Join us for John of God healing tours to Brazil


Join us for John of God healing tours to Brazil
Join us for John of God healing tours to Brazil
An amazing journey led by Virginia (Gini) Rebata
oin us for an amazing journey to Abadiania, Brazil
to meet John of God, the Brazilian healer who has
touched the lives of millions.
• Receive physical, spiritual and emotional healing,
based on the needs of your spirit;
• Relieve physical and emotional pain by releasing
• Receive guiding messages regarding your work and
life’s purpose;
• Gain support in harmonizing relationships with
• Receive support in praying for others in need of
• Increase deep relaxation and peace; and
• Enhance your spiritual development.
Meet Your Guide
Virginia (Gini) Rebata has more than 25 years as an
experienced Human Resources executive serving as
senior vice president
in numerous Fortune
500 companies. She
has served over
200,000 employees
throughout her career.
Virginia now focuses
her work on spiritual
healing. She is a
certified Life Coach
and concentrates on
spiritual coaching.
She is a Reiki Master
and leads John of God
Gini Rebata, approved Casa Guide, Medium, and
Daughter of the Casa, with Brazilian healer John of God
About John of God
The Casa of Dom Inacio de Loyola (Saint Ignatius
of Loyola who worked with John of God early in his
life) is the healing center where
John of God receives people from
all over the world. It is located in
Abadiania, Brazil, a small town
two hours west of Brasilia.
The Casa recommends that
visitors travel with a Casa Guide
in order to enhance the experience and make it even
more rewarding. Virginia acts with love, humility and
compassion to be of the highest service to all those
who travel with her to the Casa.
Reservation Information
Join Gini Rebata for one of seven scheduled trips to Brazil in 2016. This is an amazing
journey to renew your physical, spiritual and emotional needs with John of God.
Cost: $1,700 - Plus airfare to Brazil
Includes all costs of pousada/hotel stay, three meals per day,
and transportation to and from the Brasilia airport.
For more details contact Gini at [email protected] or call 561-573-1900
2016 Dates
• Jan. 18-30
• Feb. 16-27
• March 14-26
• April 4-16
• Sept. 5-17
• Oct. 10-22
• Oct. 24-Nov. 5

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