Model of the Month German 3 Ton 4X2 Cargo



Model of the Month German 3 Ton 4X2 Cargo
Model of the Month
German 3 Ton 4X2 Cargo Truck
by Tim Rentz
The IPMS Austin
Modeling Event
Alamo Squadron
Jimmy Doolittle
copilot’s centenary
November 2015
Next Meeting: Nov 5th , Northside Ford Conference Room, at 7:15pm
Austin’s Annual “Capitol Classic” was held on Oct 10th and was attended by a number of Alamo
Squadron members. Several served as Head Judges for different subject “divisions” and at least one
served as an OJT, getting his feet wet in the judging world.
A number of Alamo Squadron members walked away with some hardware. This is not a comprehensive listing but here are some winning entries and their builders:
Rob Booth: Box Stock Aircraft (Radial Engine Split) 2nd - J2M3,
1/48 Jets (Single Engine split) 2nd - F-18A, 1/48 Single Engine
Allied - 2nd P-51B Tex Hill Markings and 3rd – P-51B – Experimental USAAF P-40 Camouflage.
Jerry Escobedo: 3rd Voyager Paper Model (competing successfully, I might add, against plastic models)
Lee Forbes: 1st Whittle and another 1st with a PZL-24, 2nd
Blackburn Firebrand and also “Road Less Traveled” Theme
Award for the Firebrand
Dana Mathes: nd1st Leopard II, 1st D8 Bulldozer 1st PBR (Patrol
Boat), and a 2 with an M-26
Dick Montgomery: 2nd with an Apollo 11 Lander
Henry Nunez: 1st Gordon Highlander, 2nd
Jeb Stuart,
To see a complete list of all the winners in all categories, follow this link:
Photos by Len Pilhofer
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 2
Mike Picard: 1st Stug III, 1st MAK Guenther, 3rd Leningrad Tiger, 3rd Triathlon
Len Pilhofer: 1st Panzer IV G, 2nd Jagdpanther, 3rd Panzer III K
Charles Stone: 2nd Armor diorama “Woman in Red” 2nd Aircraft Diorama “Lightning Diorama” aircraft
Rick Warring: 1st place and a 2nd for a USS Cleveland and a PO-2 and 3rd P-51B
Eric Moe: 1st for a 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 and a 2nd for a M26E4 Pershing
All in all, Alamo Squadron did well. We assisted our neighbors to north, we had at least 11 members
attending, and we brought home some goodies to adorn our respective walls.
Photos by Len Pilhofer
Rob Booth will present “Judging ModelFiesta Style” at the November meeting. Rob will conduct the judging of the models brought for the monthly club contest (no
theme) asking some members to participate in the process. The judging will be done “out loud” so
that all can see the judging principles and procedures we traditionally use at ModelFiesta. The usual
“At-large member judging” will be completed first, in the same process we’ve used for years. After
Rob’s program concludes and after the popular balloting has been tallied we will compare the results
of both judging processes.
Preparing for our annual December Pot Luck and White Elephant Exchange, we will ask members
to sign-up to bring food, snacks, and beverages to the December meeting which will be shared and
consumed by all in attendance as we conduct the traditional White Elephant Gift Exchange.
We will have a little something extra for the IPMS members in our group. We have two new recruits and that means we will have two of the Recruiter “Bonus” items to raffle off. Those who draw
the winning tickets will each receive a bonus of 3 months on their individual IPMS memberships.
Again, only IPMS members may draw for these bonuses since one must have a membership before
one can receive an extension of that membership.
So….a judging clinic, a drawing for an extension on your IPMS membership, and a sign-up for Pot
Luck. Sounds like a fun-filled evening.
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 3
The IPMS Austin
Modeling Event
Our state’s capital to the north
saw another fantastic modeling
event: The Capitol Classic. This
is a yearly event organized by
the Austin Scale Modeler’s Society and they presented an
amazing modeling occasion
with the theme “Faster Than
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
We San Antonians wouldn’t
have missed the opportunity to
meet the guys up in Austin and
enter into the contest the fruits
of our year’s work.
The gathering was held on Saturday, October 10th at the
Norris Conference Center. That
venue has the particular characteristic that it has many separate rooms, so you can wander
about the halls to find the contest area and vendor’s area… as
well as old and new friends.
To have an idea of how awesome the event was, let’s the
images speak for themselves...
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 4
Photos by Gerry Escobedo
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 5
Alamo Squadron
Photos by Gerry Escobedo
November 2015 6
Photos by Gerry Escobedo
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 7
Len Pilhofer gave an outstanding demonstration at
our club’s October meeting on the use of hair spray
as a technique for simulating paint chipping on models.
