More E.P.I.C. Recommends - E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring


More E.P.I.C. Recommends - E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring
You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter
Spirit Wisdom for Daily Living
by Clint G. Bridges
This book is intended to empower
readers and encourage them to take
100% responsibility for the lives they have
created; recognizing that while they may
seem to be surrounded by uncomfortable
circumstances, there were no forces
outside of themselves that manifested
these conditions. Therefore, within oneself,
one has the personal power to re-create
the conditions and circumstances in their
life producing a new experience filled
with love, peace and harmony.
by Joe Dispenza
Dr. Joe Dispenza explores the history, the science, and the
practical applications of the so-called placebo effect. This
compelling book will empower you to personally use “the
expectation of a particular outcome” to alter your internal
states—as well as external reality—solely through the action
of your mind. You Are the Placebo combines the latest
research in neuroscience, biology, psychology, hypnosis,
behavioral conditioning and quantum physics to demystify
the workings of the placebo effect … and show how the
seemingly impossible can become possible!
The Unknown
by Sea Stars
On the Verge
by Nahko and Medicine for the People
When asked, “How would you describe your sound?”
Nahko replied, “It’s a mash up of world sounds, roots
storytelling, folk foundation, acoustic marrow, and in your
face poetry like you’ve never heard before.” Their mission: as
a musical collective, our mission is to be the motivation and
inspiration for all that have become members of our Tribe.
Within our global community, we have access to the tools
needed to make changes, take action and spread awareness
of how to live in harmony with Mother Gaia herself. Tribe
members, let us come together today to be the change
that we wish to see tomorrow.
The sound of Sea Stars pulls you into a
mystical realm of dreams and stardust. A
place where the heart is an Emperor and
the fears are but a fool. A place where
Love is understood and judgment is put
to rest. Whether a lullaby to ease your
thoughts or a hopeful word to awaken
you, Sea Stars share the soundtrack to
the heart … and all matters of it.
A Meeting With Emmanuel
by Pat Rodegast and Emmanuel
Awake: The Life of Yogananda
by Paola Di Florio, Lisa Leman & Peter Rader
Awake is an unconventional biography
about the Hindu Swami who brought yoga
and meditation to the West in the 1920s.
Paramahansa Yogananda authored the spiritual
classic Autobiography of a Yogi, which has
sold millions of copies worldwide. He made
ancient Vedic teachings accessible to a
modern audience, attracting many followers
and inspiring the millions who practice
yoga today. Stylized interviews, metaphoric
imagery and recreations evoke the journey of
the soul creating an experiential immersion
into the unseen realms. Awake is ultimately
the story of humanity itself: the universal
struggle of all beings to free themselves from
suffering and to seek lasting happiness.
In 1969, while working as a secretary and raising three teenagers,
Pat began practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM). She began
to see visions that evolved into clear guidance from an everpresent light. Pat was able to “put her ego aside” and surrender
into a full trance state; channeling
Emmanuel. The results of her channeling
have produced three books published
in eleven languages.
You are here on a journey of transformation
to bring yourselves back into Oneness even
as you remain in human form. You have
spent your lives seeking to find what you have never lost, which
is the essence of your being, the nobility of your purpose, the
perfection of who you are… and with your remembering, you will
find your way back to the truth of who you are, and your divine
presence will be your gift to the planet. Emmanuel
Get an inside view to Emmanuel’s workshops, complete with
questions and answers and a bonus interview with Pat Rodegast
on what it is like to channel for this loving, humorous spirit.