hmigration sparks white exodus from UK


hmigration sparks white exodus from UK
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hmigration sparks white exodus from UK
Rowan Philp: London
26 November 2006
White Britons, alarmed at immigration, are fleeing the capital and even the country in record
numbers in a "white flight" that mirrors South Africa's exodus.
And this week a controversial new book which seeks to explain their flight, encouraged young
British-born families to leave in the face of unchecked immigration .
A report by Britain's chief immigration think-tank, Migrationwatch, said more than 100000
British-born Londoners have left the UK capital this year as immigrants stream into the city.
I\4eanwhile, another report by private analysts predicts that the white exodus is set to
accelerate further, and that London's immigrant population willjump from 40olo to 600lo i n
just 12 years.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the departing whites were being replaced
by other ethnic minorities in their neighbourhoods, leading to a "very unfortunate" apartheidstyle seqregation of the capital.
The report said it was a potential disaster for integration and race relations in Britain. "The
effect is a rapid increase in the ethnic minority composition of some boroughs, resulting from
an outflow of the white population and an inflow of African and Asian international migrants."
While white South Africans fled Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for either suborban
security complexes or foreign shores in the mid-1990s, experts said whites in London and
cities like Barmingham and Bradford were fleeing to rural "market towns" - and, increasingly,
In his seemingly xenophobic book, Time to Emigrate? George Walden, who was education
minister under Margaret Thatcher, had no doubt about the cause. I mmigration had created
"unacceptable" terrorist and crime risks, and had doomed British culture .
Walden told the Sunday Times: "I'm not saying all our national problems are due to
immigration . . . but this is the greatest gamble this country has ever taken and it is totally
l:.ott7 unplanned,.---,
"Already, we're seeing the failure of the policy of multiculturalism, which
as Trevor Phillips,
our race relations tsar has pointed out
has come down to separate developmenU in other
words, apartheid, We have a dangerous mixture of people who do have colonial resentments;
who have fundamentalist beliefsi and who have absolutely no desire to integrate."
creetinrsr Daniel! liany thanks for your letter of 28 DIiC O6t & your infor.xative ldstory of the iikinheaCs & tLeir origins. Abc,ut afl I knew was tiiat they vere
unemptoyed British (,.Jhite) vror:kingclass youth whom Britzog deprived of job$ & futures.
I:-y impression vras that nany seenred to be nihilistst that is, self-destructive, with an
'rI donrt care'r attitude. l briefly stopted in London in 1959, enroute to rifrica. in London j saw fe,,r 'didtes & no ikj.nheadnr so tirey {ere sorxething of a fiystery to me. I found
out more lbout British cli1tu-re in Rhodesia than I did in London, which surprised ne verl'
pleasarrtly, I mrsi salr- The first thirl$ i hearC whon I sierped off the plane in ialisbury, nou i:a.are, i'as b3gpiles, vrhen I r/as ex)ecting to hear'junile drums', as in somc
oLd larzan flovie. i-ra: TI!. ;kinhe.rrls I net rLere i]i 0anada, in lhc early 1980.. 1
l;ne,.r Ge:r3c, llrdi .rlia.r !!ic 1l-'1',;thclre irxo fc'dn.ieC iesistance jieccrds. nfter ZOG
irl Detroit & liindsor, ZoG irrned on ii,c h,^at, the Lrst pictune I havc o: Georre sho.'s
hir,. ruith his 3lack band members. Cbviorsly, he aot ZOGis n1.,ssage & v,ants to be.I 'good
Coy.' lcor fcl1o,rl ily s!e-.cl1es to ikinhead gutherings were baEicil1]y ained at advisinc
ttrem no: tc h.rrn txemsel.ves by seu-deslructive tehavior. ione oI them couldnrt ffike it
.rcross irolvn to our meetinSs because they couldnit sta"v out of trouble, even with Iorontors
g-reat public tran$loltation system: One fellow l:rd "Brain iead'r lattooed on his head, Cnc
da],, he shol,red up with peculiar circular bruises on his foxehead. I asked him v/nat halpened & he said he'd bee!} banging his head on tops of open beer bottles- 'roh," I said. l vie',,
youn,r lcople as the fulure parents of forthcofting generations, so I hate to see theo go9.l,I,N 07. )I.N.
ing into
Ihanks for your advjce on your excellent essay on i{hite 311very. It certainly encapsu'lates lloffn;rnrs book! so it is great lor photocopying & ecororxical mailing. I{any thanks.
