Exall Park NOT Polling Place For Runoff Vandals Shoot Out Car


Exall Park NOT Polling Place For Runoff Vandals Shoot Out Car
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Bulk Trash Pick Up Starts:
Monday, JULY 16
Please place bulk trash out no
sooner than 7 a.m. Thursday prior
to bulk pickup week through 7
a.m. Monday of bulk pickup week.
Thank you for helping to keep
Bryan Place beautiful! For more
information dial 311 or go online
at: www.dallascityhall.com.
Next Pick Up Week Starts:
Monday, August 20
JULY 2012
Vandals Shoot Out Car Window In Bryan Place
Just as the Dallas police reported a near perfect June crime report with no incidents occurring within the Bryan Place boundaries, a call was made the night of July 4th explaining
that the window of a car parked on McCoy Street was shot out. The driver's window had
an obvious bullet hole. The passenger's window had an impact spot. Both windows were
shattered but were held together by a heavy window tint.
According to the report, there were
sounds of firecrackers on various
sides that night, so no one really
knew which one was the gun being
fired. It was believed to be a .22
caliber, probably a small pistol. A
rifle or larger caliber would have
gone through both. Bullet fragments were recovered inside the
car. The police were called and a report filed.
It is believed that this most likely was a party of kids driving around throwing firecrackers
and they decided to shoot a car. Other cars parked on McCoy were not damaged, which
supports the idea they were passing through, rather than targeting car after car.
Police were also informed of fireworks being used near Exall Park prior to the fourth of
July. Hopefully these were random incidents around the holiday. However, Dallas Police
explained summer is usually when crime spikes and we need to remain even more vigilant.
So always remember to dial 911 when there is any suspicious activity noticed in our
neighborhood. This includes suspicious people who may be prowling Bryan Place. Dallas
Police explained they are generally unable to stop a suspicious person with a “Reason For
Contact”, a call made into 911 about someone or something unusual occurring.
Exall Park NOT Polling Place For Runoff
For those hopefully voting in the July 31, 2012 Democrat and Republican
Primary Runoff Elections, please make a note of the following information
about the polling places. Exall Park Recreation Center will not be the place
for you to go vote.
The Democratic Party Primary polling location is St. Edwards Catholic
Church, located at 4033 Elm Street. The Republican Party Primary polling location is St. Luke Community Life Center located at 6211 East Grand Avenue. Early voting locations for any qualified voter
wishing to vote in the Democratic and Republican Primary Runoff Election is from July 23 (Monday
through Friday) July 27 during the hours of 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. The closest places to early vote
near Bryan Place are the Records Building located at 509 Main Street, the Martin Luther King Jr.
Core Building at 2922 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and St. Luke Community Life Center at
6211 East Grand Avenue.
JULY 2012
The BP Bit
Meet Maus, who has lived at 1333
Skiles since his birth two years ago.
Although an indoor cat, Maus enjoys
walks in the park where he can watch
birds and hide from dogs. He’s more
into the rolling around in the dirt than
actually walking, but he loves getting
outside. He’s extraordinarily affectionate and enjoys games such as fetch,
sleeping, and “feed me”. He is especially talented at training humans to do
his bidding.
Cookin’ With Courtney!
Bryan Place resident, Courtney Smith, became somewhat of a celebrity last month
as she displayed her culinary skills on a morning television show in Austin.
Courtney dazzled the audience creating one of the many new favorite dishes offered
at the Corner Bakery. With any luck, maybe she’ll cook up something special at the If you have pictures of your pets or anything fun in Bryan Place, please send it
Bryan Place pool some day. Way to go, Courtney! To see her presentation, go
to us! We would love to share it.
online at http://www.kxan.com/dpp/community/dining/got-tomatoes-go-blt.
4th Of July Was A Splash
There was quite a turnout for the annual 4th Of July pool party
hosted by the Bryan Place Neighborhood Association and the
Bryan Place Swimming Pool Association. The weather
cooperated and most residents are saying this was one of the
biggest pool parties ever held in Bryan Place. There was
great food and plenty to drink as the party lasted throughout
the day. People took advantage of the swimming pool
association’s special one day initiation discount as well.
