Children`s Coloring Pages


Children`s Coloring Pages
Apples were used to make
Apple Tree
Red Rome Apple
Named for an area in Ohio, not Italy
Great for baking
Log Cabin
Winesap Apple
Granddaddy of American apples
This red apple can be used for
almost anything
American Farm
Granny Smith Apple
These apples are green and make
great snacks and are good for
Some children marched in the
parade, but not little Johnny
McIntosh Apple
Named after John McIntosh in 1811
This apple is red and green
As American as
Apple Pie
Red Delicious Apple
These apples are sweet
and juicy.
The cute little
Born with
Sweaters on
Connect the dots
Jonathan Apple
They are deep red and are
good for snacks or baking
Johnny Appleseed not only helped
the Settlers, but because of his
work he still helps farmers today
Frontier Wagon
John Chapman (otherwise known
as Johnny Appleseed) was a friend
to Native Americans
Friendly Apple
An American