UN-GGIM: User case studies



UN-GGIM: User case studies
UN-GGIM: User case studies
Brazil – Processo de regularização ambiental de imóveis rurais
The Brazilian MMA Project need to provide the
environment diagnosis and others geospatial information
that support the government decision making and technical
team, while implementing its strategies and management
process to promote the sustainable use of natural
resources in Brazil taking in account many projects in
different segments sharing geospatial information.
O projeto visa integrar as informações ambientais
das propriedades e posses rurais, compondo uma
base de dados para controle, monitoramento,
planejamento ambiental e econômico e combate ao
Using Erdas Apollo information systems supported
in a database of 18.000 RAPIDEYE satellite images
with spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal
resolution that are adequate to the analysis and
studies performed in a systematical and continued
way by different programs, projects and actions
executed by MMA, specially the Rural
Environmental Cadaster.
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Brazil – Processo de regularização ambiental de imóveis rurais
The web solution
Benefits: All Federal, State and City agencies, will access a single source of
geographic information, plus access to a methodology established by the MMA
that allow different types of users to obtain information concerning the use and
occupation of Brazilian territory, and perform Environmental Cadaster of farms,
generating a thematic database that served as support for legalization of
properties as well as for environmental monitoring projects.
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Contact information
Coordenação dos Contatos no Brazil:
Valéria Oliveira Henrique de Araújo – [email protected]
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - IBGE
Comitê para a Infraestrutura de Dados Geoespaciais para as Américas - CP-IDEA
Rua General Canabarro, 706, Maracanã , Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil - Tel.: + 55 21 2142-4751
Imagem Geosistemas Ltda
Lucio Muratori de Alencastro Graça [ [email protected] ]
Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social e Combate a Fome – MDS
Secretaria de Avaliação e Gestão da Informação - SAGI
Paulo de Martino Jannuzzi ([email protected]) e Caio Nakahima [ [email protected]]
Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - IBGE
Valéria Oliveira Henrique de Araújo , Moema José de Carvalho Augusto [ [email protected]] e
Luiz Paulo Souto Fortes [ [email protected]]
Santiago e Cintra Geotecnologias
Iara Musse Felix [[email protected]]
Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgoto - CEDAE
Ricardo Ramalho [[email protected]]