Los Alan.itos Glide .. T .. aining Squad .. on 41



Los Alan.itos Glide .. T .. aining Squad .. on 41
Los Alan.itos
Glide .. T ..aining Squad ..on 41
Jim Welliver
Squadren C.mmander
Dave Bowden
Flight Operations
Safari Coordinator
Ronald Hodge
DePlty Ctmmaader
Aircraft Maager
Finance Officer
Art Canning
Commuicatiens Officer
David Britton
Public Affairs
Newsletter Editor
Wolfgang Boettger
Safety Officer
Woody Fowler
OP News
by Ronald Hodge,Capt.
Deputy Commander
By Dave Bowden
Michael Jones
Don Desjardins
Kostek Haussmann
.-Inch Operatiolls
Wolfgang Boettger
Ernie Zoeter
John Bell
Glider Maintenance
David Widrig
Stalldards Evaltations
The success of the California Wing Glider
Training Program is dependent upon the commitment of Squadron 41 members to make
themselves available for our meetings and flying times on the various Tuesdays, Saturdays,
and Sundays when they are scheduled.
We all make time to do the things we really,
Really, REALLY want to do. It isn't that I don't
have time to play golf, which I don't; It's that I
really don't want to make time to play golf.
With the Civil Air Patrol glider program, I really
want to see the program succeed, so I have to
make time for that to happen.
Family always comes first. Business comes
second, however, no one ever said on their
deathbed, "I should have spent more time at
the office." Next comes Church which is very
important for the spiritual growth of the individual. Then, for me, there is the Civil Air Patrol.
Please don't give me the excuse that you do
not have time for the Civil Air Patrol Glider
Program. If you want to see this program succeed, then MAKE the time. That's what I and
Dave Bowden, Ernie Zoeter, Woody Fowler,
Dave Widrig, Don DesJardins, Kostek Haussmann , and Jim Welliver do. How about YOU?
We had about a half dozen cadets from Palm
Springs Squadron 11 show up at Lake Elsinore
on October 20 for Orientation Rides in 53H. We
launched 10 flights with Ron Hodge, Dave
Widrig, and Jim MarteloUi of Lake Elsinore handling the flying duties. Dave Bowden ,Jr. helped
out with the flight line duties and showed the
Squadron 11 cadets how to pre-flight a 2-33. I
was the tow pilot.
On November 18 we are scheduled to give
Orientation Rides to cadets from Squadron 138.
This will be the last Safari type operation, where
we take a plane to the cadet's location, for the
rest of this year although we will be glad to fly
Orientation rides for any cadet squadron willing
to come to Los Alamitos.
When we fly here at Los AI , we are beginning
flight operations by introducing flight instructors
to the pilots, and appointing a safety and finance
officer for the day. We are also complying with
new FAA regulations requiring transponders by
giving the Los AI tower more information about
our flights , and reminding them we are launching without transponders (they are kind enough
to give us permission to launch anyway).
Lots of positive things are materializing within
(Conlinued on page 2)
(Collfinuedjrom page /)
the CAWG Glider Program, and
we are going to need more instructors for the upcoming 2002
calendar. If you can't instruct, how
about being an Orientation Pilot?
Around the Flightline
On the last flight of the day on
Tuesday, September 23 , Kostek was
unable to stop the white drum in time
and the winch swallowed the drag
chute, disabling the roller that feeds
the line back and forth across the
drum. We are actively looking for
replacement parts.
Our new Blanjk trruner was kicked
out of the hanger it was being stowed
in when a Change of Command ceremony for the 63rd Battalion Reserve
Forces needed the hanger. We have
been in contact with the new Base
Commander but permission to return
the Blanik to it's hanger location remains in limbo.
53H will be placed on a trruler at
Lake Elsinore and returned to Los AI
for some necessary cosmetic work.
