November - Bay Area Divers



November - Bay Area Divers
November 28, 2007 - General Meeting
Social starts at 7pm - Meeting at 7:30pm
The BAD Calendar
November, 2007
BAD BOD Meeting
BAD Anniversary Party
Happy Thanksgiving
This is the meeting the club elects their
Board of Directors for 2008. Please come out
and support the club.
Please vote either in person or
send in your ballot.
BAD General Membership Meeting
December, 2007
BAD BOD Meeting
M erry Christmas
January, 2008
ship Meeting
Happy N ew Year
BAD BOD Meeting
BAD General Member-
February, 2008
BAD BOD Meeting
BAD General Membership Meeting
Have an event you want
to lead, contact the Board
for more details
Doris Kay
Joel Skelly
Elva DeVore
Shelby Kimman
Dennis Camp
Alan Garcia
Betty Russo
Mel Hyler
Ann Herring
Tanya Gorguraki
Anthoney Garcia
Ann Marie Doolin
Linda Kinnard
Bay Area Divers meet at Clear Lake Park, 5001 NASA Road 1 at
7:30 pm the last Wednesday of each month (except December).
The B.A.D. Board of Directors meet at
Ryan’s Steakhouse on Bay Area Blvd. on
the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00
pm. All members are welcome.
By: cap10randy
New Members — Mike DeHart,
Brenda Dulaney, Patty Gaubatz,
Vanessa & Rolland Gray,
Lanelle & Paul Hanagriff,
Tom & Ryan Lambert,
Tammy & John Moseley, Michael Taylor,
Stephanie & Thomas Walker, Earl Wells
Well fellow BADdies the year is almost over and what a
great year it has been. What with several trip to local
lakes and trips to the Caribbean area has been fun. Our
flea market was a good success and the 33rd Anniversary
party had 40 attendees. Our last general meeting is this
Nov. 28th and this is a big meeting in that we will be
electing our 2008 officers and board members. You
should have already received your mail in ballot and if
you are unable to attend this meeting in person please cast
your votes and mail it in. I want to thank all those that
have supported our club this year and look forward to an
even greater year in 2008. The board has several events
already lined up for your entertainment in 2008 so be sure
to attend the general meetings to find out what all is lined
up for you. Congratulations to Ja Van on her nomination
for BAD Diver of the Year. A well deserved award to our
news editor and volunteer. See you on Nov. 28th.
Guest at 10/24 Meeting —
ARE OPEN TO All, so come on out and join us for our
next meeting TUESDAY, December 4, 2007 at 7:00 PM
at Ryan’s Steak House on Bay Area Blvd. near Hwy 3.
Everyone is encouraged to attend as we appreciate
everyone’s participation and your input. Come earlier
if you would like to eat and visit with some of us prior to
the meeting.
Your President and friend
DAN News
Is January 25 & 27, 2008
at the J.W. Marriott.
The 2007 DAN
Online Auction Is
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Last Updated: 9/18/2007
4:45:00 PM
Bay Area Divers Officers & Directors
Randy Widaman
V. President Jim Delane
Divers Alert Network announces The 2007 DAN Online
Auction is on its way. It will run from Nov. 1-30, and
bidders will have 10 days to bid for an item. DAN will
use the power of eBay for this popular event.
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Lucinda Guajardo [email protected]
Ja Van Pruett
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Butch Shannon
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Tanya Gorguraki
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Webmaster: Jim Delane
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Verna Shannon [email protected]
Deadline for article submission for next month is:
December 9th, 2007
E-Mail [email protected]
At the October 24, 2007
Thanks to Larry McKenna for doing the presentation at the
October 24th meeting. The meeting had been scheduled a
week earlier in order not to conflict with Halloween. Larry
gave us an update on the plight of the Pacific Leatherback
turtle. It was a sobering assessment of the road to extinction
that these gentle giants are on. There are a couple of things that
I gleaned from the presentation which I want to share with the
membership who did not make the meeting. Larry does an
expedition to the island that leatherbacks breed on. I will
provide more information on that later for those who might be
interested in going. Leatherbacks are as big as a Volkswagen.
