Classes - Adventure Outfitters



Classes - Adventure Outfitters
Gear and Servicing
Adventure Outfitters offers some of the
top dive gear brands and some of the best
servicing in town. As one of the only dive
shops with an indoor compressor that utilizes
only synthetic food-grade lubricants, we are
invested in your safety and understand how
important your time and money is to you.
If you have a question about your gear, tanks
or anything else, feel free to bring it in and
we’ll take a look!
Servicing we offer:
Visual and Hydrostatic Tank Inspections
Oxygen Cleaning Services
Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) Repair
Regulator Repair and Inspection
Speargun Repair
Custom Speargun bands, stringing and more
Adventure Outfitters
4352 S. Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Ave. and Gandy Blvd.
Learn How to Dive!
South Tampa
4352 S. Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Ave. and Gandy Blvd.
Our Philosophy
We know that lots of effort and expense is
devoted to hobbies. We know that there are
many dive shops to choose from, so we strive
to ensure that your time and money are wellspent.
Open Water
We don’t do Cattle Calls.
As a family-owned business, we are invested
in safe diving practices—giving every student
individual attention with enough time needed
to master each skill. We believe every diver
should have the confidence to perform each
skill while enjoying themselves. Additionally,
we promise that our equipment servicing is
top notch and professional, our compressed
air is clean and passes all inspections and if
we don’t have something you need in stock,
we will get it for you!
Enriched Air (Nitrox)
Discover Scuba
Scuba Review
Specialty Courses
EFR: $100
02 Provider: $100
Pool: $75
Open Water: $150
*Prices include all gear and tanks except mask,
snorkel, fins and books
Deep Dive
Night Dive
Peak Performance
Buoyancy Dive
Fish ID
Search and Recovery
Underwater Navigation
Cavern Diving
Wreck Diving
Intro to Tech