February 18, 2008


February 18, 2008
Chartered in 1958
San Antonio Chapter
50th Anniversary Celebration
Thursday, February 21, 2008
Oak Hills Country Club
5403 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78229
Connie Ross – 270-2235
Marmon Mok Architecture
Vicki Chapman – 321-7535
Southwest Business Corporation
Melissa Pina – 353-4480
CPS Energy
February 2008
6:00 PM – 6:45 PM
6:45 PM – 7:00 PM
General Reception
Welcome / Opening Remarks
7:00 PM – 7:15 PM
7:15 PM – 8:00 PM
50 Anniversary Video
8:00 PM – 8:45 PM
8:45 PM – 9:00 PM
9:00 PM – 9:15 PM
TimesFour starring Joe Marlotti
Live Auction (Signed Spurs Jersey #50)
Closing Remarks
Valerie Manns – 545-0008
Project Control
Debbie Saldana – 938-8382
Lori Reed – 828-8191
Quadrangle Press, Inc.
Jackie Gordon – 246-9632
YMCA of Greater San Antonio
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
5:30 p.m.
Marmon Mok Architecture
700 N. St. Mary’s, Ste 1600
The Board meeting is open to the membership. If
you would like to attend, please notify Secretary
Melissa Pina at [email protected]
Rosie Perez – 737-0777
Conceptual MindWorks, Inc.
Carilyn Riak – 595-2556
Ken Batchelor Cadillac SAAB Hummer
Leticia Villarreal – 475-6900
Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P.
Officers/February Meeting
President’s Message
Dates To Remember
Mission Statement
New Members
January Meeting Photos
In Our Thoughts and Prayers
News Reels
Year At A Glance
San Antonio Chapter Board Recap
February is an exciting month for our
We are celebrating our golden
anniversary at Oak Hills Country Club on
February 21 . This event will be “magical,” and
part of the magic is in our expectations. We can
expect to be wined, dined, entertained and
mesmerized. What we shouldn’t expect is to be
home by 8:30 p.m. all cozy in our pajamas in front
of the TV watching CSI. Hey, it took us 50 years to get to this point, so
let’s celebrate like we did on our wedding day! Scared you, didn’t I?
Don’t worry, you’ll be home in bed, sound asleep, before the evening
Some highlights of the evening will include a past President’s
reception, as well as a general reception to share time with EWI friends
from the past and present; a brief video of our 50-year history; a
fabulous meal; delicious anniversary cake; entertainment like you have
never seen before; and a live auction of a “signed” David Robinson #50
KSAT 12 anchorwoman, Ursula Pari, will be the Mistress of
Ceremonies. Many of you may remember Ursula’s professionalism as
MC of our EWISP banquet two years ago.
TimesFour, starring Joe Marlotti will be the hit of the evening! In
his high-energy performance, Joe moves convincingly between four
characters ranging in age from early 20’s to mid 60’s, demonstrating
how Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xer’s and Millennials
can work together and bring success to any business team. Believe me,
it will keep you laughing and learning!
In addition to our executives, we will have some very special
guests. The 1958 chartering President of the San Antonio Chapter,
Erline Harrison Ward, will share the evening with us, as well as her
former executive from Borden, Inc., Walter Thomas. Representing the
Corporate Board will be the Corporate Expansion Director, Louise
Anderson, with Maurice H. Joseph, Inc. from Jackson, Mississippi. And,
a Texas sweetheart and past Corporate President, Debbie Taylor, with
Siemens Power Generation, Inc. from the Dallas Chapter plans to
attend, along with two past Chapter Presidents from Houston, Melissa
Ford and Barbara Callender.
Are you ready for this fairy tale evening? I hope you have made
plans to be there — to stand tall on our Chapter’s heritage, to anticipate
and celebrate the future, and to add yet another EWI memory into your
heart. Our 50 anniversary committee has worked really hard to make
this night a very special one for each of you. Thanks to them, we may
need to pinch ourselves half way through dinner to make sure it’s “real”
and we’re not dreaming!
Happy anniversary San Antonio Chapter!
Serving the EWI San Antonio Chapter
Connie Ross, President
Thursday, March 20th
Alamo Cafe
14250 Hwy 281
San Antonio, TX 78232
Tuesday, March 25th
Marmon Mok Architecture
700 N. St. Mary’s, Ste 1600
San Antonio, TX 78205
Thursday, April 17
Firm Night
Batchelor Cadillac Saab
11001 IH-10 West @
Tuesday, April 22nd
Marmon Mok Architecture
700 N. St. Mary’s, Ste 1600
San Antonio, TX 78205
Executive Women Internationalbrings
together key individuals from diverse
businesses for the purpose of:
Promoting member firms
Enhancing personal and professional
Encouraging community involvement
To be the leading connection for business
Meet Regina (Gena) Brown
Gena Brown was installed into
the San Antonio EWI Chapter in
January – last month – and she is
“thrilled” to be chosen to join as HOLT
CAT’s third representative. Gena has
worked for HOLT CAT for 2.5 years.
