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Father Lacombe Catholic School `Knowing, Loving, Serving`
Father Lacombe Catholic School
June 2011
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‘Knowing, Loving, Serving’
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The Staff of Father Lacombe wishes all of you a Summer filled
(780) 986—2500
Love, Laughter, and Relaxation
June 29—8:00—3:00
June 30—8:00—3:00
If you need to contact us,
phone messages and
emails will be checked
periodically throughout
the Summer!
As we enter the final month of the year, our school celebrates a new milestone. It is with
mixed emotions that we say good bye to our first class of grade 9 students.
They have come to us at various times in their educational journey. Some of them have
been here since day one of our school opening, others only since September. No matter
when they arrived, all of these students will leave a lasting impression on our school and
our hearts.
The grades 9’s have proven themselves to be a group that cares deeply about each other
Last Day of School:
June 28, 2011
and those around them. Although they have their moments, they truly enjoy each other’s
company. They have a great spirit about them and it is evident when you see them interacting in the halls.
First Day of School
for 2011/2012:
I wish the grade 9 class all the best next year as they head off into the wonderful world of
September 1, 2011
tion, rooted in Gospel values and that they remember all of lessons that they have learned.
Open House:
May they remember how much God loves them; their teachers at FLCS love them and what
Aug 30 from 2:00—
5:00 p.m.
This is a day to drop off
your supplies, pay
registration fees and
meet the staff.
high school. I pray that their years here at Father Lacombe have given them a solid founda-
a gift they have been to our community.
I pray all of you, student and parents, have a restful and safe summer and that you return
next September ready for another exciting year at Father Lacombe Catholic School.
Office Reopens
Aug 23/11 at 8:00 a.m
Aug 29 -The office will
be closed due to a
Division Wide
Reflection Day
Each student will be receiving a DVD
Yearbook specific to their class with
their report cards. I hope everyone
enjoys the memories….
Gr. 7/8 Outdoor Ed/Fitness Training Outings:
Movie Time
June 2 (p.m.)—J.J. Colett
June 13 Gr. 1—9 will be walking to Reel to Reel Cinemas to
enjoy a movie. Due to the large number of students, we are
unable to accommodate parents or siblings for this event
June 14 (p.m.) - Les Thompson Pond
June 16 (p.m.) - Les Thompson Pond
ECS— Gr. 9 Field Trips:
June 6: Gr. 2 explores pottery at the Pottery Barn
June 7—ECS goes to the Jungle Farm
June 14 is the last day for ECS. Students are to be picked
up at 12:00 this day. These awesome students will celebrate
at Kindergrad this evening at 7:00 p.m. at the School.
June 8—Gr. 3 visits the Kerrywood Nature Center
June 9 & 10—Gr. 6 continues the tradition at
Pioneer Ranch
June 15—Gr. 7 explores history at Fort Edmonton
June 22—Gr. 1 visits the Kerrywood Nature Center
Doughnuts for Dad
June 17 all dads are invited to drop in between 7:45 and 8:40
for a coffee and Doughnut to celebrate Fathers day. We will
be having a special morning assembly in honor of our fathers
for those who are able to stay and join us.
June 23—Gr. 8 splish splashes at the Collicutt
June 23—Gr. 4&5 go back in time at Heritage Park
Upper Elementary Track Day
Gr. 4 –6 will be having a track and field day on June 21.
June 27 ( evening) - Gr. 9 Farewell
Giddy Up Summer
Swimming Day
June 27 our school will be going swimming at the
Kinsmen Pool. The schedule is.
Gr. 1—3 is having a western themed fun day. Students are
encouraged to wear cowboy hats and bandanas will be supplied
for everyone!
June 28 is the last day of school for students.
This day will be a non-dress code day. Report
cards will be given out this day and dismissal will
be at regular time
Gr. 1—4: 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Gr. 5—9: 1:00—3:00 p.m.
Gr 9 Farewell
It’s hard to believe how far we have
come, but this year marks our very
first Gr. 9 class that will be leaving
our school family. The staff would like
to wish each student success and
happiness as they pursue their goals in
Senior High.
On June 27 parents/guardians are
invited to a BBQ and short ceremony
following which our Gr. 9 students will
be going to Red Deer for an evening of
activities. Further details about this
evening with be coming home soon.
Our Last FFFN of the
Year End Mass and Awards
Friday, June 24
Food, Family and Friends!!
