Lighter, Thinner High-definition Lenticular Lens Sheet
That Produces Superior Images
LS-100 / LS-200
Offers high definition, animated images for the display of large amounts of information such as
multiple languages, and also supports printing of 3D images of high precision and high quality
Superior reproduction of letters and details owing to high de nition and precision
Lighter and thinner sheet is easily processed to fit a variety of product forms
Firm attachment of UV ink to the material, using proprietary coating material, enables
high density printing
High precision manufacturing achieves high yield production
Extrusion Lamination Process
Flexible for Varied Processing
Lens Resolution
Lens layer is formed by the extrusion lamination process
on a biaxially stretched PET substrate
Cross-section of lenticular sheet (LS-200)
127 µm
Coating head
Easily adhesive layer
Lens layers with
technology applied
Biaxially oriented PET
(200 μm)
One Lens
Number of lenses per inch
(approx. 2.54 cm) of sheet
Molten resin
PET substrate
Nip roll
Package using LS-200
LS-200: 200LPI → 200 lenses
LS-100: 100LPI → 100 lenses
Release roll
Examples of Application
Multi-language Business
Cards and Maps
High definition image reproduces
clear letters and fine lines
Postcards, Posters, and Book Covers
Lighter, thinner sheets
Trading Cards
Few lens surface asperities