GREAT BRITAIN The Big Ben Harrods Fish and Chips


GREAT BRITAIN The Big Ben Harrods Fish and Chips
lisa versteeg
Great Britain
what do you think?
Big Ben is the nickname of the big clock in
the tower of the Palace of Westminster, The
clock is the heaviest clock in the world.
In the dark gives very nice light
The Big Ben
Fish and Chips
if you visit London you must have seen
Harrods. It's not only a store,It is an
attraction. In Harrods can you fine the
memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi with a
statue of Diana and Dodi.
Fish and Chips is one of the most famous
takeaway in England. On the streets you
can see a lot of shops for Fish and Chips.
It's the favourite food in England
The London Dungeon is a medieval horror
let them scare you with things that For
example: the Great Fire of London, the
Tower of London, Henry VIII and Jack the
what happened in London.
the capital of England is London. London
has a very big city. there are a lot of things
you can see, the Towerbridge, The bigben,
Westminsster Abbey, The Crown Jewels.
it's very beautiful
The London Dungeon
The Towerbridge
China Town
The Towerbridge is the most famous bridge
of the world. The bridge has been closed for
a long time. There were many committed
suicide from the bridge. But in the '80s was
reopened as part of a tourist attraction. but
now you can walk over the bridge
china town is where most Chinese people
if you look around you see a lot of shops
and Chinese restaurants. China Town is not
big it's only 3 streets where you can buy
and eat.
there shops are very small en cheap.