BEACH TOWEL IS COMING!!! Beach Towel is in 34


BEACH TOWEL IS COMING!!! Beach Towel is in 34
Our Calendar of Events
After 10 am Service
9:00 am
Knitting Group
2nd & 4th Sundays
3rd Sunday
Will return in the Fall
July 18-25th
after coffee hour
Off for the Summer
12:15 pm
1 pm
Christian Faith Formation
Choir Practice
Will return in the fall
Youth Group
Daughters of the King
Men’s Bible Study/Social
Healing Service
Scripture Study
Swansboro Care Givers Support Group
Beach Towel Ministry
St. Peters Mullet Festival Booth
2nd Weekend in October
Birthdays - 6/15 Beth Floyd, 6/18 Debra Cowart, 6/19 Haley Collins, 6/22 Miller Grace Floyd, 6/23 Brittany
Veitch, 6/24 Lil Lipsitz, Bill Schopfel, 6/27 Elaine Stroff, Mary Ann Harper, 6/28 Isabella Cruz, 6/29 Carl Cobb
Anniversaries - 6/17 Bill & Melissa Ayers, 6/27 Tom & Jean Stack
Please join us, TODAY!!! Immediately after the
10 am Service for a VERY SPECIAL reception for
Carol Eaton, in honor of her upcoming Deacon
If you are NOT receiving our Weekly Emails (usually on Monday) please
email Francine at - [email protected] and start ge ng up-to-date
today! Fr. Bert also sends out bits and pieces from me to me!
Thank You St. Peter's! We made an offering of $833.16 for
the Migrant Farm Workers Ministry Harvest for Hospitality.
Additionally, Bishop and Mrs. Skirving also pledged $50, for
the first three families to offer $150, which we
have! Thank you all for your continued generosity!!
THANK YOU JEAN HISLOP for your tireless work with this
Coffee Hour - 6/21 Marilyn Fredenburg, 6/28 Lauren Williams
Children’s Sermon - 6/14 Anne Hume , 6/21 Brooke Ennis, SUMMER IS WIDE OPEN!!!!
REMEMBER! You can always get the current and past announce-
Altar Guild – June - Pat Corbin & Linda Larson
ments, schedules and information on our website
If you are interested in becoming an Altar Guild Member, please contact any of our
Altar Guild Co-Chairs - Gini Schopfel, Pat Thomas or Janet Payne.
Also - if you are NOT on our email list, please let Francine know
at [email protected]
10 am
June 14th
Richard & Karen Pilson
Nancy & Paige Swansiger
Hannah & Emma
Gini Schopfel
Gini Schopfel
Mike Brown
June 21st
David & Linda Collins
Champney Family
Shirl Brilakis
Jill Mancini
Rick Loucks
Beach Towel is in 34
days!! Sign ups for help with food and other items will be coming soon!
Be sure to watch for them in the Parish Hall!
Please Keep in your Prayers….
Our Parish Members:
Brian Brackin, Jamie McGlaughon, Fleming Best, Sally Dittoe, Emma Kinkle, Kathy Ruge, Sarah
Phillips, Will, Lauren, Benji Williams, Bobbi Strope, Linda Collins, Susan Henderson, Betty
McGurn, Patti Baucom, Evelyn Fetzer, Vic Yeck, Joanne Riddle, Fran Swift, George Swift, Alan,
Jessica & Tyler Brinson, Alyssa Capps, Jeanne Thomson, John, Linda & Tim Stavesky, Hank
Vroom, Joe Kerensky, Rose Valente, Rick Vanek
Your presence is warmly requested at the
ordination to the Deaconate of
Carol Eaton
Saturday June 20, 2015
Our Family and Friends:
Sean Stokes, Farrington and Betts Families, Cameron Yopp, Pam Brown Linzer, Emma Ingles,
Althea Mager, Veronica Petrie, Michelle & Norm, Cameron, The Family of Chuck McLaughlin,
Rebecca Smith, Carol & Ruth, Rusty, Kathy, Amelia Stroff, Julie Shields, Tom T., Jan Kramer,
Barbara Eubanks, David & Laura Burns, Maggie McLachlan, Megan Griffiths, Jessica Littlefield,
Sheila Sharpe, Suzanne, Donna Neebe, Maurice White, Fr. Steve Clark, Lib & Dwight Primm,
Rosa Smallwood, Lanette Barbour, Bobby Stanley
Our Deployed Parishioners, Family and Friends:
Will Chandler, Matthew Champney, Blake Williford, Thomas Gordon
For those Studying for Ordination: Sarah Smith
Please Pray for Carol Eaton for her upcoming Ordination.
10:30 am
Please pray for all those traveling for summer vacations.
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Kinston, NC
St. Francis by-the-Sea, Salter Path
The Rev. Everett Thomas, Priest in Charge
Widows of Bishops and Clerby
Iglesia Episcopal Santa Maria la Virgen, Montillano
The Altar Flowers have been lovingly placed by Carol Venters in
Thanksgiving for her many blessings.