On the island, there were 4 breeding beaches and now there are
only 2. Leatherback turtles have specific migratory patterns.
The leatherback on the beach that Larry helps to maintain are
North American and the other beach are Australian. Those
leatherbacks migrate every year to off the California coast to
eat jellyfish. Every year, the females migrate across the Pacific
and lay eggs on this beach. Only the females ever come
ashore. Every year, there has been a decline in females that
come ashore and lay eggs. Attempts have been made to
recover and relocate the eggs to other breeding sites with little
success. It seems that there is some geomagnetic forces at play
that make moving the eggs from the location where they are
laid to another that stops development. The greatest single
threat to the leatherback is mankind and specifically the fleets
of long line boats that line the corridor between the breeding
grounds and California. Scientists know when the migration
occurs and the route. If the world governments could agree on
providing a safe corridor during that period, it would prevent
the death of many. However, the threat to males remains.
Since they never come ashore, it is unknown how many breeding males remain. It has been noted that females come ashore
but do not lay eggs. Presumably, they have not been fertilized.
The fear is that the long liners have decimated the male population significantly. I personally fear that the North American /
Pacific leatherback could be extinct in 10 years. Larry is
addressing the UN and is doing a fantastic job of getting the
message out. I have asked him to submit articles and updates
to Ja Van on the status of his endeavors and the leatherbacks.
We need to provide all the support we can.
It's official: Women are better scuba divers than men
For years women drivers have endured jokes about map
reading and reversing from men who pride themselves on
their superior spatial awareness.
Underwater, though, the boot – or flipper – is on the other
foot. For women divers are much more aware of their
surroundings than men, according to a two-year study of
scuba divers.
"Women have better orientation," said Mandy Shackleton, a
marine scientist at Hull University's marine sciences centre.
"They have a greater awareness of what is going on around
Women were found to be calmer, less aggressive and more
safety conscious than their "gung-ho, sensation-seeking"
male counterparts.
To read more —
Instant karma: Laser based system detects
decompression sickness in seconds
Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network
HOUSTON, Texas (13 Nov 2007) — It may not rank among
the top 10 causes of death, but decompression sickness can be
Instead of waiting for symptoms to appear, a University of
Houston professor is developing a laser-based system that can
diagnose the sickness in a matter of seconds.
Kirill Larin, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and
mechanical engineering, is using a $400,000 grant from the U.S.
Navy to develop the first optical non-invasive tool to test those
most likely to suffer from decompression sickness, such as
scuba divers, submariners and airplane pilots.
To read more —
Environmentalists: Loggerhead turtles need
more protection
Sent in by Jim Ward
Larry has 4 trips scheduled during the months of July and
August. Since it is part of a scientific expedition, the expenses
are all tax deductible. The cost of the expedition is $2600.
There are 12 beds on each trip. The trip includes working with
these giant reptiles and some of the world's most exotic and
pristine diving. I will be posting information on the website
about the trips. Dennis Camp is helping to set up the trip #3 on
August 8-18. If you want more information before I get it up
on the website, email a request for info to
[email protected]
WASHINGTON (AP) – Two environmental
groups are asking the Interior Department To
declare loggerhead sea turtles that inhabit the Atlantic
coast officially endangered, maintaining that tens of
thousands of the turtles are killed annually by commercial
fishing and because of coastal development.
Deadline for article submission for next month is:
Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network
To read more —
December 9th, 2007
E-Mail [email protected]
Deadline for article submission for next month is:
December 9th, 2007
E-Mail [email protected]
Store Hours
Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 12noon-6pm
Day One of Project SeaCAMEL's online marine science
classes broadcast live from the Aquarius Undersea
Laboratory was a great success! Module 1 provided an
introduction to living and working underwater in the
Aquarius Habitat, and the evening session, "The Reef at
Night," explored fluorescence emitted by microbial
organisms and the feeding of corals on zooplankton.
