norwea - The European Wind Energy Association


norwea - The European Wind Energy Association
Norwea has the pleasure of inviting you to
the annual
Norwea Finance Seminar
on 30 and 31 January 2013
at Lysebu in Oslo, Norway.
This will be an exclusive opportunity for
European utilities and financial investors
to meet the companies behind the most
interesting wind power projects in Norway.
Aside from meeting the projects, we have
also hand picked distinguished political,
financial and legal speakers.
In short, where to invest
and how to invest!
09.00-10.00 Registration and coffee
10.00-10.15 Welcome! Øyvind Isachsen, Norwea
10.15-10.35 Future development and capacity, tba, Statnett, Norwegian TSO
10.40-11.00 New Government - what then? Nikolai Astrup, The Conservative Party
11.05-11.25 Europe and Norway, Janos Herman, Delegation of the European Union to Norway
11.30-11.50 Norwegian licences, Per Sanderud, Norwegian Water Resources and
Energy Directorate
11.50-12.00 The changing energy situation in Europe – Implications for Norway, Kjell Eriksson, DNV KEMA
12.00-13-00 Lunch
13.05-13.25 Onshore wind power - a valued commodity in Norway,
Anders Gaudestad, SAE Vind
13.30-13.50 Why inland wind in Norway? Mark Porter, E.ON
13.55-14.15 Mid-Scandinavia, Ståle Gjersvold, TrønderEnergi
14.20-14.35 Norwegian portfolio as we see it, Andreas Thon Aasheim, Norwea
14.40-15.05 Coffee break
15.10-15.30 Our approach: How we invest in wind farms,
Luigi Pettinicchio, HgCapital
15.35-15.55 Why does the utility of Zurich invest in windpower in Norway?
Philipp Wunnerlich, ewz
16.00-16.20 Sales process optimization,
Peter Aa. Simonsen, Simonsen og Vogt & Viig
16.25-16.45 Why we haven’t invested in wind energy. Yet!
Per-Arne Torbjørnsdal, E-CO
16.50-17.05 Coffee break
17.10-17.30 How to finance windfarms in Norway today, and looking into the
future, Lars Vikjord, Swedbank
17.35-17.55 The Norwegian economy in a global context, Erica Blomgren, SEB
17.55-18.00 Concluding remarks and introduction to day 2,
Øyvind Isachsen, Norwea, Kjetil Hardeng, Haavind
18.00-19.00 Networking and drinks
19.00-23.00 Apéritif and five course dinner
08.30-09.20 Breakfast
09.30-09.40 Post day one thoughts; and introduction; Norway has the proved competence to make it happen, Øyvind Isachsen, Norwea
09.45-10.45 Contracts and legal issues; full presentation on what you need to go
(i) regulatory and concessions,
(ii) all contracts and summary of key terms and issues; from land
owners, construction, turbines and PPAs and direct agreements,
(iii) also including how bankability needs to be reflected in all
agreements (iv) structuring, in light of Basel and Solvency regime in motion,
Kjetil Hardeng, Haavind
10.50-11.10 Valuation & Capital Structure Lars Ove Skorpen, Pareto Securities
11.15-11.25 Coffee break
11.30-11.50 Regulatory developments within the banking sector, Sigurd Kayser,
11.55-12.15 Possibilities in the bond market, Geir Sørflaten, Pareto Securities
12.20-12.35 How to bank; brief intro, legal and commercial,
Christopher A. Jensen, Haavind
12.40-13.00 The role of the Norwegian Trustee in the bond market, Jo Forfang,
Norwegian Trustee
13.05-13.10 Final remarks, Øyvind Isachsen, Norwea
13.15-14.15 Lunch
Øyvind Isachsen
Andreas Thon Aasheim
Nicolai Astrup
Luigi Pettinicchio
János Herman
Philipp Wunnerlich
Per Sanderud
Peter Aall Simonsen
Anders Gaudestad
Per-Arne Torbjørnsdal
Mark Porter
Lars Vikjord
Ståle Gjersvold
Erica Blomgren
Rittmester Isachsen is the Managing
Director of Norwea since 2007. He
has a M.Sc in International Trade
from Svenska Handelshögskolan in
Astrup has been a member of Parliment for the Conservative party
since 2009. Astrup is a member of
the Standing Committee on Energy
and the Environment.
