Thanks for Carnivale - Baja Animal Sanctuary


Thanks for Carnivale - Baja Animal Sanctuary
Baja Animal Sanctuary’s
10 th Anniversary
One of the greatest rewards of being a volunteer is in working with like-minded folks who share a passion
for a worthy cause. With teamwork, a small group of people can accomplish quite a lot. However, there
are times when a specialist needs to be called in. In the case of our 10th Anniversary celebration,
Carnivale, we needed many different specialists.
A huge THANK YOU goes out to:
Cecilia is celebrating
25 years
Cecilia Greene
of Photographic Excellence
Cecilia’s fine work can be found on her website:
Robbie and the
Loyal Order of Moose:
San Diego Lodge 508
1648 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92102
Photographer Cecilia Greene
Rebecca’s Coffee House
in South Park
You GOTTA try Rebecca’s
3015 Juniper Street
home-made scones.
(east of 30th & Fern)
They’re the greatest!
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 284-3663
special orders: 619-459-3239
Rebecca cooked for days, preparing for Carnivale.
Food setup was by volunteer/friends
Bobbie Bochichio, Marie Millard,
and Peggy Deno. It was fun; they
set up and served a whole poached
Norwegian salmon with buttered
bread, smoked spiral cut ham with
mini corn muffins, fruit and
vegetable arrangement, pecan/
walnut glazed brie wheels, hummus
and pita breads, chicken fajitas and
tortillas, cheese assortment, a roast
vegetable pot of soup, etc. Each
are animal lovers and givers.
Mike Kravcar and Rob Fanella
made trays of food plus meatballs from scratch,
even grinding the beef, and then the manicotti and layered salad...
Mike and Rob are with RMR Company, which restores and incorporates vintage appliances into historic
homes. They are members of Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation, with a goal of
putting Golden Hill back to a pedestrian oriented atmosphere, with a thriving commercial district as one of
San Diego's first neighborhoods. RMR’s phone number is 619-231-2808.
Lei Back Café
1517 30th St.
San Diego, CA 92102
.... those gorgeous cakes we had at
Carnivale were donated by
Michelle & Tommy Ramirez
The musicians were Marc Schulson and Tim Flood.
Marc and Tim can provide tailor-made bands and
ensembles for most any kind of event large or small
and any genre of music from a solo pianist or guitarist
to a baroque string quartet to a high energy pop/rock/
dance band complete with horn section.
Marc- [email protected]
Tim - [email protected]
Tony Damon, Artist
2483 C Street
San Diego, CA
Tony, that was a beautiful job you did with the pet portraits.
Carnivale’s juggler was
Stryder Staffa
Our DJ was Sem Kurtulus
[email protected]
The tarot card reader was
Vanessa Hernandez
Chill Out
Jennifer Meyers,
of Jack-in-the-Box
Jennifer brought a bunch of Jack’s
favorite desserts, and stayed the night
to help out. Thanks Jennifer & Jack
with Jack’s
Blackberry Shake
And, not to forget our own Kinson, our Electronics Wizard
Jude Ball, and her Gentle Garden
Amy and Brie, the Doggie Guardians
Heather, for setting up the Chinese Raffle
Judy, who coordinated our many volunteers
Sharon and Gail for setting up the food tables
Sandra, nice job with organizing the food prep
Karen Tatge, for organizing the various booths
Patricia and Lydia for taking care of the Silent Auction
The McCutcheon Family, who were our front door hosts
Jim, Kristin and Mary McCutcheon
Lynn, for decorations, paper goods, and a bunch of other things
Pattie Geis and JC Paymard, who spent most of the night selling drink tickets!
Here are some festive memories -
Amy with Willy & Friends
Brie with Ricky
Brie, congratulations on
your adoption of Carly!
Jude in her Gentle Garden
Sharon and Gail
Sunny with Spiderman Kinson
Lydia and Pattie
Lynn, Kevin, Judy
Sandra and Michelle

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