Destin Jetty Site Guide



Destin Jetty Site Guide
Destin East Finger Jetty
Max Depth: 56’
How to get there: The closest public parking is along Gulf Shore Drive, along the north
side of the street. There are several parallel parking spots available. There is a bit of a
walk from the the parking area to the dive site, as seen below.
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The Public beach access is not particularly obvious- - - It looks like a sandy alleyway.
There’s a single shower, and a small blue sign that identifies it as “O’steen Public Beach
Access”. Park as close as you can to the access alley, and get geared up.
Once you’re ready to dive, head S/SW along the access path. After a short hike, you’ll
be clear of the condos. Once you’re out in the open, it may be helpful to turn slightly to
the west (right) and enter the water to take some of the weight of your gear off your
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For best conditions, try to plan your dive before high tide. After the tide begins going
out, current can increase while visibility decreases rather quickly. Be aware that there
is often heavy boat traffic in the entrance of the bay. Typically, divers enter on the north
side of the finger jetty and follow the bottom contour of the jetty out into the channel and
around the point. There is a very large anchor out in the middle of the channel that’s
considered a landmark of the site. It’s covered & uncovered by the sands throughout
the year.
Plan to exit the water at the same point that you entered. Many divers will tie their flag
off to some structure near the point, in order to keep from having to tow the flag the
entire dive.
Because of the diveability being somewhat tidal dependent, the walk being so long, and
the relatively small size of the site, many divers elect to dive only one tank at the jetty on
any given day.
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