Choosing the Right Goggles


Choosing the Right Goggles
April 2010
Choosing the Right Goggles
By Josh Green of
Goggles are probably the most important piece of
swimming equipment that you will ever buy. There
are hundreds, if not thousands, of goggle options out
there, so how do you know how to pick the right
Everyone’s face is shaped a little different and
different goggles will fit some faces better than
others. You will need to try on several pairs of
goggles to find a pair that fit the shape of your face.
The best advice on picking a pair of goggles is to
press them to your face (without putting on the
strap). Goggles that fit well will suction to your eye
sockets momentarily before falling off. If the
goggles immediately fall from your face, you know
you have a pair that does not fit well and are likely to
Many goggles will come with interchangeable or
adjustable nose pieces that you can use to fine tune
the fit of the goggles.
Going along with getting the right fit, your goggles
should be comfortable. Some goggles have no
padding whatsoever while others have varying levels
of rubber, silicone or foam padding. Again, trying
on several pairs will allow you to find the goggles
that are most comfortable for you.
There are many different styles of goggles to choose
from. Everything from minimalist pool racing
goggles to goggle/mask hybrids. Each type of
goggle has its own pro’s and con’s. Think about
what types of events you will be doing and how
much time you will be spending in the pool as
opposed to the open water.
These goggles are
typically “low profile”,
meaning that they do not
stick out very far from
your face. The reason for
this is that they are designed primarily for pool
swimming and racing where aerodynamics are more
important. Higher profile goggles are more likely to
come off when diving into the pool and pushing off
the wall on turns. Because they have a low profile,
they tend to reduce your vision to only be able to see
what is directly in front of
you. These goggles
generally have little to no
padding and may be
uncomfortable for long
distance swimming. Triathlon /
Open Water
These goggles are designed
specifically for open water
and triathlon swimming. They typically have a higher profile than racing
goggles, but lower than hybrids. Because they have a
higher profile, they can allow you to see more of what
is going on around you, which is more important in
open water swimming. See page 4 for a special
Goggle / Mask Hybrids
These hybrid goggles are relatively new on the
market. They are a cross between goggles and a mask
that you would wear snorkeling. They typically have
a higher profile that triathlon / open water goggles
and allow for even greater visibility. My experience
with hybrids has been that it is hard to find a pair that
fits me right. Be sure to try on several pairs to make
sure that they fit well and will not leak.
Other things to Consider:
2 Straps are Better Than 1
Losing your goggles on race day is a fear shared by
many triathletes and open water swimmers. Choosing
a pair of goggles with two straps can help you to keep
them on. Positioning one strap higher on your head
and the other strap lower can increase your chances of
keeping you goggles on. Experiment with where to
place the straps so that you get a fit that is comfortable
for you. If you are really worried about losing your
goggles, try putting them on underneath your cap.
Many goggles will be pre-treated with an anti-fog
solution that will help to keep your goggles from
fogging up. This treatment will eventually wear off,
but there are several anti-fog treatments out there. Although it sounds kind of gross, licking you goggles
works wonders for keeping them fog free (and it’s
Goggles typically range from about $5 to $30 but can
get up to as high as $100 if you need prescription or
carbon fiber goggles. It’s worth paying a little extra
for goggles that fit well and are comfortable.
With so many options, choosing a pair of goggle can
be a little overwhelming. The most important thing in
choosing a pair of goggles is that you get the right fit
and that they are comfortable. Having a pair of
goggle that don't leak is much more important that the
style or color of the lenses.
For more information on what colored goggles will help you, see page>
Quinoa–The Super Grain
By Camilla Beevor
Yes, it’s thought of as another ‘Super Food’ by some (yawn), and by
others, a pasta-alternative which really does make them feel good …
this grain is a nutritional powerhouse and for all you extreme athletes
out there, it really should have a constant presence in your cupboards
and make regular appearances in your diet. Here I say a few words
about Quinoa (pronounced: Keen-Wa).
complete protein (containing all nine essential amino-acids), and this
is what really sets it apart from other whole grains. In fact, it is
considered such a near-perfect food that my March 2010 edition of
Environmental Nutrition tells me it is being assessed for use as a crop
for NASA’s Controlled Ecological Life Support System, for longduration manned spaceflights!