Hopefully this is an indication of what the summer in Bryan
Place will be like for years to come.
A small brown dog was found by
neighbors on the evening of the 4th of
July. If he looks familiar, please
call 214-893-1336.
WYNTER 972-697-1802 OR
KIWI AT 469-355-4134
JULY 2012
Check out July, 2012 yard of the month at 3219 Basil Court belonging to Chuck Daniel and Allan Edwards. Landscaped with layers of
different styles of green plantings, even hanging in the live oak tree. They have enhanced the curb appeal by having just a few strategically placed pots that provide the color in the landscape. Thank you Allan & Chuck for the effort in making your landscape very appealing.
Watering Schedule For Twice-Weekly Watering
Residential and commercial customers with street addresses ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6 or 8) can water on Sundays and
Thursdays. Those customers with addresses ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9) can water on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
Residents or businesses without a street number on their address can water on Sundays and Thursdays. Properties with multiple addresses (duplexes, apartment complexes or office parks) should base their watering day on the last digit of the lowest address number. As a reminder, watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. is prohibited through October 31. These restrictions apply to automatic or
in-ground irrigation systems and hose-end sprinklers only. Drip irrigation, a soaker hose or hand watering are more efficient methods.
Though still not encouraged between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., it will be permitted on any day. This method also applies to personal and
community vegetable gardens and if you are only planting a few new shrubs or a new tree. Temporary variances will be allowed for
new landscaping. Applications for variances to the Water Conservation Plan are available on SaveDallasWater.com. Hard copies can
be obtained for those without access to the Internet by calling (214) 670-3155. Variances will be considered for both residential and
commercial customers.
Recycling Options Near Bryan Place
Can’t wait until our regular Wednesday
trash and recycling pick up day? Now you
have more options. The City of Dallas is
making it even easier for you to recycle by
increasing the number of neighborhood
recycling drop-off locations. The closest
location to Bryan Place is 600 Texas Street
near the Meadows Foundation.
As the newest feature of the city’s Don't Waste Today waste diversion
program, you can now drop-off plastic containers with the recycling symbol
for numbers 1-7, bottles and jars of any color, aluminum, tin, and steel
containers, office paper, window envelopes, magazines, phone books,
catalogues, paperback books, brown paper bags and cartons in the Big
Blue container and there is no need to separate! All recyclable materials
can be placed in the container in the same “single stream” style as in the
residential collection program. Most locations are available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. Please visit one of our new and improved drop-off sites
today. It’s convenient for you and good for our environment.
For more information on the City of Dallas drop-off recycling program or if
your facility would be interested in sponsoring a site, please contact us at
(214) 670-4475.
In addition to what the City of Dallas offers, our community just got its very
won Recycling Drop-Off Center! Visit Recycle Revolution at 1703
Chestnut Street, one block west of the Pearlstone Grain Silos. The hours
are 8am -5pm, Monday through Friday. You can drop off Traditional
Materials like paper, plastics #1-7, aluminum, tin, and cardboard. Please
keep glass separate from your other materials. Hard-to-Recycle Materials
(HaRM)* like packaging material, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, packaging
peanuts are accepted. They also take E-Waste like computers,
televisions, monitors, computers accessories, and other electronic
appliances, cell phones, batteries, light bulbs, and more!. For more
information, call 214-566-3025 or go online at recyclerovlutiondallas.com.
Ask about our composting and shredding programs. Please, no
recyclables contaminated with organic waste or liquids! *Some HaRM
items require a drop-off fee. For more information about HaRM items or
what they can and can’t accept, please contact call 21-566-3025 or
[email protected].