Ch eck ou t th e You Tube H igh ligh ts he r e: tch? v=KUXGoxNCf40
All six classes will be archived at
Project SeaCAMEL is an ocean literacy project of the Khaled
bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation
Basic Snorkeling thru Advanced Technical
Deep Water Aerobics
Indoor Heated Pool on Premise
Equipment from most major manufacture
Computers Tanks Dry Suits BCD’s
Wet Suits
Spear fishing
Dive Accessories of all kinds
1307 First Street Humble, TX 77338
Tel: (281) 540-1616 Fax: (281) 446-8861
Email: [email protected]
Parrotfish to aid reef repair
By Rebecca Morelle
BBC News
Sent in by Jim Ward
A vividly coloured fish could be
the key to saving the Caribbean's
coral reefs from plummeting into
terminal decline, scientists claim.
Their research forecasts that reefs
risk being damaged beyond repair
by the influx of seaweed.
Remember these pictures?
Parrotfish graze on
But urgent action such as protecting
parrotfish, which graze upon the floral invaders, may prevent
the ecosystems from reaching this tipping point.
The research is published in the journal Nature.
To
Any Member of the Bay Area Dive Club can run
an add for as long as you would like.
Business Card size would be $10.00 a month
Double Business card size would be $20.00 a
Please contact Editor: [email protected]
Which turtle is the
Leatherback?? Of course
it’s the one in the red box.
Winner was
Randy Widaman.
New picture!
Please email me at
[email protected] with
your answers. The winner
will have their name and
information in the newsletter next month.
Thank you in advance for your participation.
Your editor, Ja Van Pruett
NOTE: IF you have a picture you want to share with
something interesting. Please contact editor and we will
let others guess at what you have found.
Deadline for article submission for next month is December 9th, 2007
E-Mail [email protected]
Email [email protected] for details.
Friday, April, 2008 6:00p-10:00p Lecture Chapter 1 & 2 Clear
Lake/Nasa area
Saturday, April, 2008 8:00a-Noon Knowledge Reviews & Tests
Chapters 1 & 2, Lecture Chapters 3 & 4 Clear Lake/Nasa area
Saturday, April, 2008 1:00p-6:30p POOL all scuba gear required
Area Pool
Sunday, April, 2008 8:00a-3:30 Knowledge Reviews & Tests
Chapters 3, 4, & 5 and the Final Exam Clear Lake/Nasa area
Saturday, April, 2008 9:00a-5:00p Open Water Certification Dives
at Blue Lagoon in Huntsville
Sunday, April, 2008 9:00a-3:30p Open Water Certification Dives at
Blue Lagoon in Huntsville
Philippines Dec 28 - Jan 6 (Puerto Gallera)
Cozumel Mar 12-16 2008
Cozumel May 25 - June 1st 2008
Belize, Belize Aggressor June 7 – 14 2008
Cozumel June 25-29 2008
Cozumel Sept 3-4 2008
Bonaire Nov 23-30 2008
COZUMEL $635 pp, dbl occ, tax incl
Email: [email protected]
Vacation & Dive Trip
Contact: Rebecca Jacobs 281.540.1616
August 2008 5 Days, 4 Nights
We arrive early enough on Monday to get weighted-out
and dive. We leave late enough on Friday to make
2 dives Thursday morning.
August 2008 for 8 Days, 7 Nights
approximately $835 pp, dbl occ, tax inc
We arrive early enough on Monday to get weighted-out
and dive. We leave late enough on Monday to make
2 dives Sunday morning.
Package Price Includes:
Air Fare, Ground Transportation,
Hotel Accommodations
Dec 26th thru Jan 1st Cozumel, MX, $999 + Air
October 12th, 2007 CM122607
Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks, Umbrella Drinks, Specialty Drinks, Shots
Including Mexican Government Taxes, US International
Departure & Arrival Taxes, 9/11 Security Fee,
US Immigration Fees,
US Animal/Plant Health Inspection Fees.
