Snow Goggles


Snow Goggles
Snow Goggles
• Your favorite color duct tape
• Scissors
• String
• Sharpie
• Hole punch, optional
Make measurements:
1. Your snow goggles should be large enough to wrap around the sides of your face so that light will only
enter through the eye slits. To obtain this measurement, stretch a piece of string across your face from ear
to ear and cut it to that length.
Prep the tape:
2. Peel off a piece of duct tape the length of the string and lay it out on a table with the adhesive side
facing up.
3. Peel off another piece of tape and carefully attach it to the first piece so that the two adhesive sides
are stuck to one another. Tip: This part is really tricky so if you can, grab a friend or family member to
help you.
Make the cuts:
4. Now that the duct tape pieces are attached, hold the tape up to your face and use a sharpie to mark
where the eye slits and space for your nose need to go.
5. Use scissors to cut out a triangular space for your nose and two thin rectangular slits for your eyes. It is
important to keep the slits narrow to reduce the amount of light entering your eyes.
6. Use a hole punch or scissors to make a small hole near each of your ears and tie a piece of string from
each hole. Now you’re ready to tie your goggles on and test them out!
How does it work?
A bright and snowy day can be quite harmful to your eyes. Because snow and ice reflect the sun’s rays
particularly well, prolonged exposure can even cause snow blindness. In order to protect their eyes, the Inuit
people of the Arctic carved caribou antler goggles with very narrow slits for sight. The narrow slits would
shade the wearer’s eyes from the glaring brightness while still allowing him to see.
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