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Issue 27 28th August, 2014
Friday 5th September
- Father’s Day Stall
Tuesday 9 September
- Art / Music Festival
Wednesday 10 September - District Athletic Sports
Friday 19th September
- Last Day Term Three
Term Four
Monday 6 October
- School Resumes @ 9.00am
School Concert
- Date to be announced as soon as available!
Our Prep transition program ‘Leaping Into Learning’ will commence next term on Thursday
9th October 2.00-3.15pm for children who are enrolled at Tootgarook Primary School for
Prep 2015. At the moment we have 22 children enrolled for next year – if you have not
enrolled or know of some-one who has a child who turns 5 before April 30th 2015 please
call at the school office and pick up an enrolment form – thank you!
The Parents’ Association will be holding a
Father’s Day Stall on Friday 5th September .
Items are priced at $3.00 + $5.00.
Please bring along a plastic bag on the day to take the gifts home.
Come and view all the students’ pieces of artwork on display in the Tootgarook P.S.’s annual Art
Exhibition. All art will be for sale for $2 and the money will go towards buying prizes for the year level
winners, as chosen by the Junior School Council. Also take the opportunity to cast the People’s Choice
vote in the box provided. Winners will be announced at the following Assembly. The art work can be
viewed Monday after school, Tuesday before school and of course at the event.
From 4.00pm all instrumental learners will be performing in small ensembles or as solo acts. The
afternoon will conclude around 5.00pm.
Amelia Davey, Art Teacher
Christine Young, Music Teacher
Tootgarook Community market was held last Saturday with Prep P rostered on –
thank you to the following parents/grandparents and friends who helped on the
day: Cindy Penzo, Fred + Marley Johnson, Ruth Underwood, Julie Woulfe, Gary +
Olivia Barrett, Flavio Verona, Asia Scollo, Joan McKenzie, Chris + Bradley Holliss,
Rikki Chant, Jenni Bellan, Darren Walker, Vesna Krtalic, Gary Barrett, Jan
Prossdor, Merryn Staley, Mandy Box, Fran Lazner, Lisa Bateman, Cobbity, Thomas + Jack
Campbell, Alana Archer, Dakota and Layla White, Diane Smith, Donna Thomson, Christine
A big thankyou to all our
families and friends who helped
at the school market last
Saturday and enabled us to buy
some sports equipment to play
with at recess and lunchtime. We
also bought some indoor games.
Prep P
Grade 2J purchased these Board
Games with the money they
received for having 10 helpers at
their market in June.
Each month a grade is rostered on
for market duty – if the grade has
10 or more helpers on market day
they receive $100 to purchase
anything they like for their grade
to enjoy.
Well done 2J!!!
Active After School – Football
is cancelled on Tuesday 9th September due to the Music and Arts Festival – the last
session for football will be Tuesday 16th September. The last session for basketball will
be Thursday 11th September.
Students will be presented with certificates at Monday morning assembly.
Prep B – Mrs Bos – Wayde Heylbut – for great improvement in his independent writing.
Prep P – Mrs Prossor – Layla White – for being a great friend and helping others to do up their shoe
laces after P.M.P.
1H – Mrs Hughes – Tarni Blewett – for being an enthusiastic, learner. She always tries her best and
takes new ideas on board. Keep up the great effort.
1P – Miss Perkins – Michelle Muchai – for being an independent learner and always completing her
work to the highest standard.
2B – Mrs Baird – Summer Dixon – for always working hard and for having a polsitive approach to all
school activities.
2J - Mrs Johnstone – Tori Lobo – for his improved focus. He looks at the speaker and follows
instructions more promptly.
3/4T- Miss Withers - Lacey McIlfatrick - For always trying her best in Mathematics. Lacey works very
hard and always completes her homework.Keep up the great work Lacey, you’re a pleasure to have in
the classroom and a great role model to others.
3/W – Ms Walton – Bastian Roy – for the effort he is now putting into his work. Keep it up Bastian.
4/5S – Miss Staley – Alayha Roy – for her effort and enthusiasm in the girls football and all aspects of
athletics. Your attitude and sportsmanship have improved out of sight! You are a superstar.
5Q – Miss Quintin– Emma Campbell – I’m excited to see you present your Energy Project – You’ve put
a great deal of effort into your plan using great diagrams and illustration. Keep it up!
6B – Mrs Bruin - Charlotte Weston For your dedication to learning and your willingness to help others
achieve their learning goals. Your work in Mathematics has been outstanding. Keep up the great work.
You are a Maths WIZZ!
Art – Miss Davey Music – Mrs Young – Trista Norman – 4/5S – welcome to the band! You were outstanding when you
tried out! When you found out that you had been accepted your reaction was unforgettable. Your hard
work and practice routine paid off. Well done, Trista!!
P.E. - Mr Baker-
Spare clothes for sick bay – girl’s leggings, track pants, short
and long pants – any donations gratefully appreciated
BOOK WEEK - 2014 Winners:
Younger Readers: The Unusual Pursuit written by Catherine Jinks Early Childhood: The
Swap written by Jan Ormerod Picture Book: Rules of Summer written by Shaun Tan
Information Book: Rules of Summer written by Christopher Faille At lunchtime on Friday
many students came into the library to hear Macayla Hahn, Alayha Roy and Marco De Mille
read numerous short listed books.
Jeremy, King Pig, I’m a dirty dinosaur and The Treasure Box were amongst the favourites.
Thank you Macayla, Alayha and Marco we enjoyed the books loved hearing you read them.
Tootgarook Primary School has an ‘APP’
Tiqbiz is an easy to use app designed to let us communicate directly to parents on their phones, tablets and
computers. It will allow us to send the newsletter, messages, show calendar events and send updates such as
the school excursion bus is running late.
Using the tiqbiz app will have the benefit of helping reduce our paper consumption by printing less as well as
keeping you fully informed and up-to-date with news and events.
Downloading is easy……………………………..
iPhone and iPad
go to the Apple App Store and search tiqbiz.
Android smartphone and tablet.
Go to Google play and search tiqbiz
Windows & Mac computers.
Go to then click on the download button
There will be 4 easy steps
Open tiqbiz and register/log-in.
Click the ‘Find’ icon and type our school name into the search bar
-you will now see all our school boxes.
Click on the grey tick beside our school box and any other boxes that apply to you.
Click on the Inbox icon.
-This is where you will receive our instant messages, newsletter, notices and calendar events.
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