53H and 844 are going to receive
new paint jobs, and 844 is going to
also get a new plexiglass canopy. The
new paint jobs will comply with orders from Col. Ernie Pierson, head of
CAWG Glider Programs. He has obtruned funds for the painting from
National HQ.
Party Animal
Here' s a Heads-Up that a
squadron Pot-luck X-Mas party is
being planned for December 9 at
7pm to be held at the home of
Ronald Hodge. Save the date! Details in the next newsletter.
Speaking of Ron., he asked me
to begin reminding members that
Squadron Dues for 2002 ($48)
will be due beginning in January.
Details about whom and how to
pay will also be printed in the
next newsletter.
Ron, our acting Finance Officer, says the squadron is in good
shape financially with money in 7
different savings accounts.
Squadron 41 Meeting and Flight Schedule
At Los Alamitos
Tuesday, November 6 85 20
3PM Winch Operations
5:30PM Dinner
7PM Squadron Meeting
Sunday, November 11 85 25
AeroTows lOAM to 4 PM
Tuesday, December 4
3PM Winch Operations
5:30PM Dinner
7PM Squadron Meeting
Flight Humor
There are three simple rules for making a
smooth landing. Unfortunately no one
knows what they are.
2. You start with a bag full of luck and an
empty bag of experience. The trick is to
fill the bag of experience before you
empty the bag of luck.
3. Good judgment comes from experience.
Unfortunately, the experience usually
comes from bad judgment.
4. Remember, gravity is not just a good
idea. It' s the law, and it's not subject to
5. The three most useless things to a pilot
are the altitude above you, runway behind you, and a tenth of a second ago.
How do you tell the difference between a good flight attendant and a
GREAr flight attendant?
A good flight attendant says. Good
Morning. Captain.
A GREAT flight attendant says. It's
morning. Captain!
(badda boom ...)
California Wing
Responds to
Hundreds of Wing members provided
emergency services as requested by the
Civil Air Patrol headquarters, the State of
Tips on Mountain Flying
California, the American Red Cross, and
It is suggested that you cross mountain the Air Force National Security Preparpasses at an altitude of at least 1,000 feet edness Office at Fort McPherson,
above the pass elevation. If this puts you over Geogia.
1O,00? MSL, the cloud clearance requireOn 13 September, the Wing opened a
ment IS at least 1,000 feet below the clouds. hub at Oakland International Airport
Strong wind~ ~an cause some of the most for airlifting blood products to the testing
dangerous condItIOns you ' ll have to contend 1 b
· t he mountaIns.
T0 milllmIZe
. ..
to areas WI
WIt. h In
e a s an
chance of encountering dangerous turbu- blood supply.
lence, mountain flying should not be at- Over the next five days, the Wmg was
tempted if the winds aloft forecast at moun- assisted by CAP members from Oregon.,
tain top level.s are greater than 25 kts.
Idaho and Nevada in moving 176 boxes
Much has been written about what type of of blood products for the Red Cross.
equipment to carry for emergency landings in Mostly Cessna 182s and 206s were used.
the mountains. At a minimum, you sho~1d Mr. Eric Brown., Director of Client
have foo~ and wate~ for ~t least 3 ~~ys, ~~- Services/Production Support, American
ter clothing, a medIcal kit to stabIlIze InJU- R d C
t t th W ·
Id .
ross, wro e 0 e mg,
our e fi
r all
d r
k ( d
nes, an sIgna eVlces.
s wee . an
Even if it is summer in the valleys, the orts Iter . y save . Ives
mountain tops can still get quite cold at night. peace of ~d) and It has no~ and .WIll not
After a forced landing, get out of the aircraft go mmotIced. Your professIOnalIsm and
and assess your situation. Stay warm and dry willingness to accommodate our needs
and stay near your plane to awrut searchers.
was outstanding. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you in the future."
(CAP, of course)
Safety Corner
Civil Aiw Patwol
844 Avenue A
Redondo Beach,CA 90277

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