Quinoa is considered a nutritious ‘whole grain’ (though it’s not a true
grain in the botanical sense, and its close relatives include beets and
spinach), and looks very much like couscous, but the reason that
nutritionists get so excited by it is that it has a nutritional content to
rival any other naturally formed carbohydrate. It is a great source of
fiber, folate, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus
and contains health-protective compounds such as polyphenols,
phytosterols and flavonoids. But it is the protein content which is
cause for the adulation, as it has a particularly high content of
Not only is it a nutrition-powerhouse, but it is really versatile which
makes it a good household staple ... I eat it as a warm porridge in the
mornings when it's cold outside, and also as a gluten-free substitute
for pasta or rice for lunch or dinner. I often have a big batch of
cooked quinoa in my fridge, and in the mornings I just warm some
up with soy or rice milk, add fresh or dried fruit depending on the
time of year, a few nuts and/or seeds, and blue agave to sweeten easy! I also have a handful of much-loved dinner recipes and here I
give you my favorite to help inspire you to try it! Yum....
Quinoa with Grilled Vegetables
I love this recipe – it’s a great, easy and can be served at room
temperature in the summer or warm in the winter. Due to the high
protein content of quinoa compared to other grains, it is a meal in
itself, but feel free to add grilled chicken, goats or feta cheese,
and nuts and seeds to make it more filling!
Serves 4
· 255g/9 oz quinoa
· 1 red or orange pepper
· 1 green pepper
· 1 yellow pepper
· 2-3 small courgettes (zucchini)
· 1 red onion
· 3 carrots, peeled
· 10 mushrooms
· 1/2 a butternut squash
· Olive Oil
· Salt and freshly ground pepper
· 3 good handfuls of mixed fresh herbs (basil, coriander,
mint, flat-leafed parsley)
Preheat the oven to 425°F
Chop all the vegetables into similar sized ‘large-bite-size’ pieces.
Cut the mushrooms in half or leave whole if they are small. Toss in a bowl so that they are covered with olive oil, salt & pepper.
Put them on the grill, turning occasionally, until they are cooked through.
Boil the quinoa according to packet instructions. Drain. When they are soft and crisp, remove the vegetables from the oven and toss them into a
bowl with the quinoa. Throw in the fresh herbs, loosen with a little more olive oil, toss and season to taste. Delicious!
Camilla Beevor, MS, CN
(702) 366 6222
[email protected]
Camilla is a Certified Nutritionist with a Master of Science in
Nutrition. She works with clients who have a wide variety of
nutritional needs, including a wide range of endurance
athletes. She strongly believes that whether an athlete in
training, a patient fighting disease, or an employee working
long hours, nutritional balance is vital to supporting your body.
Please contact her directly if you have any questions regarding
this article or nutrition in general.
Colored Lenses
What do they do?
Black/Gray/Smoke - These darker lenses are good for bright, sunny weather.
Dark lenses dim the bright sunlight so that you are not blinded when you take
a breath or sight. They can also reduce the glare on the water’s surface.
Blue - Blue lenses can be helpful in foggy weather.
Clear - Clear lenses are best for swimming in the evening or early morning when it is dark
Yellow - Yellow lenses work best in foggy, hazy conditions. They increase clarity even in dense
Red - Red lenses increase contrast and brighten cloudy, dreary days.
It's finally open water swim season and, for many of us, this usually means taking stock of our
equipment. After wearing out several pairs of goggles last year, I needed a new pair for upcoming
races. I found a fairly glowing review of Speedo's new Air Seal Tri Mirror open water-specific
goggles in Swimmers magazine and decided to give them a try. I liked the fact that they are not
large profile face masks and are available in three different tints. After a test run at an SLV
workout at Lake Mead, I was impressed. The goggles provided a great field of vision (important in
open water) and were extremely light-weight and comfortable. The tinting was just right and there
was no fogging or leaking. Most importantly, I wasn't sporting unsightly goggle marks around my
eyes hours after the swim! In short, I would recommend these for anyone who will be undertaking open water swims. They
are available at Swim2000 for around $20. Happy swimming!
-Sarah Jones, SLV Member
Ed Note: When checking availability, Swim2000 graciously offered Swim Las Vegas members a
sale price of only $15.75! Mention “Swim Las Vegas” for in store only discounts.
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Jackie is the 2 time winner of the first
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Additionally, Jackie gives numerous presentations,
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