He even prepared, painted and used this technique
in the room, and made us all fascinated with the result in his sample model.
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Rene Faulk showed this scratchbuilt Sci-Fi submarine, made with
Christmas spheres.
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 8
The gates opened at 8 AM for the October
4TH Camargo Park car show. Dick Montgomery arrived first and set up our tent and tables. Craig Gregory and I showed up around 9
AM and setup our displays and were ready for
our first young modelers to show up. The
gates would not open to guests till noon
which gave us some time to work on some of
our projects, look at some of the other displays and check out the cars in the show.
Photo by Craig Gregory
After a nice opening ceremony we started
to get our first young modelers. Dick talked
to the parents and interested adults while Craig and I worked with the kids. We could tell
youngsters had a good time building the models by the big smiles on their faces. I think
Craig and I had just as much fun as the kids. John Kress and his lovely wife Grace joined
us later in the afternoon to help with
the kids and lend moral support.
The show ended at 5 PM and we had
just enough models to make it to the
end of the day.
Photo by Craig Gregory
Photo by Craig Gergory
Alamo Squadron
Photo by Craig Gergory
I would like to thank IPMS for their
support of the Make N Take Program;
because of their support we were
able to purchase 35 Mustang kits at a
reduced cost for our Make N Take. If
you are interested in the IPMS Make N
Take program you should contact the
IPMS website as there are some
changes to the program.
Photo by Craig Gergory
November 2015 9
Although our own Tim Rentz originally
wrote a review of this model for the national
IPMS website, he graciously gave his OK
to make an extract of his review for the
newsletter; thus, to avoid fully copying all of
the text he sent to IPMS, we’ve edited his
review. Check out his original review in the
IPMS web site.
The 1/48 scale Tamiya kit contains a 3 ton
truck, (apparently an Opel Blitz although it
does not say so anywhere in the kit or on
the box), a driver figure, and a sprue of fuel
drums, jerry cans, bags
and rolled up tarps, as well
as decals for two marking
Except for the fit of the cab
in some spots (there are 9
separate parts), the kit
went together without a
hitch. Some parts were painted in sub assemblies, e.g. the inside of the
cab and the tires.
Photo by Tim Rentz
Photo by Tim Rentz
This is a very nice kit and a
relatively quick build if you’re
careful assembling the cab. It
provides you with option to
have a driver figure and cargo
in the truck bed. I can recommended without reservations.
Thanks to Tamiya for supplying the kit and thanks to IPMS
for the opportunity to review it.
Alamo Squadron
Photo by Tim Rentz
November 2015 10
Photo by Tim Rentz
Photo by Tim Rentz
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 11
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 12
As many of you know
I’ve been a member of
the American Fighter
Aces Association,
Friends of the Aces organization, since 1999.
In fact I was made an
Honorary Fighter Ace,
or Honoree, in 2012.
One of the reasons for
receiving this honor was
for scheduling Quarterly Luncheons for all of
the South Texas Fighter
Aces and Friends of the
Aces to get together at
the Petroleum Club
here in San Antonio.
Not only is the Petroleum Club well known for Photo by Gerry Escobedo
its exceptional food,
but the war stories and Standing: General Steve Ritchie. Seated, from left to right: Lt. Col. Richard
colorful stories and
“Dick” Cole, General Frank Gailer, Col. Dean Caswell.
jokes shared at these
events, were even better. Most of the Aces are in their young
was born on September 7, 1915, and was
90s now, but when they re-fly those enonly age 26 at the time of the mission.
gagements again, they are all free of the This year Dick Cole turned 100 years
pains of old age and are 21-22 years old
young, and our September 11, 2015,
again for the few hours that they get to- Luncheon was dedicated to recognizing
gether at these Luncheons.
him for his many lifetime achievements.
Recounting their stories of mostly WWII
aerial combat where winners and losers
were often measured in seconds is hard to
fathom, but they all lived through it and
survived to tell their remarkable stories
of heroism and sometimes just plain luck!
Another WWII hero and Friend of the
Fighter Aces, and fellow Honoree, is Lt
Colonel Dick Cole, who also regularly attends these Luncheons. He is best known
for being Lt Colonel Jimmy Doolittle’s copilot on the famous bombing raid on the
mainland of Japan on April 18, 1942. He
Alamo Squadron
Because this celebration was so special
we had the largest number of attendees
since I’ve been scheduling these Luncheons. A total of 51 Aces, Ace Ettes
(Widows of Aces), Honorees, Friends of
the Aces, and numerous guests showed up
to recognize Dick Cole. The Aces in attendance were Brig Gen Frank Gailer,
USAF, WWII P-51 Mustang Ace in the 357
FG, 8 AF (MTO) with 5.5 confirmed victories and later a POW of the Germans in
Stalag 1; Brig General Steve Ritchie,
USAFR, Vietnam F4 Phantom Ace in the
November 2015 13
432 TRW, 13 AF
(PACAF) with 5 confirmed victories (all Mig
-21s); and Colonel Dean
Caswell, USMC F4U Corsair Ace in VMF 221 on
board the USS Bunker
Hill (PTO) with 7 confirmed victories.
