flyer for arasys


flyer for arasys
Incredible results with
the Arasys System!
The Arasys was created by Gerry
Pollock, the co-inventor of the first
pacemaker. Arasys was originally
intended for the treatment of
Multiple Schlerosis and muscle
atrophy. It gained popularity in the
field of cosmetics as a result of its
high speed muscle building, inch
loss, visceral fat reduction, its
dramatic effects in tightening
abdominal muscles after pregnancy
and treating cellulite. Arasys also
increases the metabolic rate to
initiate weight loss. It is perfect for
spot training to target trouble areas
that cannot be conquered with
standard exercise.
We have
changed the treatment protocol and
tried a myriad of settings and we
are now having great results.
When your husband of several years tells you he can clearly see and definitely
feel a difference, you know you have something special. That result is thanks
to the Arasys System-a new service offered by Elaine. I am a middle aged
woman who admittedly does not do enough exercise, nor is my diet ideal-I am
a sweet freak! In spite of my bad habits, the Arasys System significantly
reduced the cellulite in both my thighs by a remarkable 1 ½ inches in each
thigh with just 10 treatments. Keep in mind I did not change my eating habits
or increase my exercise program to gain these results. Additionally, the deep indentation in my left upper thigh caused by severe
muscle atrophy was also significantly reduced in size. Please note that over the
past several years I have tried a myriad of state-of-the-art treatments with no
change in my condition. As a matter of fact, I was told by a couple of well
known dermatologists, that the only way to fix this unsightly problem was
with plastic surgery. The Arasys System gave me tremendous results…no
plastic surgery for me.
The proof is in the pictures; see for yourself. These are actual before and after
pictures with no alterations.
My husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Thank you
Elaine for introducing me to this remarkable Arasys System. Next area of
improvement will be my sagging derrière and those impossible saddle bags.
Cellulite reduction
Non-surgical body treatment
Enhanced body detoxification
Painless procedure without
down time
As a provider, the Arasys treatments have shown
noticeable benefit of toning loose skin along
with strengthening muscle and losing inches.
With the added stimulation of the superficial
lymphatic system, we’ve not only seen an
increase in lymph drainage; we’ve seen
improved circulation, dramatic reduction of
cellulite and a decrease in fat deposits in the
treated areas. The tightening and tone of the
skin looks amazing!
Linda L. Frost, L.E., M.L.D.T.