JULY 2012
Be Our Guest At The DHL
14th Annual Boot Camp
The 2012 Dallas Homeowners League Boot
Camp is coming up August 25th at City Hall
from 9am to Noon! As
in the past, any Bryan
Place resident who is
interested in attending should contact the board so that
we can reserve a place for you. This is an annual event
that provides useful information for building stronger
neighborhoods. We encourage you to participate. As a
member of the organization, BPNA receives discounted
registration. We believe strongly that attending the
workshop benefits our whole neighborhood and we will
be happy to pay for your registration. Last year we carpooled to the event and plan to do so again. So please
get involved and reserve your space. The event registration and the schedule of seminars will be available soon.
So mark your calendar for Saturday, August 25th!
Stepping out Near Bryan Place
Enjoy these FREE events close to home.
Nasher Sculpture Garden
2001 Flora Street
Target First Saturdays
Saturdays July 7, 2012
Free admission and children’s activities till 5pm.
Latino Cultural Center
2600 Live Oak Street 214-671-0045
Hecho en Dallas
Now through August 1
JULY 2012
Tie Dye At Exall Park
A Popular Event
On Wednesday, June 13, nearly fifty kids at the Exall Park
summer program created their own tie-dyed t-shirts in a
day of color and dye. The event was organized by Bryan
Place resident Phillip Bryan, with costs offset by the tie-dye
tent at the May Symphony in the Park event.
Phillip worked with Heidi Hulin, program coordinator for the
kid’s summer program at the Exall Park community center,
to organize a day of tie dye for the kids. Phillip provided
the dyes and supplies, Heidi organized the kids, and the
kids each brought their own shirts to dye.
Exall Recreation Center would like to remind you to take
advantage of the many fitness options just steps away from
your front door.
Dirt Cheap Yoga
Thursdays 12pm - 1pm
Tuesday - Thursday 6pm - 7pm
$8/Class or 8 Classes for $50 or 16 Classes for $95 or
Unlimited Monthly $55
Mondays 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Fridays 5:15pm - 6:15pm
Ages 4 and Up
Monday & Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm
Fitness Memberships - Weight Room, Weight and
Cardio Machines
Adults $12 per Month / Seniors 60 and Older $9 Per Month
Participation Card Prices
5 years & Under Free
6-11 Years $2 per year
12-17 Years $5 per year
18-59 Years $15 per year
60 & Older $10 per year
For more information, drop by 1355 Adair Street or call
(214) 670-7812.
Several student interns from the program came to helped
mix the dyes and set up the tie dye space in Phillip’s carport area. Then they walked over kids from the community
center about ten at a time, so that each one could soak,
spin, and dye their shirts. Each participant would choose
the design and colors for their shirt, with fire colors, water
colors, and rainbow spirals being the orders of the day. In
addition to shirts, some participants brought socks, pullovers, and pillowcases. The interns suited up everyone
with aprons and gloves and assisted with the tie-dye process.
Phillip was thankful to Heidi and the intern students: “Heidi
was great at getting the ball rolling and setting up a day like
this for the kids. The interns from the summer program
were a huge asset – their help made the whole day possible With so many people making shirts there was plenty of
mess, but that’s part of the fun.”
After each person dyed their shirt, they placed them in individual bags so the colors could set. Two days later, the
interns returned to complete the process. Each shirt was
rinsed and washed, then hung to dry. Then all the shirts
were taken back to the community center. The kids could
retrieve and wear their shirts they’d created themselves.
It was an exhausting day, but the kids seemed to have a
great time. The best part is that each participant went
home with a shirt they’d created themselves.
Phillip hosts tie-dye events about once a month at his
place, alternating between t-shirt workshops and silk workshops. If you’re interested in participating in a workshop or
organizing a group event, you can contact him at
[email protected].
JULY 2012
2012 BPNA Membership Directory Available For Pickup
The 2012 BPNA Membership Directory will be available for pick up on Sunday, July 22 and Monday, August 6 at the club house
(3030 Adolph) from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
We’d like to thank those who have already paid their voluntary neighborhood association dues for 2012. For those who have not, there
is still time to pay. Remember, your dues help maintain the common landscaped areas, pay for neighborhood events, distribute our
monthly newsletter and the membership directory for this year. Even if you belong to a homeowners association within Bryan Place,
you are also encouraged to join the neighborhood association. Please fill out the form below and return it as soon as possible. For
your convenience, PayPal is also accepted. Just go online to bryanplace.org, click on the “Join The Bryan Place Neighborhood
Association” link in the top right corner. Complete the registration information, click the “Submit” button, then you will be redirected to a
PayPal web page to complete your transaction.