The Ace Ettes present
were: Mrs. Mary Donahue, widow of USMC
Colonel Archie Donahue, who was a WWII
Ace in the F4F Wildcat
and F4U Corsair with 14
confirmed victories.
Ms. Jean Mollard, widow of US Navy Lt
Commander Norman Mollard who was a
WWII Ace in the F6F Hellcat with 6 confirmed victories; and Mrs. Madeline
Welch, widow of USAF Colonel Darrell
Welch, who was a WWII P-38 Lightning
Ace with 5 confirmed victories.
The three Alamo Squadron members,
and Friends of the Aces, who were present at the Luncheon were: Jerry Escobedo, Dave Herron, and myself. I acted
as the moderator for the gathering; Jerry
took all of the photographs, and Dave got
to enjoy himself. After lunch was concluded I introduced everyone present,
with a special introduction for Dick Cole.
When Dick responded I expected him to
add to what I’d
said, and he essentially said,
“Thank you for
coming and hope
you enjoyed
yourselves”, or
words to that effect. I guess
when you’re 100
Alamo Squadron
years young you need to
conserve your words. Later
when asked a specific question he spoke at length. I
got all of the Aces to tell
individual stories of their
General Gailer told how
he got a pair of FW-190s on
one mission when he shot
the tail off of the leader’s
ship and it collided with his
wingman with both spinning
out of control. Incidentally, He was shot down on
Thankgiving Day, 1944 by
another P-51 Mustang from
the 352 FG…now that’s what you call
tough luck!
General Ritchie downed two Mig-21s on
one of his last missions using two AIM-7
Sparrows that had about a 1 in 11 chance
of success, but in this case they both got
beam hits on the Mig-21s and he returned
to base in Thailand as an Ace.
Colonel Caswell told about the Kamakazi threat to the fleet the last year of the
War and how he flew mostly CAP missions
to protect the carriers and how he survived several Kamakazi hits on the USS
Bunker Hill itself.
General Ritchie’s wife, Mariana, who
grew up in Communist Romania,
then spoke on
what it means to
be an American
and the pride
she has as a Citizen. After hearing her talk everyone in the
room gave her a
standing ovaPhoto by Gerry Escobedo
November 2015 14
tion! Sometimes we take too much for granted and forget about what a great Country we are and the many freedoms we enjoy every day.
All in all, it was a Luncheon to remember and I think that everyone who attended
enjoyed themselves. But, celebrating Dick Cole’s 100th birthday wasn’t over yet.
The new Commander of Air Education and Training Command (AETC) at JBSA Randolph, Lt General Daryl Roberson, is going to host a Reception to Honor Dick Cole at
his on-base quarters, on Friday Evening, October 30. The AETC Chief of Protocol
contacted me to propose a list of guests to attend the Reception, in coordination with
Dick Cole’s family, and I was only too happy to assist. Also attending will be the
Thunderbird flight demonstration pilots who will be performing at the Air Show that
weekend, Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1. My wife and I are among
the guests invited to this Reception, so I’ll have more to report at our November 5
meeting. See you there.
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
Our own Lee Forbes as master of
ceremonies, introducing Lt. Richard “Dick” Cole to the assistants.
Photo by Gerry Escobedo
From left to right: General Steve
Polk, Col. Gary Baber, Col. Joe Burns and our own Dave Herron
Looking forward to see them all at Model Fiesta 35!!
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 15
November: Kitbash: Use parts from
different kits to build something that never existed.
(Quarterly Contest)
December – Christmas Party
(White Elephant Event)
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 16
Next meeting: 7:15 p.m. Thursday,
November 5rd at Northside Ford on
12300 San Pedro Ave.
IPMS Region 6
November 8, 2015
Veteran's Day Scale Model Display
Bassett Place
6101 Gateway West Suite M-36
El Paso,Texas
January 30, 2016
Recreation District 1 Multippurose Center
1221 Sampson St.
Westlake, Louisiana
February 20, 2016
Modelfiesta 35
8111 Meadow Leaf Drive
San Antonio,Texas
March 14, 2016
Showdown 2015
12700 N Stemmons Frwy
Farmers Branch,Texas
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 17
Alamo Squadron
November 2015 18
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Alamo Squadron
November 2015 19

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