Herman is Ambassador and leader
of the European Union’s delegation
in Norway.
Sanderud is the Director General
of the Norwegian Water Eesources
and Energy Directorate (NVE) since
2011. He has also been the President
of the EFTA Surveillance Authority.
Gaudestad is the Managing Director
of Statkraft Agder Energi Vind. He
has extensive experience from developing renewable energy business
and management consulting.
Porter is the Chief Executive Officer
of E.ON Wind Sweden.
He is the new Chief Executive Officer in TrønderEnergi. He has held
various leading positions in Statoil
and other companies related to oil
industry in Norway and abroad.
Aasheim is the Senior Finance Advisor of Norwea since 2010. He has a
M.Sc. in finance from from Handelshøyskolen in Bergen.
Joined HgCapital in 2008. Previously worked at Goldman Sachs and
at McKinsey & Company. Worked
on the acquisition and financing of
the 44MW Ytterberg and 52MW
Åmliden Swedish wind farms.
Business Development Manager at
ewz in the department of Renewable
Energy Asset Management. Working
with market development and new
investments in renewable energy.
Simonsen is partner in Simonsen og
Vogt & Viig. He is head of the Banking & Finance department. In addition he is working with energy law,
especially in relation to projects.ts.
Torbjørnsdal is the Senior Vice
President at E-CO Energi.
Vikjord is the Global Head of Energy Sector at Swedbank. Prior to joining Swedbank, Vikjord was Head of
Corporates Norway in Royal Bank
of Scotland.
Blomgren is the Chief Strategist of
SEB in Norway. She is focusing on
the Norwegian krone and interest
rate markets in addition to a broader
view on Scandinavian markets.
Lars Ove Skorpen
Erik Skjelbred
Kjetil Hardeng
Jo Forfang
Christopher A. Jensen
Sigurd Kayser
Geir Sørflaten
Kjell Eriksson
Skorpen is the Director of Power
and Renewable Energy of Pareto
Hardeng heads Haavind´s corporate department. He does domestic
and cross border M&A and JV, and
has been involved in several wind
energy projects in Norway.
He is an associated partner in
Haavind and specialized within the
capital markets and M&A. He has
extensive experience from crossborder transactions.
Sorflaten is Partner in Pareto Securities with focus on fixed income
and debt advisory.
Skjelbred is the head of public affairs
in Statnett, the Norwegian TSO. He
has broad experience from 30 years
in the energy industry
Forfang is the legal director of Norweagian Trustee
He is Senior Vice President in the
Energy Division of DNB Bank with
main focus on Power & Renewable
business. He has more than 20 years
of experience in the energy industry
Eriksson is responsible for development of DNV KEMA’s services in
Scandinavia. He has more than 25
years of international experience
from oil, gas and energy.
Norwea has the pleasure of inviting you to
For registration press
Contacts: Andreas T. Aasheim | +47 9593 5890 | [email protected]
The Norwegian Wind Energy Association (NORWEA) is the voice of the Norwegian wind and ocean energy industry. NORWEA has, since it was established
in 2006, promoted the utilization of renewable energy from wind in Norway.
We are ideally situated in the heart of Oslo ensuring close proximity to Norwegian decision makers. With approximately 130 members: developers, contractors, electricity providers, wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers,
research institutes, finance and insurance companies, lawyers, consultants and
research institutions, NORWEA represents the entire value chain of the industry. We are the industry’s key meeting place for wind and ocean energy academics, political discussions and industrial collaboration.
NORWEAs lobbying helps create a suitable legal and financial framework within which members can successfully develop their businesses.
NORWEA analyses, formulates and establishes policy positions together with
the wind and ocean industry on key issues.
NORWEA produces a large variety of information tools and manages campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of wind and ocean renewable energy, dispelling the myths about wind and ocean energy and providing
easy access to credible information.
NORWEA organizes numerous regular events: conferences, seminars and
workshops, together with and for the industry.
This makes NORWEA the most powerful and successfull network for wind and
ocean energy in Norway.
Wergelandsveien 23B | NO-0167 Oslo | tel. +47 4734 9348
[email protected] | |
Norwea has ou to the annual
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