The Barn


The Barn
My Journey
• Born and raised in Lamont, Iowa
• Fourth-generation farmer
• Education
• Current, diversified operation
Learning to Drive
Reality Television
• Sisters nominate for The Bachelorette
• Andi’s season
• Season 19 of The Bachelor
• Misconceptions about farming
The Barn
• Both of these photos were taken in
the same barn
• The proposal
• Where I raised my first pigs
• Dancing with the Stars
• Worst Cooks in America
• Learned about myself
We’re not in Arlington anymore…
Chance happens to those in motion.
Security through Diversity
• Earned degree from Iowa
State University
• Custom hauling
• Hertz Farm Management
• Invested in first 2,400 head
hog building
• Livestock production
Land Investment
• Began career as a farm
manager and ag real estate
agent in 2004
• Bought and sold over $200
million in farmland assets
for clients over the past 10
• Previous employment:
Summit Farms
• Current: Peoples Company
Land Investment team
Build Your Brand
• Prince Farming
• Learn to market yourself
What makes your business unique?
• Working with investors
• Find your niche
• Invest in yourself
Carrying on the Legacy
• Look for ways the next generation can add value to the
• What are you paying the co-op to do that your kids could learn
to do?
• Encourage continued education
• 2 years off-farm employment
• Take advantage of government loan programs
Agriculture Needs a Voice
National Pork Board
• America’s Pig Farmer of the Year
• Program kickoff in San Antonio
• Promotion at World Pork Expo
• Winner announcement – Keith
Schoettmer of Indiana
• Promotion in New York
Growth Energy
• Show support for ethanol and the
Renewable Fuel Standard
• Importance of ethanol
• Iowa Speedway event in June
• Commercials and social media
Ontario Grain Farmers
• Good in Every Grain
• Whether in our food, fuel,
or furniture, every grain
brings a natural and
sustainable solution to our
everyday lives.
Feeding America – Invest and Acre
• Purpose: To encourage farmers,
elevators, and rural communities to
donate a portion of their crop
proceeds to help fight hunger in their
own communities.
• Feeding America engages 203 food
banks and 60,000+ agencies, food
pantries, soup kitchens and shelters
as recipients of the farmers’
We need to recruit the next generation.
Making Farming Cool
National FFA Convention – Monsanto
• There is no industry more exciting
than agriculture
• Ensure youth know about available
• Encourage tomorrow’s leaders to
become involved in agriculture
• Look for ways to bring the next
generation back to the farm through
My first selfie stick
The future is bright.
What’s Next
• Population growth to expand from 7
to 9 billion by 2050
• Farmers are talented, resilient
individuals who care about feeding
the world and being good stewards
• Farmers will continue to evolve
• Improved genetics
• New technology
• Improved production and higher
Give back.
• Giving back to our communities
extends beyond agriculture
• Governor’s Charity Steer Show
• Proceeds go to Ronald
McDonald house, benefitting
children and families battling
• University of Iowa Children’s
• What is your passion?
Thank you!

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