Document 6480767


Document 6480767
Increasing Effectiveness of Skin Care Solutions
Nusmetics patented microneedle technology helps active ingredients penetrate through the
skin more effectively than current methods. First product is an effective, safe, convenient and
affordable solution for cellulite treatment.
Anti-Cellulite Band
More than 90% of women have it
Thigh bands with microneedles
Apply overnight twice a week for 1 month
15 times more effective than creams
Product Low cost Good effec*veness Self administra*on No side effects Pain free Solid Polymeric Microneedles
Minimally invasive Nusme*cs Clinical treatments Market
Skin care
Skin care -­‐ 98 Billion USD 98.0 Billion USD
Cellulite treatments 2.5 Billion USD Cellulite Market
2.5 Billion USD
1 Target m
Target market1
1.9 Billion
Billion U
SD 1.9
Skin absorp*on rate (μg/cm2/h) Creams 50 40 30 Skin absorp*on rate of caffeine Convenience of a patch
Effectiveness of injection
x15 No pain
20 No bleeding
10 Safe material
0 Cream Nusme*cs Contact
(1) EU, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia Source: Euromonitor InternaPonal (2013), American Society of PlasPc Surgeons (2012), InternaPonal Society of AesthePc PlasPc Surgeons (ISAPS) [email protected]
Future applications: melasma, anti-aging, baldness, skin nutrition, scars, stretch marks, dry
heels, sports medicine, local pain relief, veterinary drugs …
Team members: Li Hairui, Sebastien Lagesse, Gustavo Yasunaka; (Prof. Kang Lifeng)
Nusmetics is commercializing a patented micro-needle technology to increase
effectiveness of skin care solutions. The first product is a home-use anti-cellulite
treatment for consumers all around the world. 90% of women have cellulite but
current solutions are either expensive and inconvenient or ineffective. Our treatment
consists of thigh bands with our patented technology integrated within to help active
ingredients penetrate through the skin 15x better than creams, providing an
effective, safe, convenient and affordable solution to remove cellulite.
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