first vieguini atelier guilhotina casa da imagem


first vieguini atelier guilhotina casa da imagem
+351 912 725 338
[email protected]
@@ = walking distance from Miss’Opo, in minutes
Miss’Opo guesthouse [email protected]
rent a car
Sub 40 collective exhibition of some Porto based artists under
for facebook activity look for Duck on Deck
@@ 13’ / Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett
28 sex
24 seg
29 sáb
25 ter
26 qua
27 qui
30 dom
23 NOV
Fórum do Futuro 2014 first edition of an international thinking
festival promoted by Câmara Municipal do Porto, Universidade
do Porto, Fundação de Serralves, Casa da Música. Opportunity
to discuss future perspectives on art, the humanities and
scientific knowledge.
@@ various locations / check for further information
Bairro performance, concerto, installation within a load of
guitars experiment
@@ see /
18h00, Fundação de Serralves
#5 • 23 - 30 NOV • 2014
The people who came to deliver flyers to
Miss’Opo were nice and the guest who used
this rental service was pleased with both
service and pricing. [email protected]
+351 707 224 466
rent a scooter or a bike
It’s not far from Miss’Opo. If the weather is
generous, a 15 minute walk won’t matter. It’s
just down near the river. You may start your
two-wheel tour from there.
Nikolai Lugansky Ciclo Piano EDP - piano concert
Mon-Sun / 09:00 - 19:30
@ @ 25’/ 18h00, Casa da Música
[email protected]+351914306838
25 NOV
The End of Possibilities conference with future in a theatre
@ @ 3’/ 10h00, Mosteiro S. Bento da Vitória
O Meu Caso film from Manoel de Oliveira
@@ 15’/ 18h15, Faculdade de Belas Artes
Lisboetas film from Sérgio Tréfaut
@@ 10’/ 22h00, Passos Manuel
26 NOV
Images of the World and the Inscription of War film from
Harun Farocki
@@ 10’/ 22h00, Passos Manuel
Noite Belas Artes it’s a party at a bar crowded with art students and not so students
@@ 10’/ 23h00, Maus Hábitos
27 NOV
Sou - Psicografias de Fernando Pessoa - don’t know what to
expect from this book (trying not to judge the book by its
cover) but it’s its presentation and I’m such a Fernando Pessoa
@@ 17’/ 21h30, Casa Barbot da Cultura Av. da República, 590 - Gaia
3 Expedition Days from the 27th to the 29th there’s a lot going on, like collective and solo exhibitions, performances, concerts, actions, films, food. It’s a curated-medium-term-event
called Expedição. It has good posters. For accurate information check
printmaking studio
It’s a place dedicated to
several printing techniques.
You may know its owner.
Sometimes she waits tables at Miss’Opo bar.
Ana Torrie founded this print studio devoted
to produce her own work. Also, she loves to
mingle and invites other artists interested in
these technologies to develop graphic work
together. If that’s your case, drop by at Casa
da Imagem where Guilhotina’s headquarters
are. Guilhotina is now crowdfunding for an
itinerant print-studio in a van so there’s no
excuse not to be in touch with a blue plate
(more about it on the back of this sheet).
@@ 10’/ 21h30, Maus Hábitos
You are a walker on a bridge. It’s a muddy
river, revolving between ocre and yellow. Look:
cypresses and mountains poking the sky and
clouds giggling.
Head to the movie-theater. It’s located oldtown, not far from the Republic Square. Careful with bicycles. Change perspective, these
streets are renaissance drawings.
Remember, from the Greeks, Ódeon is smaller
than a dramatic theater. Is a place for screenings and talks these days.
You leave the Ódeon and wander. Someone’s
arm strikes you from behind. It’s a stranger
with references. No danger, proceed to the
Dome. Search the one that seems made out of
coloured paper. Drink sparkling water coming
out from the palace a little bit farther. Drink
tea, it’s raining. Eat cake, it’s time. See a movie,
two, or three. Visit the faces around you. One
is facing you. First depicted as a tiny spot in
one of your eyes, a smile which is a stain and
then a twirl.
You see it coming, not so slowly as you perceive it. Never deny the possibility and never
bet on it. And the smile keeps you right there,
in a Leo-Leo limbo holding Scorpio-Scorpio.
Don’t fall into the Arno.
SAAL Cinema Cycle screening of movies/around the architecture project with presence of Margarida Coelho and José
António Bandeirinha
@@ see /
21h30, Fundação de Serralves
28 NOV
Timber! acrobacy (again)/dance/theater/music
@@ 10’/ 21h30, Teatro Nacional de S. João
The Annoucement Of My Death Was An Overreaction dance
play by Mala Voadora
@@ 7’/ 21:30 Rua do Almada, 277
SAAL Cinema Cycle screening of movies/around the architecture project with presence of José Veloso and Catarina Alves
@ @ see /
21h30, Fundação de Serralves
29 NOV
Mushroom Growing workshop
@ @ 13’/ 10h00 - 00h00, Centro Cultural Bombarda
Digital Audio & MIDI Digitopia workshop
@@ 25’/ 11h30, Casa da Música
Medicinal Herbs for Winter workshop
@@ 15’/ 15h00, Marabô Rua D. Manuel II, 136
A Voz à Vez poetry reading meeting
@@ 13’/ 22h00, A Cadeira de Van Gogh
Atelier Guilhotina exhibition opening on the 5th December at
Casa da Imagem, Gaia
Porto Post Doc film festival, from the 4th to the 13th December
at several locations downtown
5th Porta Jazz music festival, from the 7th and 8th December
at Passos Manuel
space for cultural activities
around image
This a place in Gaia. A straight
Metro line takes you there,
from (one saint to another) S.
Bento to Santo Ovídio. You get to this
house where Rocha printshop used to be.
Now it has a museum built from Téofilo
Rego’s heritage from photographs to apparatus. He made a career as a commercial
photographer and it surprised me to see
my hometown Ovar, pictured over 50 years
ago, during Carnival celebrations amongst
soap packaging. (Remind me of suggesting
something in Ovar next February.) Casa da
Imagem works and teaches image and how
to make them. Very often you see it crowded with children or teenagers who come for
a visit or a workshop.
There are some spaces for artists to work
permanently, as Guilhotina Atelier or Átomo
47 (a cinema lab) are, or temporarily in
residence, for example. From time to time,
exhibitions happen as in every space that
cares for new images of our spare time.
Rua Soares dos Reis, 612 4400-313 Vila Nova de Gaia [email protected]
+351 969 607 812 +351 223 752 119

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