Givi V46 reflective decal installation instructions:



Givi V46 reflective decal installation instructions:
Givi V46 reflective decal installation instructions:
To remove the red plastic lenses you need to remove 2 screws each from inside the trunk lid, screw locations
Note that the two outboard screws are driven in at angle.
With the 2 screws removed, grab the upper outboard edge of the lens and pry it off the lid. It will just pop off
releasing some plastic catches along the edge of the lid:
Flipping the removed lens over you'll see the silver metallic reflector used by Givi. It is not glued in place or secured in
any way. It just fits loosely under the lens . Pull that off and set it aside.
Here's a picture of the stock silver piece on the top and one of the two retro-reflective inserts provided on the bottom:
Simply place the new insert into position with the reflective red surface facing the plastic lens.
When reinstalling the lens onto the trunk lid you'll need to tuck the two tabs (identified in the above picture) under
the top and center panels first, then work the lens back on snapping it back into place. Make sure the snaps are all
engaged along the edge of the trunk lid before re-installing any of the screws.
Next, reinstall the outboard (shorter) screw first, which actually threads into the lens itself, while firmly holding the
lens in the correct position. The longer, inboard screws actually thread into the top panel and clamps the two tabs to
hold the lens in position. Pretty darn easy if you take your time and are a little gentle.
Here are the results shown with a camera flash to simulate being hit by headlights.
The first picture is after replacing just the right side reflector, second one (obviously) with

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