ISO 9001 : 2008


ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 9001 : 2008
The MSI3D team is proud to present you its services for marine inspections in real-time with a
3D sonar. MSI3D is a subsidiary company of Groupe Synergis who specialized in Marine
inspection services, Geomatics, Environment and 3D Imaging laser scanning (LIDAR).
Indeed, the 3D sonar system, the Echoscope, from Coda Octopus is now available in Canada.
This technology allows digital inspection in three dimensions with a high-definition sonar
installed on a boat, an ROV or a lever arm, combined with a high-precision inertial station (RTK +
The Echoscope captures more than 16,000 simultaneous points and can pulse up to 12 times per
second. This data density is superior to any conventional multibeam sonar and can detect details
and points of interest rendered in a sharp 3D imagery.
This new technology allows you to clearly see submerged infrastructure, fixe or mobile in
underwater environments where the visibility is too poor or non-existent and in areas where the
current can reach more than 5 knots. The sharp precision and the clarity of the imagery are
obtained via the inertial station (internal motion unit) corrections. This allows to precisely locate
infrastructure, anomalies and to take instantaneous measurements.
In sum, the Echoscope instantly creates a 3D georeferenced dataset of submerged
infrastructure, and in all water conditions. The surveys are done quickly, so it greatly reduces the
risks. The range of available products can be from the simple screen capture to full inspection
report through 3D animations and merging datasets with conventional AUTOCAD draws (.DXF or
.DWG). It would be our pleasure to discuss your needs for your maritime inspections projects.
We would be pleased to offer you our services and to present you our last results in underwater
Please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]
Philip Courchesne
MSI3D INSPECTION MARITIME 5582 Boul. Des Hêtres, Shawinigan, Qc, G9N 4W1. 819-247-2027
Nipigon wreck
Images arrangement for
indicative purpose only
Piles of the Neptune terminal in Vancouver
Propeller and hull
« Oakglen »
Riprap bank
Scouring, Neptune terminal in Vancouver
5582 boulevard des hêtres
Shawinigan (Qué bec) G9N 4W1
Té l:819-536-0513
Té lec: 819-536-5610
Phil[email protected]
Face de quai
Dock wall
Pile de pont vue en plan
Bridge pillar top view
Pile de pont
Bridge pillar
Échelle sur face de quai
Underwater dock ladder
Fissure dans le béton
Cracker concrete
Pile de pont
Bridge pillar
Pile de pont avec débris de construction
Bridge pillar with construction debris
Chaine submergée
Submerged chain
Face de quai avec bris majeurs
Highly damager dock

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