Assalamulaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh and Salam 'l Malaysia.
YB Dato'Sri Executive Council Pahang, YB State Secretary, YB State
Financial Officer, YB State Legal Officer, Heads of Departments, lasies
and gentlemen.
First I want to welcoming the month of Ramadan Al Mubarak 1436 H.
May the blessings of this holy month, inject more vigor to our survival
and and realize the hardship of Muslims in lslamic countries, which is in
Here I would like to take this opportunity to say a few things, namely:
take this opportunity to inform the movement of Heads of
Departments in the Departments of State and Federal in the State as
Mr Razihan bin Adzharuddin, as Bera District Officer.
While the Heads of Departments who have retired are:
TH Dato' Shamsuddin bin Mohd Said, former Bera District Officer;
YH Dato' Shamsiah binti Hussein, former Director of the State
Welfare Department;
YH Dato' Haji Tarif bin Haji Abdul Rahman,
a former Temerloh
District Officer;
iv. YH Dato' Norhayad
binti Ahmad, a former Kuantan District Officer.
a). I also express my congratulations to the recipients of awards Darjah
Kebesaran Pahang Darjah Kebesaran Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang
Yang Amat Di Mulia - Peringkat Pertama, Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah
Pahang (SSAP) which carries the title Dato' Sri namely:
YB Dato'Sri Haji Mohd. Sharkar bin Haji Shamsuddin, Lancang
State Assembly;
2. YB Dato'Sri lr. Mohd. Soffi bin Tan Sri Abdul Razak, Benta State
3. YB
Dato'Sri Wan Rosdy bin Wan lsmail, Benta State Assemblyman
4. YB Dato'Sri Haji Shahiruddin bin Ab Moin; Dong State
5. Respectable Senior DCP Dato ' Sri Sharifuddin bin Ab. Ghani;
Pahang Police Chief.
b). The Award of Darjah Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang Yang Amat Di
Mulia- Second Stage, Primary Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang (DSAP)
which carries the title Dato ', namely:
YH Dato ' Haji Mohamad Roslan bin Harun, Pahang State
Development Officer;
2. YH Dato'Haji Mohamad Noor bin Abdul Rani, Director of the State
lslamic Affairs Department;
3. YH Dato 'Toantowee bin Mohd Lotfie, Deputy State Secretary
(Management) Pahang State Secretary Office, and
4. YH Dato'Rosdi bin lsmail, Director of Education, Pahang.
5. YH Admiral Dato 'Azhari bin Abd Rashid, Chief of Naval Region 1;
c. The Award of Dar.iah Mahkota Pahang Yang Amat Mulia- Second
Stage, Primary lndera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP), namely:
1. YH Brigadier General Dato'Ahmad Tajuddin bin Abdul Ghani;
Commander of the 4th Brigade (Mekanize);
2. YH Dato' Haji Mohd Sabri bin Abdullah, Director of the lnformation
Department of the State of Pahang.
3. Eleventh Malaysia Plan (RMK-I1) from 2016 to 2020
a. RMK-1 1, is the Plan prior to 2020. Therefore, efforts need to be
doubled to ensure that the State's intention to be Developed Countries in
2020, is reached.
b. Rooted in the philosophy of the National Transformation Policy,
recalls such a noteworthy achievement during the past ten Plan is, an
increase in the GDP, from RM71.1 billion in 1971 to RM'1.1 trillion in
2014. This makes Malaysia recorded a growth of the Asia's highest with
an average of 6.2% per annum over the past five decades.
c. From an economic standpoint, we have shifted from a predominantly
agricultural country (31 .8% in 1971 ) to a state-based manufacturing and
services with a contribution of 76.5ok to the national GDP.
d. While the unemployment rate also declined from 7 .4o/o in '1970 to only
2.9o/o in2014. The poverty rate also declined from 49.3o/o in 1970 to
0.60 in 2014.
YB Dato 'Sri, YH Dato', Ladies and Gentlemen,
e. As we know, RMK-11 is the finaljumpers before we looked to the
courts Developed Countries, 2020. fhe picture we get at that is, gross
national income per capita has reached $ 15 thousand.
f. However, the indication of this progress cannot be fully accounted for
as a measure of developed countries as Malaysia needs to develop a
holistic civilization where people have high values, morals, knowledge,
respect for cultural and heritage as well as having minds Developed
g. The government, in RMK-11, has outlined six strategic focus is always
ready to help countries meet the challenges and capitalize on
opportunities, following the political changes in the global landscape and
fast. This strategic thrust aims to meet the diverse needs of the people
and the country as a whole, namely:
1. Strengthening inclusivity towards an equitable socrety.
2. lmproving the welfare of the people.
3. lmproving human capital development for the developed countries.
4. Moving towards a green growth to increase relocate
and durability.
