JC Roat Resume and Recommendations



JC Roat Resume and Recommendations
John Carl Roat
Work History: Partner at JCRoat Subject Matter Expert Services LLC. I was employed with Legacy
Offshore, LLC as Quality Manager and Internal ISO Auditor for 2 years. Previous position with Legacy
5 years as Senior Supervisor/Diver for the company. I am a Supervisor for: Surface Air, Surface Gas
and Saturation Diving. A former member of: U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Teams 21, UDT 11 and
SEAL Team 1. I went to work for Taylor Diving and Salvage the end of 1969 as a tender and broke
out at Taylor Diving as a diver in 1970. I have also worked for Sub Sea International, Comex, J. Ray
McDermott, Tennessee Valley Authority, Global, Martech, Schaefer Diving, Cal Dive international,
Superior Offshore and Epic Divers.
Experience: I have been a diver and Supervised: Salvage, Oil & Gas Structure instillation and
removal, Pipeline lay and bury, Sheet Pile instillation and removal, Underwater Tie-ins, Inspection and
repair of Oil & Gas Structures, Pipelines, Dams, Nuclear Facilities, Storage Tank and Sewage
systems. I have been involved in Dive Systems Evaluation and instillation for 50 years.
Courses Taught: Underwater Oxy-Arc Burning, Dive Chamber Operation, Dive Decompression
Tables, Rigging, Hand-jetting, Flange-up, Valve Identification, Dive Compressor Check Out,
,Decompression Chamber Check-out & Operation, U.S. Coast Guard and OSHA Diving
Regulation/CFRs and PEC Safety Training.
Courses Written: Oxy-Arc Underwater Burning (Shot and edited the 90-minute training video that
goes with this class), Dive Decompression Table Use, Dive Compressor Check Out, Decompression
Chamber Check out, Decompression Chamber Operation, Basic Tending Skills, Dive Supervisor
Responsibility, Valve Identification, U.S. Coast Guard and OSHA Diving Regulation/CFRs
familiarization. I was a member of the team that wrote the IOGP Oxy Arc Underwater Cutting
Recommended Practice 471.
Self-Evaluation & Objective: If I were evaluating myself in this business it would be; good diver that
will leave the next diver well, burn with the best of them. I am proudest of having never bent or injured
a diver through my action or inaction. I have been running others dive’s since 1969, when the tender
did the job. My objective as an instructor is both impart experience and knowledge and learn as I do
My Association of Diving Contractors International Dive Supervisor Certification Card number is 6956.
I hold a current unlimited Dive Physical. Member of the Board of the Divers Association International
and a member of: Pile Drivers, Divers, Carpenters, Bridge, Wharf and Dock Builders, Local Union #34
(Inactive). Past member of the U.S Coast Guard NOSAC Dive Safety Subcommittee.
Thank you for your consideration.
John Carl Roat
PO Box 507
Cecilia Louisiana 70521
Cell: 337- 281-4415
E-mail [email protected] & [email protected]
Dive Safe! It is profitable and hurts less!
Certificate No.: 36025
This is to confirm that
John Roat
has participated in the following training course and passed the written examination and
continuous assessment necessary for successful completion
COURSE ISO 9001:2008
Course Number: A17061
Lead Tutor: Sherif Mekkawy
Place and Date:
Katy, TX
September 28-October 2, 2015
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DNV GL Business Assurance USA, Inc.
REF: AO9660
Jeffrey L. Bohon
Sector Manager, Training and Assessment
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