Top Treatments


Top Treatments
Top Treatments
Cornice Boards
Cornice Boards add
architectural accents at the
window. The variety of
shapes and fabrics provide
the opportunity to create
perfect complements to any
treatment or décor.
Cornice BOARDS
Board Mounted Valances
satisfy every personal style.
Classic or contemporary,
your fabric selection will
determine the look that’s
right for you.
Top Treatments
advantage of Carole Fabrics’
collection of Designer
Hardware. Decorative rods
and finials are perfect accents
for these styles.
Top Treatments may be used in a number of ways. They can be the
only treatment at the window, defining it, and creating a minimal
design statement. They can be part of a multi-layered treatment with
shades, sheers and draperies, or they can be anything in between.
Above all, Top Treatments are decorative in nature and will add
distinction to the window. They draw the eye to their shape and color.
Swags make beautiful top
treatments, whether used
alone or with draperies,
panels or shades.
Rod Mounted Valances take
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Cornice Boards
Cornice Boards provide architectural
accents. They are upholstered with
decorative fabrics over a padded wood
frame. Each style has a self cording
applied to the contour of the bottom
edge. Available options include a
contrast cording on the edge, a 1/2"
cording at the top and crown molding.
The double curved bottom helps to soften
the straight lines and angles of the window.
As shown, the strong use of color in an
otherwise monochromatic setting increases
the importance of the windows. Shown with
optional cording at the top.
Shown in Cape Point Blueberry;
Coverlet in Sconset Indigo;
Flanged Shams in Paddock Shawl Porcelain
BeLVedere (left)
The straight lines of the
Belvedere style work
well in many settings.
Shown with optional
contrast cording.
Shown in Silk Dupioni Azure;
Drapery and pillow in Tara
Moonlight; Drapery Holdbacks
are from the Somerset Hardware
Collection. Tassel fringe is from
the Heiress Trim Collection.
StatLer (right)
The Statler cornice, with
its straight, simple lines, is
quite effective when you
do not want to add any
complicated shapes to the
room décor. It will reflect
the personality of the
fabric selected while
adding the finishing touch
to the other treatments.
Shown with optional
cording at the top.
Shown in Trovato Wicker;
Drapery in Postino Vanilla
RIcHMONd (top)
The softly sculpted bottom edge
of the cornice adds a subtle and
pleasing accent that is magnified by
the contrasting under treatment.
Shown in Crazy Cherry;
Slouch Shade in Diary Green
SaVaNNaH (right)
The more formal shape of the
reverse curve adds formality, as
well as the appearance of additional
height to the window.
Shown in Onward Canyon;
Drapery in Journey Aubergine
Board Mounted Valances
satisfy every personal style.
Classic or contemporary,
your fabric selection will
determine the look that’s
right for you. Additional
options for board mounted
valances include contrast
cord, crown moldings,
banding and contrast
lining where applicable.
Riviera creates the appearance
of a soft face cornice. The gentle
taper at each end acts to frame
the window while complementing
the under treatment.
Shown in Ashton Peony Raspberry
MadIsON (above)
This new tailored style is perfect when you need
something less fussy for your top treatment. It will fit
easily into contemporary, traditional and various country
environments. Corded at the top of the mounting board.
Pictured with optional banding on bottom hem.
Shown in Kendrick Sea with Florentine Sea Spray banding;
Draperies in Salute Cedar
CHarLestON (right)
The appeal of the Charleston lies in the smooth, even
curvature of the hem, accented by the vertical lines of
the bell shaped pelmuts. The combination creates a more
formal appearance without adding a large amount of
weight at the top of the window. Self lined for a luxurious
effect. Shown with contrasting lining and cord options.
Valance and decorative pillow shown in Paddock Shawl Spa;
Draperies in Magnifico Saffron
MONtIceLLO (left)
A new style combining
box pleating with a softly
arched hem, and tapered cascades on the sides. It
is very versatile, and can
be used in many design
themes. Shown with
optional crown molding.
Shown in Washington Praline;
Waterfall Shade in Kellogg Gold
YOrK (right)
The York is another style
that can enhance any
number of room settings.
It can be formal, country,
transitional, or anything
in between. The versatility
of the York has made it
one of our most popular
treatments. It is shown
with the contrast lining,
crown molding and
contrast cord options.
Shown in Valflora Chocolate;
Draperies, contrast lining and
Cording in Manhattan Spice;
Soft Shade in Honeycutt Oregano
An impressive and
stylish addition to any
window treatment.
This traditional box
pleated valance
is a favorite in the
design community.
Its styling simplicity allows it to be used
almost anywhere.
Shown with contrast
cording and
banding options.
Shown in Carousel Honey;
Reverse Fold Shade in
Perfection Tobacco
Soft curves combined
with deep set box pleats
are the highlights of this
classic style. It will fit into
almost any design theme.
Shown with optional
contrast cord.
Shown in Whitecrest Yellow;
Soft Roman Shade in
Harwich Coral Red
JILLIaN (left)
The Jillian features two layers
of vertical “petals” that hang
from the mounting board. This
unique design can be used
in many themes. The choice
of fabric will determine the
degree of formality created.