At first, she worked in the used
equipment area, but four months ago
she was promoted to Executive
Assistant to Allyn Archer, President and COO of the company
Now, y’all remember HOLT CAT – that heavy
equipment sales and rental company owned by no other than
Peter Holt, the Spurs’ “one and only.” Mr. Holt’s company
was started in 1961 by his father, B. D. Holt and has become
a household name around the state. We can thank them right
now for employing over 2,000 Texans. YAHOO!
Gena was born and raised in Mart, Texas – never
heard of it? Well, it’s just east of Waco, y’all. She’s married
to a homegrown boy, Kevin, and they’ve been hitched for
22.5 years – now that’s something to be mighty proud of!
Congratulations, you two. Gena and Kevin have two sons:
Matthew, who is in his second year at A&M, and Kyle, who is
in the 8 grade.
Gena’s mentors are both Bobbye Scott and Christine
Padilla, her angels from HOLT CAT. Gena says she’s looking
forward to forming the kinds of relationships and close
friendships that both Bobbye and Christine have in EWI.
Welcome, Gena…..EWI Welcomes you.
By Jan Steger
Meet Christina Jones-Olivarez
Christina Jones-Olivarez was
installed in November, 2007 as a
replacement representative for Porter
Loring. Christina has been with Porter
Loring for seven years.
She is the
Advance Funeral Planning Consultant and
her primary responsibility is to assist
families with prearrangements to include
explanation of benefits of advance planning, group
presentations to educate families about veteran’s benefits,
and social security. Christina has been in the funeral
business for 17 years.
Christina was born in Akron, Ohio but has lived in
San Antonio for the last 18 years. She is married with two
daughters, 26 and 25 and three step sons, 29, 27, and 18.
They have five grandchildren. She also takes care of her 86
year old mother. For the past 17 years Christina has
belonged to the same “Bunco” group and has long time
friends from the group.
As a representative of EWI, Christina will take
advantage of networking her firm and it is her goal to
recommend firms to others as well.
Christina will be
mentored by Diane Solarczyk, a member representative for
Bitterblue, Inc. and will work on the Hospitability Committee
chaired by Diane Solarczyk. Please welcome Christina to
EWI the next time you see her.
By Elizabeth Perez
Meet Mary Ann Halvorsen
Mary Ann Halvorsen was
installed in January 2008 as new
member firm UnitedHealth Group’s
representative. Mary is the Executive
Associate II to Joe L. Guinn, the
company lobbyist for UnitedHealth
Mary will mark her 20
anniversary with the company this coming April. Since she
originally started with PacifiCare Health Systems in 1988, she
is considered to be one of the “PacifiCare Legacy” employees
since they were acquired at the end of 2005.
UnitedHealth Group was created in 1977 as
UnitedHealthCare Corporation (renamed to current name in
1998) by a group of physicians and other health care
professionals from Charter Med Incorporated (which was
founded in 1974) who wanted to expand health coverage
options for consumers. UHG operates in all 50 states and
internationally through six businesses – UnitedHealthcare,
Ovations, AmeriChoice, Uniprise, OptumHealth and Ingenix.
Mary is married to her wonderful spouse of 10 years
(next month) Michael. They have two daughters, Sarah, 20,
Christa, 15, and their young son, Michael Isaac (her angel), 8.
The furry and feathered family members are Dozer, a great
Dane, Togo, a singing/talking Malamute, and Fez, the wonder
Guinea Pig.
Mary is the current President (2yrs) of the Alamo City
Anacacho Chapter of the International Association of
Administrative Professionals (I.A.A.P.). She has been a
member for 14 years and served as Treasurer and Vice
President during those years. She also volunteers as an
Assistant Homeroom teacher for her son’s school as much as
her schedule allows. When she does find time to herself she
enjoys reading and hopes to take an online course to
complete the remaining courses for her Associates Degree.
Through EWI, Mary plans to expand her network of
professional women and further develop her leadership skills
through programs and conferences available. She has been
assigned to the Hospitality Committee and her mentor is
Melissa Pina with CPS Energy. Let’s give Mary a big, warm
By Rosie Perez
Christina’s interest are exercising and enjoying the
water. She also enjoys traveling with her husband and they
sneak away every three months.
JANUARY MEETING Photos by Kathy Borg
Annie Reeves and husband Pat Reeves
Navarro Williams, SAMMinistries
Vera Barrientes -guest of Life Member Betty Gavora,
Life Member Betty Gavora, Cecy Bellacetin-O’Keefe with
Montdani International, LLC, and Sustaining Member Leona Pappas
Maggie Hahn with USAA, Bobbye Scott with HOLT CAT,
Carol Abel with Capitol Aggregates, Ltd.
Elsa and Navarra Williams of SAMMinistries
and Zachry Construction Corporation guest
Donna Dimond
Monica Garza with Batchelor Cadillac SAAB Hummer,
Ruby Rayborn with USAA, Robin Sherrington with Robin’s Nest,
and USAA guest Barbara Gentry.