:everal incarcerateC correslondents complain about the 'rBeer-i'iazis'I vho nust be pretty
obnoxious to auoy them, As you say, they appear to think that is !,/hat they shoufd do, in
order to play the roIe. A Jevr vriter co:nplained thai llebrewoodr s depictions of Nazis were
nol at a1f irhat real l:azis were: IloUyv/ood rll.rzisr ware depicted as misfits & 1o6ers, b'.1t
liazi 1eader6, including Eitler, did not need the NSDAP to becooe 'somebodies,r for they
\rere genulne leaders in thoir own right. One acou.{intanc-o of mine used his alleged Ns
s:ropathies as his excuse for fack of financial success. He announced to ne thai he was
going to dunp his l,:S'burden,'so he could ffy up irto the financial stratosphere. To his
acute distress, he therebJ discovexed that IIE va6 the soie leason for his 1acL of raterial
success, & his affeged rNS burden' had shielded his ego from this reality. Shortly thereafter, he conmitted suicide. lils wa6 an Arlran txagedy which t had tried to lrevenl, with
obvious lack of success. Il uas a terrible loss' especially for his 6 children! IIe srre
wasnrt very NS, in vieri of such behavior, so lhat vaE another iflusion on his part, Irfi
sorry to say. i su6pect. nuch of hi; li"l illdsion l,laE the result of Hol1}'v,,ood propaganda.
If you havenrt .rlready read it, 1 reconriendlrThe Icenran CoBeth" by Llugel1e C'i;eill..The
story deals vrith nenbers of an alcoholic group-fantasy who are brought to face xeality, &
the exlerience is too horribfe for then- It is a briui.tnt ltudy of delusional-thinking,
lJoiclL is not esllecially uncommon. ll biker friend of mine describes seu-styled 'bikersi
who usually h;rng oul in certain barrj, ',,rhich lut up with thea. Ieu' if any, of them have
bikes, as y Iriend does, & he actuaUy rides his, so he does not hang out in bars, but is
nostly on the road. The bar-bike.s dres.r up or dov/n to sliow their rbikerr affiliation v/ith
their b:rrroon buddies vho we.1r' simjfar uniforno or costumes; another groul) fantasy of mutual consliracy, for nost, if not a1l of then lack notorcycles: Iou can imagine
pretenses, like 're:r1 skinheads' who canrt afforat laircuts. Sha88y Skinheads? i/hat next?
lre are poor lndeed if we l.rck a sense of hutnor. 1'll send nore msterial under separate
cover. All the best & OnTON:
,, asla^a.l
ul ursrler)eJ pue IIaAod 'auJul Jo saolaq6 aq lllM 6u!r lernllnfrllnu-, eql ro s]]ed Jaq6noJ aqI.,
',,sluEr6lurru! f,!uqle.. Jo dn apeL! Ilo^tsnllxe
,,6uu lernllnf,rllnur,, e pue /Ilunlos qltM s6uU.talno pue Jauut altqM lla6lel 6ulpnl)ul
/apef,ap e u! ,uopuo'l sptpeJd aq
looq stq uI
-,,sq6nel aqt lnoqlM sntrJrtr 6uJr-aeJql e,, aq lllM
They Were White and
They Were-Slaves
The Untold History of the
Enslavement of lYhites
in Early America
Michael A. HoITman
06. l]ail Jason: v3nl/ thanks for yc,rr latter of 8 CCT c6. fhanksr also, for circ'rlat:tna riy letterE, ,!r.ieh T intend fcr everyone' ioilgies included. I .ifl a iourmlist' :ic l
h:rve I1o seclets, the nor! who know r,y thcughts, the belter.
I'fl sorry j.f rny vierrs of th,- arde}', 8r its outcone,anger $one readers. I do not intend
to (lenl, their Lruvery, trny mora th:rn I Uould de.y the lrruvery of Tl,e Symbioresc T-iber3t.loll
lrmy, uhich it; behavior rcs,rnbled. :lc" trorrld I dei:y tr,c oll;rverir oi t:1. $oldi,r:'r:,o ,f,lked into )r'r6sive .fti1lery 1 n3chiiegu!1 fire in.iorld V-r I. yup, th--y all I'di.i iJcmethin3''r
; Lhey tljdnrt "ju3t t11l( aboul it.'i;ow thir+- :h,:y hGve 'Corc i;oret!in6," !ie:r,r.:rt :rsh.ihrrt
the:, -ccoijri'lis1]ed . In po1-itics ( pr:op1c-;o.; er) :\e rule i.o : lou't :el lxad. 3ei even.!'Dor't
r!11o,,v r.a;on to bl) cloudeC by emotio!. lhinh before doing. l,eanl fro:n cthers' crro:'S. Irve
been a sc]dier, I I cafl rcsiect "rho rer:e irrong, cvcn yhen I b.lieve tii.m to be vro F.
3u: T ilo not see that ive sho!}i worship nr.rltyrs. lje jhouldr ir;lead, learn fr.n i!:eni, lo
avoid bcconing m3rtyrs our$elves. :le need victors' not martyrs, for ix:rrtyrs we have in over:rbunCancel Let's not repeat treir mi$takes.
