Bering Straits Bridge


Bering Straits Bridge
Civil Engineering
Bering Straits Bridge: The proposed 55
mile long Bering Straits bridge will
hopefully act as a transcontinental link by
land, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe
with North and South America.
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
LIC-CR 201 (Frampton Road) over
Wakatomika Creek, Falsbury Township
Civil Engineering
Oresund Bridge : At over 25,000ft long in
total and 669ft tall the cable-stayed
Oresund was opened in 2000 to connect
Denmark and Sweden. The entire bridge
weighs in at 82,000 tonnes, has one of the
longest cable-stayed spans in the world at
1,608ft and carries 60,000 travelers by
car, bus and train per day.
Civil Engineering
Millennium Bridge:
The award winning
$44 million Gateshead
Millennium Bridge is
the first and only tilting
bridge in the world.
Hydraulic rams at
each end of the bridge
allow it to tilt so small
ships may pass
Civil Engineering
Fehmarn Belt Bridge: When completed
in 2018 the Fehmarn Belt Bridge will
stretch 11.8 miles and connect the
German island of Fehmarn with the
Danish island of Lolland at an estimated
Civil Engineering
US Grant Portsmouth, Ohio
Civil Engineering
LIC-TR 232 (Seven Hills Road) Hanover
Township, Licking County Ohio
Civil Engineering
Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge: The Hong Kong Zhuhai - Macao Bridge is still at proposal stage, but if it does
get a green light the 18 mile dual 3-lane carriageway bridge
will reduce road travel times between Hong Kong and
Macau from 4.5 hours currently to 40 minutes.
Civil Engineering
Millau Bridge: Towering 1,125ft above
the Tarn Valley in southern France, driving
along the Millau Bridge, the largest cablestayed vehicular bridge in the world, is
said to feel like flying.
Civil Engineering
Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney
Having celebrated its 75th birthday in
2007, the Sydney Harbor Bridge remains
the widest long-span bridge in the world at
a total length of 3,770ft, carrying rail,
pedestrian and vehicular traffic across the
Civil Engineering
Magdeburg Water Bridge: One of the
most distinctively designed bridge on the
list, the Magdeburg Water Bridge is
exactly what its name suggests; a bridge
made over water. It was built to connect
the Elbe-Havel Canal and the
Mittellandkanal, allowing cargo to travel
between Berlin and the ports along the
River Rhine without a tedious 7.5 mile
Civil Engineering
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