2016 2.1 - opua.school.nz


2016 2.1 - opua.school.nz
Room 2 Appointment
5th MAY 2016
I am delighted to be able to confirm to all our school
community that, at the very end of last term, we concluded the appointment process for the
permanent teacher of Room 2 and Ineka Halse was the successful candidate. Ineka, now in
a permanent capacity, will be able to continue the wonderful work she has been doing for
our Room 2 students. We are blessed to have another experienced, high-quality educator
permanently join our teaching body. I am sure you will all share with me in congratulating
Ineka. Don't hesitate, when you have an opportunity, to pop in and congratulate her
As well as giving Ineka our congratulations, I would also like to thank publicly, once again,
Nicky Gabriels for her tenure here at Opua School. Nicky was, also, a wonderful Room 2
teacher and has left a positive mark on many of our students . I wish her well in spending
more of that quality time with her young son, Robbie. We are fortunate, though, not to have
lost Nicky completely as she has been appointed to the role of Librarian and will be in
school one day a week working hard to ensure our library is the quality learning
environment our children deserve.
Level 2 Youth Sailing
3.30pm - 5.30pm
Opua Cruising Club Youth
Sailing Shed/Boat Ramp.
All welcome!
09 40 27 840
027 201 41 21
[email protected]
The Turning Circle!
One of the many features that our
Wednesdays - Pizza Or
Soup - $2.50
present Board has worked so hard on,
especially our Chair Malcolm Shaft, is
getting a Turning Circle and extra
parking spaces at the top of Kellett
Street to improve safety at drop-off
and pick up times. As you will have
noticed, finally, after over two years of
determined dialogue with our council
and with engineers, FNHL and other
agencies, Malcolm and the Board have
temporary delay at the moment is
related to waiting for the power
Fridays - Sausage ‘n’
Bread - $2.50
Order at the school office before 9am.
Thank you to our
Offers of help, soup,
scones etc ALWAYS welcome.
company to deal with the electrics
that need repositioning. Hopefully
this delay won't be too long and we
ask for everyone's patience during this
We still have Fonterra’s Milk in
Schools and Fruit in School.
(Thank you to the wonderful
Greg and Margaret from the
Opua Store)
At the end of this process [in a few
weeks from now, we hope], we should
have a lovely wide, sealed turning
circle [apparently wide enough for a
bus] and 8 or 9 more parking spaces
for parents / caregivers to use. This is
such welcome and positive news. Well
done and thank you, Malcolm!
Food scraps for the chickens.
Please leave them outside the
hen house or give them to a
room 4 pupil.
We are also after a bale of HAY
for their nesting boxes. If you
can provide us with one, please
talk to Mrs Young. Thank you.
Our current Board of
Trustees have only one
further meeting before a
new BoT is elected.
Please consider being a
Trustee. If you would
like to see what happens
at a BoT meeting before committing yourself, feel free to come along to the next
meeting on May 16th, 7.pm.
Nomination forms have been posted out to all eligible parents and
caregivers. If you have not received yours by Monday the 9th of May,
please pop into the school office and check that we have your correct postal
address and collect a form.
If you are on the school roll and eligible to vote, then you can nominate
yourself and do not require a seconder, but you must sign both parts of the
form. Information on those who are ineligible to stand for election is on the
back of the nomination form
If you would like to consider putting your name forward for the new Board,
there is an information booklet on the counter top in the Main Office that
explains all about trusteeship. It is really important to understand what trustees
can and cannot do and what trustees focus on. The present trustees are:
Malcolm Shaft [Chair], Mel Going [Property], Duncan McAngus [Finance],
Jasmine Beasley [Maori Liaison] and Simon McGowan [Principal]. You are
welcome to ask any of these about trusteeship.
If you have any questions about any aspect of the process, please don't hesitate to
contact Maree at our Main Office as she is our Returning Officer for these elections.
• To encourage fellowship among parents, teachers, children and the community.
• To achieve a mutual understanding of goals and problems in educating children.
• To ensure that our children receive the best education that we can possibly give them to foster the best physical,
intellectual and mental health of the child.
• To assist parents in being parents – the most important job in the world and the one for which you get no training
• To enable parents, teachers and community the opportunity to discuss formally areas of interest.
• To assist the school with activities where parent involvement is required.
• To support the school Board of Trustees in development, communication and other activities .
• To ensure that parents are receiving all the information they need regarding education in our school and in the
wider community.
• To assist the school with fundraising via donations, funding of assets and/or services.
9th May
16th May
22nd May
10am Visit from WBHS &
Board of Trustees
Meeting 7pm
Kawakawa Puff n Pull
and Fair
Saturday 7th May
Saturday 7th May
Years 3/4 10am
Years 5/6 11.30am
Please be there 20 minutes
before the game.
Practice session will be on
Friday after school.
Any queries please phone
Paula on 09 4026 165 or
0279 525 583
Opua Ladybirds v
Court 4 9am
Pohutukawas v
KKHS Rosella
Court 8 9.45am
Pohutukawas v
KKHS Kingfishers
Court 4 11.15am

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