5. Strengthening the infrastructure to suppoft economic grovvth.
6. Engineered to increase prosperity and economic growth.
h. Six Sfrafegies to ensure that the focus of RMK-11 managed to
achieve its goal, the Government also incorporate six game changers,
actrng as a catalyst towards a more significant surge of:
1. lncreasing productivity;
2. Creating wealth through innovation;
3. To increase the percentage of middle-class society;
4. To core Education and Technical Training, or TVET (Technical and
Vocational Education Training):
5. lmplement Green plant; and
6. lnvest in cities Competitive.
i). Consistent with the purposes of the above, the Government will strive
hard so that no group of people who have dropped out to enjoy the
benefits of prosperity and development.
j). I hope that all government departments and agencies directly involved
in the implementation of the Plan 1 1 , should be ready with their
development plan from now on so that no problems arise, when the
launch of the project starting January 1, 2016.
a). Malaysia's development today, has managed to maximize land use,
provision of adequate manpower and large capital investment to boost
the country's development.
b). However, this achievement is needed diversity to the new approach,
acting as a catalyst for continuing, in the form of ideas and innovation,
and to find the source ofthe latest replacement (new resources) to
continue to lift the country's sustainable development continuity of this
c). ln this respect, the Prime Minister has proposed an approach to
'multitasking' studied the possibilities for implementation of the civil
servants. The Prime Minister also requested that the National Blue
Ocean Strategy (NBOS) practiced by departments and agencies to
maximize the use of public assets. Departments and government
agencies improperly to act in 'silo'.
a). Until yesterday, there were 56.532 cases of dengue with at least 158
deaths recorded in the country until June 201 5.
b). While the state does not appear in the outbreak category, but
precautions should be tightened and eradication of infection in the early
stages. I advise departments and agencies, plays an important role in
giving publicity regarding Destruction of Breeding Activity and Health
Education and Advocacy integrated in breeding areas.
c). Their responsibilities have been outlined based on action plans
Dengue Task Force of the State Committee.
d). I once again wish Pahang free from the epidemic. However, the flrst
step must be taken to prevent the spread ofthe disease and preventive
measures have to walk from now on.
a). Lately I see a trend of youth involvement in juvenile crime is
increasing. According to statistics, last year, a total of 7,816 juvenile
crime cases were recorded, with an increase from 1,042 cases to '1,632
cases, which accounted for 57% of school students aged between 12
and 17 years old.
b). This phenomenon rs worrying the government, because adolescent
and youth are the future generation and their energy should be
synergized to lead the country in the future.
c). I agree that reality, the dynamism of the community has changed
through time shift too drastically, the world getting smaller, intermedrate
dominate cyberspace communication and control to teenagers start to
loose, while their exposure to pornography and violence, cannot be
d). The system is also becoming increasingly complex society, and
adjustments to the rules began to change the face of socialization.
e). I believe that the role of parents and caregivers, the most important
factor for children's personal form. They likened be formed from bamboo
shoots. Children need guidance, care and love from their parents.
f). I like to remind parents to be aware of and sensitive to spiritual
development as trust and faith will form a noble character and may
contain children of disobedience fell into the arena.
a. Latel, we often preached about the leak of government secrets and
integrity of the civil servants who often questioned in various media.
b. lwould also like to remind all civil servants in the State Administration
of obligations of government secrets and is always cautious in actions
that could tarnish the image and departments dealing. We are all bound
by the Rules of Civil Servants (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations
a). Auditor General's Report, which was presented recently also spoke
specifically about the practice of transparency and integrity of the
attitude of civil servants when dealing with documents and government
b). I would like to remind departments and agencies in the state of
Pahang to conform and adhere to the Rules and Procedures for
Government Procurement to prevent errors from occurring that would
tarnish the image and confidence of the people to the government.
c). Department heads should meet regularly to review and monitor the
work rules so that an official of their adherence to the rules is maintained
at all times.
a). I would also like to inform you about the complaints of the people that
need to be addressed and appropriate actions by all parties.
'Government Welfare' Approach introduced by YAB Dato' Sri Mohd
Najib Tun Abdul Razak to help people to overcome hardship, especially
for those in need, so that he himself had come down to look and see for
themselves the problems of the people.
b). I suggest that all Heads of Department to take such measures and
prudence in dealing with the complaints of the people.
c). At the same time, the Prime Minister also stressed that the
government needs to ensure the success of the RMK-1 1 as they
become game-changers in strengthening public confidence in the
government. Accordingly, the speed of project implementation must be
improved and measures to ensure the implementation of projects,
should be intensified.
d). The focus should be given to the appointment of contractors is
appropriate and there is no excessive costs (cost overrun) including
Variation Order. The government should insist to terminate any
contractor who failed to complete the project on time. Existing
regulations, particularly regarding project management, appointment of
contractors, administration contract and the reviewed appointment of
contractors, so that the goals ofthe project with a fast and low cost, is
a). Finally, I took the opportunity to wish you all a glorious Aidil Fitri
1436H, to all civil servants in the state of Pahang, in particular.
b. For civil servants who will be going back to their home town, I advise
to drive the vehicle carefully and always observe the traffic regulations.
c. I also hope that government offices will operate as usual even though
many expected to leave before and after the public holiday feast later.
Thank you.