Bridge Designs


Bridge Designs
The largest of several intact sections of the Roman aqueduct serving Nemausus (Nîmes)
may be seen at Pont du Gard, 18 km NE of Nîmes. The famous three-tiered aqueductbridge spans 275 meters over the Gardon valley. It was built of limestone blocks weighing
up to six tons each, fitted together without mortar and secured with iron clamps.
This monumental Roman engineering feat, begun by Agrippa in about 19 BC, was
completed over a century later during Trajan's reign (AD 98-117). The aqueduct brought
water 50 km from the springs of Fontaine d'Eure at Uzès to Nîmes down a total gradiant of
only 17 meters, to supply some 400 liters per person per day to town residents.
Pont du Gard
Cantilevered truss--Firth of Forth rail bridge
Beam --Lake Ponchartrain
Suspension--Golden Gate
Suspension, truss, arched Menai strait, Wales
Pont Vecchio, Florence (1342)
Cast iron bridge,
Hollow, box girder
Tower Bridge, London
Maillart designed Salginatobel bridge (1930)
New River gorge--largest single arched span (1978)