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The Spring Spectrum: A Pentifu Pa ette
By Rachel Bozek From suns to ophthalmics and acetates to metals, a season of lively co lors is upon us.
SPY Inc.
Crosstown Collection
Bleeker. in rose quartz
Morel • Koali Tulip
Style No. 7346, in color MBO I I
800-S26-8838 •
Marcolin USANiva
GANT • Style No. GW4005,
in olive 800-345-VIVA
Face Face
ldols2 • ldols2, in opaque
nude pink/crystal pink
FyshUK • Style No. 3514,
in color416
Ogi Eyewear
Style No. 4 302,
in color 1646 • 888-560-1 060
Spring is nothing if not a time for
colors that evoke happiness, newness, brightness, and, well, fun.
Eyewear companies across the
board clearly kept this in mind
when they planned out their spring
2014 releases, as evidenced by the
range of styles and shapes available in colors that can only be described as springy.
32 • MAY 2014
Arnette brings sport and fashion
together like no one else. In the
spirit of that approach, Joe Freitag,
global brand director, describes the
company's newest releases. "Each
collection features several new
frames with vibrant colorways and
unique innovative designs that not
only separate us from other brands
m our space, but also gives our
consumers a variety of styles that
are sure to fit their individual lifestyles," he says.
SPY Optics also brings form and
function together, particularly with
its Spectra lens colors. Juliette Koh,
product director for SPY, says, "Not
only do SPY's Spectra colors stand
out, but they also have additional
performance benefits during different activities and light conditions."
L' Amy America's Nicole Miller
collection celebrates proverbial
new beginnings at the other end
of the spring spectrum. "Easy-towear, modem shapes, and beautiContinued on page 34
eyewear sunwear new product gallery
~CHARMANT'S ELLE TAKES IT OUTSIDE. In a true celebration
of nature, ELLE's sunwear collection for Spring/Summer 20 14 puts its
spotlight on the array of exciting colors found in the outdoors through
I 0 styles. Style No. EL 18992, shown here in red , has a sculpted temple
and gathered effect on the frame front as well as a metallic button that
can be seen from the sides and the front. Other colorways for this style
include black and havana. For more information. contact Charmant
Group at 800·645·2121 or charmant.com/us.
80 years of history, Safilo launches a capsule collection created in collaboration with Australian designer Marc Newson. The styles are all variations
on the design of a model from Safilo's archive, chosen by Newson. The
four men's styles for the U.S. market include Style Nos. SMN 002, SMN
003, SMN 004, and SMN 005. Style No. SMW 005, shown here, is a rein terpretation of a frame from the historical UF_O collection, made with an
ultra-thin steel wire. For more information, contact Safilo USA at
800·631-1188 or safilo.com . ....
on acetate and metal, I 0 new styles round out the Evatik Sun collection
for spring/summer 2014. Style No. E- 1039, shown here in khaki camo,
is a combination-style aviator, also available in black camo. Another key
style in the collection is Style No. E- 1043, a lightweight stainless steel
frame with contrasting metal inlays on the temples. The full collection
accommodates CR-39® polarized lenses with anti -scratch treatment and
seven-layer backside anti-glare treatment, and offers I 00% UVNUVB
protection. For more information. contact WestGroupe at 855·
455·0042 or evatik.com.
800 -758-6249 www.i-dealoptics.com
lenses new product gallery
~ AD LENS CATCHES SOME RAYS . Employing the same
Alvarez lens technology as the company's Adjustables'",
Adlens® Sundials'" lenses feature two w ave-shaped plates
that can glide across one another to shift each of the lenses'
powers. These lenses offer UVNUVB protection and can
correct more than 90% of spherical errors. Lens pow ers
range from -6.00D to
+ 3.50D. Frame
colors include black,
pink (shown here), green, and blue. For more information,
contact Adlens US at 888-459-9793 or adlens.com.
OAKLEY WRAPS THINGS UP. With Oakley's True Digital Edge'" (OTD
Edge), patients with more advanced prescriptions can now wear highwrap suns with thickness reduced by up to 40%. This proprietary
innovation is available exclusively with Oakley Authentic Rx
Lenses, and offers curvature that provides p ~otection from sun,
wind, and side impact. Dynamic Frost Technology keeps the
lenses' edges clear. For more information. contact Oakley,
Inc. at 800-733-6255 or oakley.com . ....
~ SMITH POPS WITH NEW TINTS. Ideal for medium and bright light
conditions, ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror lens (shown here)
brings wearers intensified reds, blues, and greens. Its counterpart, ChromaPop Polarized Blue Mirror lens, is more suitable
in bright light conditions, as it cuts glare and eliminates
backside reflections in open-w ater environments. Both
tints feature AR mirror treatment and hydroleophobic coating. For more information. contact Smith
Optics at 800 -635-4401 or smithoptics.com.
available in prescription form, the SPY Happy Lens'" Rx
boasts a bronze polar base lens with polarized black mirror, blue, and green
Spectra'" mirror options. Green is shown here. The Rxable Happy Lens will continue to
maximize the transmission of the sun's "good" rays, according to the company. For more
information, contact SPY Inc. at 800-779-3937 or spydigitalrx.com . ....
60 • MAY 2014
accessories&supplies new product gallery
SANTINELLI GETS NOSY. The Titanium Pad Anm Kit gives wearers with low
nose profiles a new option when it comes to nosebridge support on plastic frames.
The pad anms raise the frame and allow for greater adjustment of pantoscopic tilt. Kit
includes a pin vise, drill bit punch tool, IS pairs of PVC nosepads, and titanium anms
in assorted colors, styles, and sizes. For more information, contact Santinelli
International. Inc. at 800-644-3343 or santinelli.com . ~
~TIFOSI IS SHOKIN'. Available in magnifications of+ 1.500 or
+ 2.000, readers from Tifosi, a sunglass company, can help patients with
reading maps, GPS, or cyclometers. They're available in a range of styles,
all with polycarbonate, smoke lenses. These bifocal readers offer UV N
UVB protection, and clear replacements are also available. Radius is
shown here. For more information. contact Tifosi Optics at
866-310-0996 or tifosioptics.com.
WESTERN SLIDES IN. Lens removal from-or insertion into-
rimlon cord eyewear just got easier with Westem's Rimlon Lens Harpoon
(Model No. 2089). This product enables ECPs to easily slide between the
cord and lens. Check p. 26 of the Western Optical Live catalog for a video
demonstration . For more information. contact Western Optical
Supply at 800-423-3294 or westernoptical.com. ~
~HILCO HITS A HOME RUN. Patients can now enjoy the U.S.'s
favorite pastime with Hilco's officially licensed Major League Baseball
ready-to-wear readers. Available in quarter diopter steps from + 1.250
to + 2.750, the readers feature team logos and are offered for all of
the American and National League teams. For more information.
contact Hilco at 800-955-6544 or hilco.com.
80 • MAY 2013