Spec Sheet - N-Vision Optics PVS-7



Spec Sheet - N-Vision Optics PVS-7
Night Vision Goggles
The PVS-7 is the current military issue night vision
goggles used by the US armed forces and is the
preferred choice of many foreign allies and law
enforcement professionals. Built to withstand the
rigors of battlefield use, it delivers exceptional gain
and resolution on the darkest of nights. PVS-7 is
offered with the highest quality Generation 3 image
intensifier tube and features single tube, bi-ocular
design, Mil Spec optics and housing, user friendly
controls, built-in IR illuminator, and internal low
battery and IR indicators.
Automatic brightness control (ABC)
Hand-held or mounted on the head or helmet
High light cutoff circuitry
In-ocular IR-on and low power indicators
The PVS-7 is equipped with automatic brightness
control (ABC), which automatically adjusts the
brightness level of the image tube for varying light
conditions. Lightweight and versatile, the PVS-7 can
be hand-held, head-mounted, and helmet-mounted.
Afocal attachment lenses are available for long range
observation and surveillance.
Export of this product is strictly prohibited without a valid export
license issued by the U.S. Department of State as prescribed in the
International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22,
Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 120-130.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Phone: 781-505-8360
Fax: 781-998-5656
Email: [email protected]
Night Vision Goggles
Optional Accessories
3x Magnifier Lens
Triples the range of
night vision device under
all light conditions.
The magnifier can be
threaded or snapped
onto the objective lens.
Helmet Mount
Allows the attachment
of a night vision device
directly to a PASGT
or ACH/MICH helmet.
Includes flip-up/flip down
capability, fore-and-aft,
and tilt adjustments.
Magnetic Compass
Displays a compass
reading as an overlay to
the night vision scene.
Automatically focussed
for simple operation,
it is activated by a
Other Accessories
• 5x Magnifier Lens
• IR Spot/Flood Lens
Hard Case
Foam filled injected
molded watertight case,
specifically designed
and built for storage and
protection of night vision
• Magnification
• Field of View
• Objective Lens Focal Length, mm 26
Standard Kit Includes
Multi-use goggle assembly
Demist Shield (2)
Sacrificial Window
Neck Cord
Soft Carry Case
Lens Cleaning Tissue
Operator’s Manual
N-Vision Optics LLC
220 Reservoir Street,
Suite 26 Needham, MA 02494
• Objective Lens F Number
• Min. Focusing Distance, cm
25 to infinity
• Eye Relief, mm
• Diopter Adjustment
-6 to +2
• Battery
AA (2)
• Battery life, hrs
• Dimensions, cm
15 L x 15 W x 8 H
• Dimensions, in
6 L x 6 W x 3 H
• Weight, g
• Weight, oz
• Operating Temperature, ° C
-51 to +49
• Storage Temperature, ° C
-51 to +85
Phone: 781-505-8360, Fax: 781-998-5656
Email: [email protected]

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