The selection of a contrasting
fabric for the under layer of
“petals” can add a whole new
dimension to the Jillian. This
allows you to coordinate the
treatment with other fabric
elements in the room. Shown
with contrast cording and
contrast under petals options.
Shown in Lolita Lemon with
contrast in Engage Green;
Draperies in Applause Flamingo
WELLES (right)
When a more contemporary
treatment is in order, consider
the new Welles style with its
deep set, horizontal pleating.
Shown in Anderson Plum;
Draperies in Proclaim Plum
Rod Mounted
These Valances take advantage
of Carole Fabrics’ collection of
Designer Hardware. Decorative
Rods and Finials are the perfect
accent to these top treatments.
Tailored box pleats and decorative
rings are the highlight of this new style.
Take advantage of the exciting new
hardware available to create a finishing
touch for your windows. Whether
you are using the valance alone, or
as a decorative touch over draperies,
shades, or shutters, the Holmes has just
the right amount of balance.
Shown in Tillingham Linen; Decorative Niles
hardware from the Somerset Collection
Tailored box pleats are
combined with tabs and the
decorative hardware of your
choice. This versatile style may
be used alone as a decorative
accent, or in combination with
shades or casual drapery
treatments. Shown with optional
contrasting tabs.
Shown in Seaking Coral
with tabs in Dionis Rose
There are times when
less becomes more. The
Castille is perfect when
you only want a little
color, or need an accent
rather than a statement.
Shown in Lighthouse Green/Blue;
Decorative hardware from the
Precious Metals Collection
PLaZa I aNd PLaZa II
These classic styles still
have wide appeal today.
Whether the pleated or
rod pocket heading is
selected, each can be
used for a multitude of
applications. Consider
them also as an accent
over shades or panels.
The Plaza I features
pinch pleats. Plaza II has
a rod pocket heading.
PLaZa I (left)
Shown in Postino Grotto
Side Panels in
Florentino Buffalo
Sheer Panel in
Dreamy Days Gold
PLaZa II (right)
Shown in Flawless Antique
Side Panels in
Piano Chocolate
Sheer Panel in
Dreamy Days Cedar
Style A
Style B
ROd SLeeVes
Rod sleeves are used as decorative covers for
installations where the drapery hardware is
exposed between decorative side panels.
Style A is 3-1/2" and will accommodate up to a
1-3/8" decorative rod. Style B is 5-1/2", and will
accommodate 2" rods and the 4-1/2" flat rod.
Swags offer a variety of options
depending upon the style you
select. Options such as trims,
contrast linings, crown molding
and extra long cascades are some of
the available choices.
Formal swags and cascades create an
ambiance unmatched by other top
treatments. The full swags with deep folds
are rich and luxurious. The generously
proportioned cascades provide a perfect
frame to complement the treatment. Shown
with contrast fabric lining on cascades.
Shown in Tara Cinnamon; Draperies, decorative Pillow
and Contrast Lining in French Knot Lemon;
Large decorative Pillow in Spinet Berry; Tiebacks from
the Somerset Collection of decorative hardware;
Trim from the Royal Trimmings Collection
POLe Swag - MOuNted ON BOard aNd ROd (above)
This beautiful treatment combines the best attributes of swag
treatments with the added attraction of decorative rods and
finials. The swags are cut for beautiful draping qualities. The
cascades are generously full. Each piece is hand tailored,
and then upholstered to the decorative rod of your choice.
The entire treatment is fully assembled and installs easily.
Shown with optional contrast lining for the cascades.
Shown in Grandera Ruby; Draperies in Lineah Amber;
Contrast Lining for Cascades in Definition Ruby; Decorative Hardware from the
Kirsch Basics program; Tassel fringe from the Royal Trimmings Collection
POLe Swag - UNMOuNted (right)
Pole Swags provide an opportunity to create a slightly less formal
appearance while still taking advantage of all of the visual impact
created by swags and cascades. The selection of the fabric and
hardware will dictate the degree of formality, or informality,
desired. Each piece is individually hand crafted. The treatment
is then temporarily mounted on a board for shipment so that
it arrives ready to hang. Shown with optional contrast lining
for the cascades.
Shown in Mirala Pecan; Draperies in Manhattan Ginger;
Contrast Lining for Cascades in Manhattan Ginger; Decorative Hardware
from the Villiers Collection; Beaded trim from the Heiress Collection
WestLaKe (left)
This contemporary treatment
allows you to enjoy the
effect of beautifully swagged
fabric while maintaining
a much less formal room
environment. The soft curve
along the hem adds an
architectural element
to the window.
Shown in Valflora Yellow;
Draperies in Perfection Paprika
VaNessa ScarF (right)
You are only limited by your
imagination. This casual
free form design creates the
appearance of a swag with
a minimum of structure and
weight at the window. You
can shape it in a variety of
ways. On narrow windows,
use a single “swag”. On
wider windows, you can
wrap the swag around the
pole more than once to
create a nice, free flowing
effect. Once you have the
proportion and scale to your
liking, simply tack the swag
into place on the pole.
Shown in Trovato Seafoam;
Decorative Hardware from the
Somerset Collection
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