Mass—Everyone is invited to join us
Friday, June 17
at 1:30 p.m. at St. Stephen’s church
6:00—8:00 p.m.
for our end of the year mass.
We will be gathering in the
Awards—Gr. 1—8 will be having
school field ( North side of the
school). Remember to bring a
POTLUCK item to share, drinks,
picnic blanket, chairs, etc.
their awards ceremony at the
school following mass. As always,
everyone is welcome to join us in
the gym to celebrate with the
Your 2011– 2012 Teaching Staff ….
PAT exams continue for Gr. 3,
6, 9 students in June:
ECS—Mrs. Adler
Gr. 7—Mr. McLaughlin
Gr. 1—Mrs. Bessette
Gr. 8 —Mr. Hamer
Gr. 2—To be announced
Gr. 9—To be announced
Gr. 3—Mrs. Cargill
Junior High Humanities — To be announced
Gr. 4—Mrs. Marien
Music/Sewing Enrichment—Mrs. Sautner
Gr. 5—Miss. Koropczak
Special Education—Mrs. Wagner
Gr. 6—Mrs. Dallas
Principal—Mr. Baron
June 14—Gr. 3 LA/Gr. 6 Social
June 15—Gr. 6 L.A.
June 16—Gr. 3 and 6 Math
June 17—Gr. 6 Science
June 22— Gr. 9 L.A.
June 23—Gr. 9 Science
*Please note that this is a tentative schedule, changes may be made as necessary.
June 24—Gr. 9 Math
June 27—Gr. 9 Social
The last week for library will be the week of June 13—17. There will be no books to take home at this
time. Mrs. Hemeyer will need all books returned by the 17th of June please.
Mrs. Hemeyer will be making a list of all missing books and will contact the student/ family if needed.
Blessings to the following students who were Confirmed on May 29 and to those who will be receiving their
First Holy Communion on June 12
First Communion
Lucy Bagnall
Jacob Konnik
Brie Oatway
Brynn Braat
Luke Elliott
Janson Pratt
Jordan Beckett
Lynaya Leicht
Adya Pawlyk
Carson Braat
Sydney Flaherty
Amy Sautner
Landon Bouma
Ava Lightle
Bryce Schaab
Eryk Calkins
Jacob Fraser
Savannah Charbonneau
Erika Litwin
Carson Thompson
Kasandra Calkins
Mary Gascoyne
Michael Crouse
Corbin Manz
Ridge Townend
Emily Craven
Kole Lundie
Darby Fitzgerald
Matthew Morin
Jessica Elliott
Danica McKinstry
For every ending, there's a new beginning;
for every memory, there's a dream ahead.
The happy times we’ve had so far, the people we have met
Will always be a part of life, we will never quite forget...
But ever better, brighter days, are waiting just for us,
So dream your dreams...and start it now
To make them all come true
Alex F
Alex G
―I will miss the teachers that are so nice to me.‖
― I will miss the closeness of the school‖
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―My friends‖
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―Our small classes‖
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―Our spor
ts teams‖
―I will mis
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―I will miss the nice teachers and be-
―I will miss the kindness of the staff and
other children in Father Lacombe. The
teachers take their time to help us‖
ing in a school that isn’t packed full‖
―I will miss everyone, the small classes, great
courses and teachers. Everything was awesome!‖
Mrs. McKinstry will be placing an order with R.J. McCarthy
for school clothing for next year. Please watch your child’s
back packs for order forms in June.
Also, Mrs. McKinstry will be having a consignment sale on
St. Stephens Roman Catholic Church
Pastor: Rev. Krzystof Sobanski
Regular Mass Times:
June 17 at our Family Fun Night Potluck. Please note that
Sat: 5:00 p.m.
Sun: 11:00 a.m
the consignment sale is for R.J. McCarthy clothing only.
Tues: 7:00 p.m.
Fri: 9:00 a.m.
If you have any items you would like to bring for the sale
please place them in a bag , label the bag with your name and
drop them off in the office no later than June 10.
First Communion takes place on June 12
and Corpus Christi Procession is June 26
“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the
breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn
mower is broken.” ~James Dent
We are still recycling ink
cartridges, cell phones,
toner cartridges and digital
cameras. These items can
be dropped off at the
school. Thanks!
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OPTIMUM Tutoring Solutions is a Red Deer / Lacombe
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goal is to provide Red Deer and surrounding area a one-onone tutoring service that enriches the educational experience
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Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject matter. They
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Email: in-
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Lacombe, AB
Summer 2011