;:cst r--aders donit i.'iow tlrat I studied insur$ency 1 counter-insur8encyllh,rn 1 ,,/zr,i in
Colombia i ireru. i travelled in "l larque talia 'r ixI area,rhich had scceded from Colorbiars
central Zovornnent for 7 years, by lhe iirne I' truvcl.]ed throu.-,h ihere,oE invitation of tlie
reb"-.r-s. lje were 2 ,eeks fron the rLearest dirt road' iio we spe[t ost cf ollr tine riding
horscs * Inules. i Cid n./t see the figbtirig there th;rt T salr in the toxns ! cities' usuall]r
in the form of bombsr landnines 3r snip-.v6. l':y resid-.nce was bonbed twice in a 5-north per_
:od, & I flissed betng ktlled by a 1:indl'iinc cnly beca'rse I oversleI)t one hour! the first
year I ras in Colo:nbia. T've ncver felt gui]ty about overslee:ing since that time in 195J!
ll-ru .,,Jas becominq a center fcr The Shining ?ath insurgents when I 1,a5 there, 'r lhey becar,c
more active ir rxore destructive after I was told to teave by th-. Soviet Eflbaijsy in Lina' in
1969, after I w,is kicked out of the lrstr by lhe zOG.
iiuch as The 0r'llarxist fighter, Che Guevara,rvorslipped "The Thougits of Chairra[ llito"rrrlevolution
cer',{or6hipled "Th-- Turncr Diarj-es.rr Che's cclleague, legis Debrayt ,rote
the Revolution," which uraed insurgotrts to fouow l;:1o's aCvice tc ,,Jork io
The error in their ide;ls of apirg }:ao was obvioust ,',atin lnerica xas utlde.Soing two explo_
rions--a po2ulation explosion & an urban cxllosion. People uere lcaving the country for the
loun3 .'" cities. In China, ihe lopulation lJas mainly iD the couxtryside. l'iao Nrote ihat the
lrsurecnts .rri-' like fish i tho pcople 3re like the sea. If the sea Lurls r4frierdly, the
fi6h die. Tl:e firh aLrjc die oui of ,./ater, so the insurgents rirst be iJl:3re U1e irL'ople :rre,
not wirer" they "rre aot. Che ,I :irgis Debray f.ot cn)ght bec3use of their isolstior from the
people they needeal for sur:rport. is I recall' Cher.r de,rth a Debr;-rlir s c,l;)tur. occurred in 3,raivia, 196?. Che ias betrayed by lliguel l:onje of thc Soviet Conirullist:arty, urrler lioscow
orde!'s. The ordex \rar betraycd bJ iiarti[ez, as ] understand. But who recruited hiil? lJhoever
,lid,effectively betrayed The order, butr hey' at Ie.rsl he DID so:nething!
ily exppliulr". in civil uars in Colonbia & in Rhodesi.r taught oe tl1i,t nist-:tkes c.rn be
n3t ju:it costly, but deadly, rLihorrih 1 r..s in Doth places fcr "rersrr;s of ho:ifth.r
1 suro r,ri-s:1 th-- :'russi"n tslue girls al1 the best, for thly nr.ry be tarSetted b:,, the ZoG,
liire Ceorge, ri*i-1s llric ]lalrthorn-" cf ReEistJnce llccorC:i, .Il:,o got caught ir a 30/l-r:i{l
i".'rt31lied',o'rrv the zc:lgies. I 1:rsi s1.'I:r:hoto of l^im in 3 Jlack rock rtrouti. T:1os,. ;ir1s
need lots of prot"-ction!
.1s you sayr d:'u!l$ & alcohol a!'e your r3cii11 ?rrenj es' 50 you r,ust :ir3t def"at th.rm, cn
b":r.i1f.f oxr l?:rcD. Tiren Jrou ui1l bf-- i).r:it able ic h.]p us rurviv. r. trl:l.
]:]]perial-ism me3ns r-llc over,U.InlS. I:o;laticn can survive ali.ns iI its .1i.]jt' -ro orr
livrlnqs!:rce ciill .xir:rnd,'out it c.rnnot i:lcltide ncn-"Jhi!cs. urpire 'ncars multi -nati-ctaI. L
;ihite:lrtion can :tain territory' but it.annot lajn nor-il\ites nith ihe territory' A rt1Il
be a i{hite l;irtion. fl1at's rhy ilitler Ci(l Dot rrart for.)ign'
I h.)vcurl reaC "Gurs. Gerns & 3tee1," but I ha,e re.rd ''Rats' I-ice.r: llistory"'
-jesh vishcri for l/our' !!ecd"' cleirrrttrte frcm Z0:':r li]1e6. otIoll: