Maine Crisp Presentation


Maine Crisp Presentation
The Maine Crisp Company
Slow Money Maine -­ Gathering
Gardiner, Maine
January 14, 2016
Our Mission
(in two parts)
A. To grow a large and healthy gluten-­
free specialty food business using Maine ingredients.
B. To create additional markets for Maine farmers and producers while paying a fair price for their products.
The Market Size
Healthy Snack: $34B
Gluten-­Free Market: $15.6B
The Products
Maine Farmer/Producers
Customer Feedback
Wow! What an amazing addition to my diet! Thank you so much for adding something so delicious to the diet of those of us that have to be so careful. ~ Jane, Maine I hope the crisps find a much bigger audience because they deserve it. ~ Robert, NYC
Your products deserve to be tasted by the entirety of America, as they are that delicious, and their gluten-­
free and grain-­free nature fill a current void in the food landscape exceptionally well. ~ Eric, Maine
My wife drove down to Portland Co-­
op and purchased you honey cranberry crisps. Just delightful! Hope you outgrow your current production and become the new Burt's Bee company! ~ A fan, Chris
I think you are brilliant, they are everything a cracker should be. Crispy, enough salt and enough sweet to pair with cheese. Especially goat cheese. ~ Cheryl, C Salt Gourmet Market, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Sales Channels
1. The Natural Channel (COOPs and Natural Food Stores)
2. Specialty Food Stores and Gift Shops
3. Cheese Shops
4. Restaurants and Caterers
5. On-­Line Sales
A. Our Own E-­commerce Web Site
B. On-­Line, Artisanal Food Market Place
Store Locations
Marketing & Sales Plan
• Marketing
• Sales Plan
– Website, Blogging, – Move down the coast SEO, E-­mail marketing
to Metro NYC and DC
– Specialty Food Shows
– In-­store demonstrations
– Press and Analysts
– On-­Line sales to individuals outside NE
The Competition
1. Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps -­ Vermont
2. Raincoast Crisps -­ British Columbia
3. Kii Natural -­ Toronto, Canada
How our products are better
Jan's Farmhouse
Gluten Free; Organic & Local Ingredients
Raincoast Crisps
Gluten Free; Organic & Local Ingredients
Kii Natural
Gluten Free; Organic & Local Ingredients
Milestones/State Of
The Business
• 2015 -­ refined the products and added stores
• Received overwhelming positive product feedback
• Launched a E-­commerce website in December
• Currently in discussions for ideal commercial facility
The Opportunity
• Could have an impact by:
– Helping gluten intolerant individuals
– Creating a new market for Maine farmers
– Providing clean manufacturing jobs
– Exporting product outside of Maine
– Potentially exporting outside the US
Questions and Answers
Thank You
Karen Getz and Steve Getz,
Karen: 213-­9296