Coachlite September Newsletter - Stevens Homes and Communities


Coachlite September Newsletter - Stevens Homes and Communities
Coachlite Community
We Want to Pay You!
September 2014 $25 Rent Increase Do you love your community? Do
you have friends or family that are
looking for a new home, or looking
to move their mobile/manufactured
home into a community?
If you refer someone to move in to a community
owned home OR move their home into our
community, WE’LL PAY YOU!
We’ve already paid out two $500 bonuses this
year to residents who have referred a new
If you refer someone to buy a community owned
home, or to move their manufactured home into
the park, we’ll reward you with a referral bonus!
You will see an additional $25
charge on your current bill. This
charge reflects your “Late Lease
Fee.” If your lease was received
before the 18th of August, you
will not see this charge. If your
lease is received before
September 1st, you can
disregard this charge. However,
if you have not mailed back a
signed lease you will be
charged an additional $25
EACH month until a signed
lease is received.
For buying a community owned home we will
pay a $500 bonus, and for moving a home into
the community we will pay $1,000. The
prospective tenant must apply and be approved
by management.
Please read through, initial and
sign the leases that were mailed
to you and promptly mail them
to the address below to prevent
a higher monthly rent.
We have three available lots and one available
home. If you know of anyone that would like to
live at Coachlite please let us know!
Joanne Stevens
365 Trailridge Road SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Homes For Sale & Rent:
♦ Lot 19 3 bed, 2 bath 2001 16x80 $18,000 cash plus lot rent; or $595/mo to rent
♦ Lot 35 3 bed, 2 bath 2005 16x80 $18,000 cash plus lot rent; or $595/mo to rent
♦ Lot 20 2 bed, 2 bath 1988 $8,000 cash, or best offer, plus lot rent
**Get $500 Cash!**
Earn $500 cash when you personally refer someone to buy a community
owned home at Coachlite MHP!
You must provide us the name of your referral before they purchase one of our community owned
homes. (Doesn’t apply to new renters –buyers only)
We will help you sell your home for
At Coachlite we offer our residents a FREE listing service to help
you get your home sold. We are advertising for the community on an
ongoing basis in print, on Craigslist, through fliers to residents and
soon on our website.
Why should you take advantage of this service?
It’s completely FREE to you We help you show the home We pay for advertising We quickly screen interested buyers •
We provide a professional residential
For Sale sign We provide brochures We do the work for you! If despite all of these efforts we can’t find a buyer, Coachlite may purchase the home from
you. Keep in mind: The person who will pay top dollar will be the person living in the home.
Let us help you!
Check out our website! New Address
Why Not Pay Early??
Coachlite has a new address!
Rent is due on the 1st of each month, regardless of which
day of the week that lands on. But at Coachlite, you’re
given a 5-day grace period AND you get $50 off your
monthly rent! That’s the easiest $600 you’ll make in a
year! We want everyone to receive that $50 discount
every month, and it’s so simple: just make sure your rent
check is in the mailbox by the time mail is collected on the
5th of each month.
W1002 State Road 23/49
The W960 street address is
no longer valid. Please alert
anyone that you receive mail
from of the new street
To make it even easier you can go on Auto Pay: its free,
Keep Wisconsin’s roads in good you’re guaranteed to pay your rent on time every time,
and you can quit at any time. Why wouldn’t you want to
take advantage of a surefire way to save $50 every
Protect Wisconsin’s
Transportation Fund –Vote Yes month?! With auto pay your monthly rent will be debited
for Transportation November 4, from your bank account every month, no fuss no muss.
It’s one less thing you’ll have to think about.
To get more information or sign up for auto pay please
contact Molly at 319-378-6748.

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