All Taxes, Exit Fees, and Gratuities
One PADI Specialty Diving Certification
Let us know Where, When, How Many and you'll see
that we can 'GET 'ER DONE'!
(some restrictions & fees apply)
Group Diving Deal with PADI Gold Palm Dive Center
Group Parking Discount at
Bush Intercontinental Airport
Signed Liability Releases Required
Contact Bill Jones: [email protected]
Deadline for article submission for next month is:
December 9th, 2007
E-Mail [email protected]
A pink bottlenose dolphin calf spotted in Louisiana
By Kyle Carter
Updated: July 2, 2007, 8:35 PM ET
Sent in by Catherine Schexnider
Fishing guide Erik Rue was entertaining guests on one of his Calcasieu
Charter Series boats for the afternoon as he does almost every day of the
Erik Rue, the captain of Calcasieu Charter Service who spotted the
dolphin, said he talked to someone who had seen it in the same area a
month earlier. Rue, who spends more time on the water in Louisiana than
he does on its shores, was heading back to dock on Sunday, June 17, when something caught his eye.
"I just happened to see a little pod of dolphins, and I noticed one that was a little lighter," said Rue, who was fishing just south of
Lake Charles. "I shut down and kind of waited around because I wanted to verify what I had just seen."
They waited for the pod to resurface and after a couple of minutes, Rue confirmed that he wasn't crazy. Much to the delight of the
guests, who thought they were done, he had spotted a pink dolphin. "It was absolutely, stunningly pink," Rue said. "I had never seen
anything like it. It's the same color throughout the whole body. It looks like it just came out of a paint booth."
It was a confusing find considering the only species of truly pink dolphins are found in some of the fresh-water rivers of South
America and they are on the verge of extinction. Rue correctly assumed the calf bottlenose dolphin that he saw swimming with its
mother was an albino. But why the pink?
"Calf's don't have as much of a blubber layer, and without the gray coloration the blood is right at the surface," said Dagmar Fertl, a
marine biologist for Geo-Marine, Inc. out of Dallas. "It's also possible that the animal could have been flushed. "The water is warm
down there and a calf is not going to be the best swimmer, so it could have looked even pinker because it had been working hard in
the heat." "It's a big deal," she said. "It's only the third report of an albino bottlenose dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico."
The first was seen in 1994 in Little Lake, just outside of New Orleans. In that case, the group followed the white aberration for 20-to30 minutes and it was never seen again. The second time was along the coast of Texas and was also a short-lived experience. When
you bring the entire world into play, it's rare but not as rare. There have been 13 recorded sightings (14 if you count this one), with
the earliest coming in 1962.
"It seems like you hear about it a little more often for bottlenose dolphins, but you have to remember that there are thousands of them
and they stay close to shore, so they are more visible," Fertl said.
Patty Rosel, a Marine Biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has been studying the genetics of
Albino dolphins for a few years and teamed up with Fertl on the report for the encyclopedia. She said that most of what they know
about the behaviors or abnormalities of an albino dolphin, they have inferred from humans.
"Obviously, their skin might be more sensitive to the sun because it doesn't have any pigmentation," Rosel said. "They might also
have poor eyesight, which is another common trait in albinos."
Fertl had other concerns for the dolphin's future.
"You stick out like a sore thumb when you are white, and you become
an easy target," she said. "You don't often see adult whales that are
white. It is possible for them to reach full maturity but there are a ton
of handicaps that come with having that funky coloration."
Rosel also said it's almost impossible to say whether the dolphin will
stay in the area or move back out into the gulf and explore other parts
of the coast.
"There have been reports of a certain group of dolphins staying
exclusively in one area, but that's not always the case," she said. "If
it's a good habitat with good food, there would be no reason to think
that it would leave, but there is really no way to tell."
This pink dolphin was swimming with its mother in
Lake Charles, La.
Deadline for article submission for next month is:
December 9th, 2007
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