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Accent ULTRA Body
lim, tone and contour
your body to achieve your
desired figure. Whatever
your body goals, this
will help you achieve it.
A pain-free alternative to liposuction,
Accent ULTRA Body features
two clinically proven slimming
technologies. An advanced Ultrasound
Resonance System directs hot waves
at targeted areas to weaken the
membrane of fat cells.This is alternated
with cold ultrasonic waves to shear
off fat layers. To help your body
flush out fat cells more efficiently, an
Accent Radiofrequency releases deep
heat to improve blood and lymphatic
circulation, and drainage.
Besides shedding off those extra
inches of stubborn fats, this treatment
strengthens collagen and elastin for
firmer and tauter skin as well. Sagging
skin is gorgeously tightened, and
the appearance of cellulite is visibly
improved. Your statement dresses and
wardrobe staples will fit you better and
look lovelier than ever.
Key benefits
This body perfecting treatment
features two highly efficacious
technologies that work in
sync. Accent ULTRA weakens
fat cells with hot ultrasonic
waves, and destroys them
with cold waves; and Accent
Radiofrequency improves
lymphatic drainage to flush fat
cells out of the body.
*Terms and conditions apply
Age and a sedentary
lifestyle may result in
loose sagging skin and an
unsightly orange peel effect
in the abdomen, derrière,
thighs and arms. This
radical treatment prompts
collagen and elastin
synthesis, and improves
sagging skin and cellulite.
Whether you have flabby
arms, unwanted inches around
the abdomen, or cellulite on
the thighs and derrière, this
treatment safely corrects
imperfections and helps you
achieve your body goals
without surgery, discomfort
or downtime.
Accent ULTRA Body is $695.50 (inclusive of
GST). Available at Privé Aesthetics,
#03-02 Palais Renaissance, Tel: 6737 0755 /
9773 2677. For more information,