thalasso corps


thalasso corps
For harmoniously firm
body contours.
thalasso corps
Modelling body care.
Feminine contours and beautiful, harmonious curves are the basis of an attractive
body. Areas of unevenness in the problem
zones, with adipose deposits, loss of resilience and the cellulite effect stand in the way
of this goal. The solution for firmer skin and
a body contour which is left looking remodelled is skin care which acts to lift, remove
waste products from the skin and firm.
For a firm, perfectly-shaped body contour.
JEAN D’ARCEL thalasso corps is figure-oriented body care
for preserving elasticity, firming the skin and for preventing and
treating stretch marks and the cellulite effect.
Thalasso corps enables the formation of cellulite to be slowed
down as a preventative measure, and allows the body contour
to be lifted and modelled.
JEAN D’ARCEL Cosmétique
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Tel.: ++49/78 53-92 73-0
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This intensively firming body care series offers a range of coordinated products which help, day-by-day, to maintain the
attractiveness of the body.
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