independence
(Dan Price)
29984 £34.95
Given as a gift to the United
States of America by the people
of France, the Statue of Liberty
is one of the most recognisable
icons in the world and stands as
a universal symbol of freedom
and democracy. Here, it is the
inspiration for Dan Price’s superb
new curtain-raiser.
Telephone order line: +44 (0)1933 445 445
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Reinventing the wheel
Nicola Bland meets the guy who dispensed
with a century plus of brass instrument
accessory manufacture
achieved the equivalent
of reinventing the wheel
in terms of instrument accessory
The good-looking Canadian with
the languid drawl has thought outside
the box and found fresh solutions to
old playing problems by designing a
series of transformations to
mouthpieces, a revolutionary
adaptation to the neck of the
saxophone - The Ultimate Sax Neck and practise aids for brass instruments.
Terry explained: “I cut the neck of
the saxophone and reinvented it as a
modular system, much like the
Warburton backbore mouthpieces for
brass and woodwind. The new neck
design makes the instrument sound
more in tune and facilitates better
control. Every musician who has tried
it for five minutes wants to buy it.”
Terry’s career started as a
trumpet player but, by the age of 24
and with a thriving retail business
to his name, he had ventured into
mouthpiece design and production.
The Warburton mouthpiece
system enables the player to choose
the optimum combination of rim
diameter, cup style and depth, and
backbore, enabling them to fit
together a mouthpiece that will best
balance sound and resistance with
their instrument. The system
comprises interchangeable top and
backbore sections, and the backbore
designs complement the cup
shapes, providing further
fine-tuning sound benefits.
Terry also manufactures
the P.E.T.E. (Personal
Embouchure Training
Exerciser) for developing a
strong embouchure. The P.E.T.E.
directly targets the exact muscles
that tire toward the end of a
performance – those that prevent
the lips from falling into the
The P.E.T.E
cup, blowing
apart and
losing the
buzz. The
proof of the
success of this
product lies in
Terry Warburton
its first year
sales figures – 7,000 have flown off
the shelves and Terry is now selling
them at the rate of 1,000 a month!
There’s also the David O'Neal
BuzzMaster, which allows players to
focus their air stream, wind power
and tongue placement, as well as to
maintain proper embouchure
formation to maximise buzz for
pinpoint accuracy. “The last year has
been pretty exciting,” drawls Terry,
“and the biggest response from
major manufacturers is ‘why didn’t
we think of that?’” Sounds like his
pipedream of having a larger boat
for the Florida Keys is about to
become reality! I
www.warburton-usa.com or call
Phil Parker Ltd.: + 44 207 486 8206
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