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cycling tour - Velo
t o u r
comic strips
10 km | 2 hours
summary of the tour – theme
Brussels and Belgium are internationally known thanks to their comic strips authors. A glance through the
comic strips frescos downtown enables re-discovering it in a different way, playful enough. These comic
strips walls aim at making certain quarters that are undergoing transformation, more beautiful as well.
route description
1. Billy The Cat (Colman/Desberg)
Oppemstraat / Rue d'Ophem 24
2. Dommel / Cubitus (Dupa)
Vlaamsesteenweg / Rue de Flandre 109
3. Het Gele Teken / La Marque Jaune (Jacobs)
Vlaamsesteenweg / Rue de Flandre 109
4. Nick (Hermann)
Sennestraat / Rue de la Senne + Hommage (Bob De Moor), Fabriekstraat / Rue des Fabriques 21
5. Lucky Luke (Morris)
Washuisstraat / Rue de la Buanderie
6. Nero / Néron (Sleen)
Sint-Goriksplein / Place Saint-Géry
7. Ragebol / Broussaille (Frank)
Plattesteen + Victor Sackville (Carin), Kolenmarkt / Rue du Marché au Charbon 60
8. Rik Ringers / Ric Hochet (Tibet/Duchâteau)
Bijstandsstraat / Rue de Bon Secours 9
9. Mijnheer Johan / Monsieur Jean (Dupuy/Berberian)
Bogaardenstraat / Rue des Bogards and further down: De Jonge Albert / Le Jeune Albert (Chaland) – Cellebroers­
straat / Rue des Alexiens 49
10. Recyclart – Brussel-Kapellekerk / Bruxelles-Chapelle train station
Ursulinnenstraat / Rue des Ursulines 25
Recyclart is an artistic laboratory, a place of creation, a training centre for job hunters, debates and cultural distribution,
a role-player in urban public space, a place of meetings and experiments.
11. Bollie en Billie / Boule et Bill (Roba)
Reebokstraat / Rue du Chevreuil
12. Jojo (Geerts)
Pieremansstraat / Rue Pieremans
13. Quick & Flupke (Hergé)
Hoogstraat / Rue Haute
14. Manneken Pis
See in the neighbourhood: Roze Bottel / Olivier Rameau (Dany) Eikstraat / Rue du Chêne 9 + Kuifje / Tintin (Hergé)
Stoofstraat / Rue de l'Etuve
14bis. De Doorgang / Le Passage (Schuiten)
Kolenmarkt / Rue du Marché au Charbon
15. Grote Markt / Grand-Place
Cross on foot, holding on to the bicycle
16. Sint-Hubertusgalerij / Galeries Saint-Hubert
Cross on foot, holding on to the bicycle
17. Old Waucquez stores - Belgian Centre for Comic Books
Zavelstraat / Rue des Sables 20
Established by Victor Horta in 1903-1906 to house the Waucquez fabric stores, this elegant building is one of
the last witnesses of Horta's genius used in the construction of business buildings. Abandoned at the start of the
1970's for nearly 20 years, the building experiences a new dynamic as the Belgian Centre for Comic Books.
17. Suske & Wiske / Bob & Bobette (Vandersteen)
Lakensestraat / Rue de Laeken
contact details
For more information on this technical tour,
please contact:
Pro Velo vzw / asbl
Pro Velo is an association with an objective to promote bicycle use as a mode of
transportation and discovery. It suggests to authorities, schools and general public several services:
research department, events organisation and bicycle education, guided tours and rental.
Pro Velo - Het Fietsershuis / La Maison des Cyclistes
Londenstraat 15 / 15 rue de Londres
1050 Brussel / Bruxelles
+32 (0)2/502.73.55
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