Dues are $50.00 per household or $100 for multiple property owners. Please fill this out and mail it along with your check to:
BPNA 3136 San Jacinto Dallas, Texas 75204.
Checks should be made payable to Bryan Place Neighborhood Association. Or you can join using PayPal via:
www.BryanPlace.org , just click ‘Join The Bryan Place Neighborhood Association’ top right
Last Name: ________________________________________________________________
First Name: ________________________________________________________________
Additional Household Members: ______________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone __________________________________________ E-mail______________________________________________
Company Name: (1) ____________________________________ Work /Cell Phone ____________________________________
Company Name: (2) ____________________________________ Work/Cell Phone _____________________________________
Include this information in the directory?: Yes □ No □
We also accept
Are you a new member?: Yes □ No □
NB: Multiple property owners- please attach a list of the additional addresses to this form.
We had a nice turnout last month for Cajun food at Pappadeaux’s and the 4th of July pool party. Unfortunately,
we will not plan a Dinner On The Town for this month. If you have recommendations for future gatherings,
please contact Gaye Maris at 214-826-7777 OR [email protected].
City Lights Update:
On June 27th, the BPNA successfully lobbied the City Council not to automatically approve a six-month extension for Minerva Partners, Ltd. to demolish the
old city-owned buildings at Texas and Live Oak. The buildings have longbeen eyesores and graffiti magnets, and Angela Hunt and the rest of the
council agreed – and they reduced the extension to three-months. Even if development is delayed, Minerva Partners, Ltd. needs to keep its agreement to
promptly demolish and clean-up any environmental issues on the property. If
this does not happen by the end of September, the BPNA will be back in contact with the city about enforcement of the deadline.
If you have any announcements or news of interest for your neighbors, please contact
David Allen at 214-887-8708 or [email protected] .
JULY 2012
Residents Voice Concern
About Hall Street Parking
Ross Avenue
As Hall Street continues to be cleaned up
north of Ross Avenue the Icon At Ross
apartments gain popularity, some residents
have spoken out about the increased traffic
on the narrow street. And parking may
become an issue as the street is not
designated as a no parking zone. Now that
the Taqueria and police storefront have been
demolished, the future of the vacant lots are
Several years ago Bryan Place resident
petitioned for sections of Hall Street between
Ross Avenue and San Jacinto to be
designated as no parking zones because the
auto body shop made the street nearly
impassable at times with its clients cars
parked along the block.
New Neighborhood Eateries
Bryan Place will soon have more choices for dining within walking
distance as Southern Comforts is ready for business next door to
Three Sheets on Ross Avenue. We also understand work is about to
resume on Joyce and Gigi’s Kitchen on Hall Street, although their
opening date is uncertain. According to their Facebook page, all
licenses have now been approved and work will resume shortly.
While the inside appears to be far from finished, some furniture has
been has been delivered, which is promising.
Respect your park, yards, neighbors, and the
Bryan Place community!
BPNA Board Monthly Meeting!
The next meeting will be held Monday, August 6 at 7pm.
Meetings are held at the BP Pool Clubhouse, 3030 Adolph
Please let our volunteers know how much we appreciate their hard work by thanking Wayne & Sharon Smith, Lynn Sparrow, Gary &
Joy Mitchell, Mark Ingram, Todd & Sandy Knauer, Cobbie Ransom, Gaye Maris, Richard Marvin, Ron & Kathleen Burton, Mabel Peck,
David Allen, Don & Miki Hendrickson, Mark Ingram, Dan Warren and a special thanks to Michelle Murphy who will be missed in Bryan
Place. If you can assist with distributing the newsletter in your area, please contact David Allen at 214-887-8708.
JULY 2012

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