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Florida Keys Dive Center
Florida Keys Dive Center
PADI 5 Star Career Development Center
90451 Old Hwy, MM 90.5, Tavernier, FL 33070
www.floridakeysdivectr, E Mail: [email protected]
We would like to welcome both new groups and groups that have already been a part of the family here at Florida Keys
Dive Center. The entire staff is dedicated to making this an enjoyable and safe diving experience for you and your entire
group. To assist in this process, we have prepared the following information for you, outlining how as a team we can both
make your trip easy and memorable.
• Group Trip Record Sheet - We have prepared a record sheet which we can both track on a daily basis to make sure
that all charges to your account are accurate. We will review the sheet before and after each dive to confirm diver
numbers and equipment used including tank & weight rentals and air fills.
• Releases - If convenient for your group, our releases can be filled out by your divers before you arrive, which will
make check-in much faster and easier for your divers. Please be sure that the releases are completely filled out
including full addresses, dive certification information and previous dive dates. We will check certification cards when
we receive the signed releases from you. If possible, prior to arrival, collect the cards from your divers and store them
together with the release forms.
• Group Leader Check-in – The group leader should check-in first upon arrival to confirm the schedule, number of
divers and additional needs. Review the Group Trip Record Sheet with the dive shop. At this time, the group leader
can submit the certification cards and release forms (if submitting as a group).
• Account Invoice Preparation – We will set up your invoice account as you request by either preparing a group
“account tab” (pay at end of trip) or “pay-as-you-go” (pay daily).
• Group Rates – Just a reminder that group rates are based on one person paying the bill.
• Individual Tabs - Individuals may set up their own personal tabs with the shop to control their own rentals/purchases
or pay as-they-go.
• Cert Card Confirmation – During check-in, each diver will need to show us their certification card from a recognized
issuing agency, or the group leader can submit the stack of cards with the matching pre-completed releases.
• Instructor Verification – Instructors who will be teaching classes will need to have their Instructor card and a copy of
their insurance on file or with them at check-in.
• Group Rental Equipment – If rental equipment is needed, we will issue the group leader an “equipment card” which
will be used by the staff to hand out equipment. Confirm rentals on the Group Trip Record Sheet per trip.
• Individual Rental Equipment - If your divers rent equipment individually, they will be given an “equipment card” after
confirmation of payment on their tab or separate payment.
• Secured Storage Locker – Guest equipment lockers are available at our dock for your divers.
• Equipment Rinse - A rinsing tub is located just feet from our boats.
• Equipment – We have a full line of Seaquest/Aqua Lung/US Divers/Suunto/Sherwood/Dacor equipment for your
groups needs. We also sell Mares Fins and have a range of wetsuits to choose from.
• Merchandise – We carry a wide range of merchandise for the convenience of our divers including sun tan lotions,
glasses, watches and dive accessories.
• Repairs – We are authorized dealers for the above equipment manufacturers and can repair most models.
• Air Fills - All tanks must have a current VIP/Hydro. We will not fill aluminum tanks with original hydro dates 7/88
or earlier. These are suspect for neck cracks and should be recycled.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, or any concerns that come up while you are with us, please don't
hesitate to call us at 800-433-8946 or 305-852-4599. We know you have a number of dive stores to choose from,
however, we want Florida Keys Dive Center to be synonymous with diving in the Upper Keys, and we want to be your dive
store away from home.