Aida Belmares with St. Mary’s University
and guest Pamela Duffy
Zachry Construction Corporation guest Donna Dimond, Carylin Riak with Batchelor Cadillac
SABB Hummer, Connie Ross with Marmon Mok Architecture, Kathy Galeta with Raba-Kistner
Consultants, Inc., Diane Solarczyk with Bitterblue, Inc., Christina Jones-Olivarez with Porter Loring Mortuaries.
Please keep Jackie Gordon, with the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, and her family in your prayers. Jackie's mother,
Mrs. Gloria Guillory, passed away on February 13th at her home in Baytown, Texas at the age of 84. She is survived
by her husband of sixty years, Carlton Guillory, 11 children and 25 grandchildren. The Rosary is scheduled for
Tuesday, February 19th, at the Sterling-White Funeral Home in Highlands, Texas and the funeral will be held at
10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 20th, at Holy Family Catholic Church in McNair, Texas. If you would like to
send your condolences, Jackie's home address is:
Jackie Gordon
14815 River Vista North
San Antonio, TX 78216
Note from Ann Reeks:
“Dear Connie:
To say I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of best wishes for my health and sympathy on the passing of my mother is
putting it mildly. This past year has not been my best as far as my health goes.
In December 2006 I underwent heart surgery unfortunately; by March 2007 I was having problems again. After
meeting with my cardiologist we decided to try a treatment known as E.C.P. (Electronic Cardio Pulsating machine) it is
intended to force the blood to the heart. The treatment consisted of going to the Methodist ever day for two months
and being put on the machine for one hour every day. I thought the treatment was never going to end but after two
months I was beginning to feel better and thought that in July life would get back to normal.
Due to problems with my heart I had neglected my annual female check-ups. In August I decided it was way overdue
and I had better see to it. To my dismay a lump was found in my breast and thought to be cancer. Also my doctor
informed me I may have the beginnings of cervical cancer. After all the trials and tribulations that one goes through
with this I thank God I was finally cleared.
I thought nothing else could go wrong, I was mistaken. In October I had a nasty fall in my bathroom and tore the
meniscus and had numerous cracks in the bones in my right knee. After an MRI the orthopaedic doctor informed me I
had to have knee surgery. (I think I should have stock in Methodist Hospital!!!!!! ) Before we could schedule the surgery
because of my heart problems he needed the OK from my cardiologist.
After a visit to my cardiologist and the usual tests I was informed I couldn't have the knee surgery as my tests didn't
come out too good and I would have to have stents put in before I could have knee surgery. Here we go again. My
heart surgery was scheduled for November 28th all set to go. What I didn't know was the day before November 27th
my mother had passed away. My family who all live in England decided not to tell me until after my surgery they felt it
would upset me too much and they were worried about my surgery. The day after my surgery my sister phoned me to
tell me of my mothers passing.
After my heart surgery I was able to have my knee surgery and on New Years Eve, December 31st I had my knee
surgery. I told the surgeon couldn't you pick a better day what a way to spend New Year's Eve. Well I'm at home
recuperating, unfortunately, it is my right knee and I am unable to drive. It had been a long haul for me but I'm looking
forward to a good 2008.
To all my friends at EWI for all the support I have received thank you just isn't enough. Please know that your thoughts
and Prayers are gratefully appreciated and I send my sincere gratitude to all of you.”
Warmest regards,
Ann Reeks
NEWS REELS (Continued)
San Antonio EWI Chartering Meeting
held on February 27, 1958 at the Gunter Hotel
Erline Harrison Ward (our first president)
NEWS REELS (Continued)
A note from Erline Harrison Ward after having received our San Antonio EWI Roster…
Certified Professional Leader Program
In 2008, EWI will be offering new on-line
learning options. Corporate is putting together
smaller suites of classes for your learning
convenience. They are packed full of great
knowledge and will build your leadership tool
kit. Be watching for these new classes;
You can go to this website to get more
In 2007, our Vice President/President Elect,
Vicki Chapman, completed the Certified
Professional Leader program and recently
received her certificate. She feels the 15 hour
on-line course was very educational, and offers
valuable information for anyone wanting to be a
better leader, either at work or in their
community activities.
Way to go Vicki !!
NEWS REELS (Continued)
NEWS REELS (Continued)
To help you with your executive’s calendar and your own, we are including the dates of the General Membership
meetings (with topics and locations if available), the conferences scheduled for 2007-2008 (including the annual meeting)
and the Board of Directors meetings.
General Membership Meetings
Thursday, January 17
The Petroleum Club of San Antonio
Balcones Wilcox Room
8620 North New Braunfels Avenue
Thursday, February 21
Board Meetings
Marmon Mok Architects,
700 N. St. Mary’s Ste. 1600
unless otherwise stated.
Conferences/Special Events
Additional Traveling Modules
Dates will be included as
Tuesday, January 22
Tuesday, February 26
50 Anniversary Celebration
Oak Hills Country Club
5403 Fredericksburg Road
Thursday, March 20
Tuesday, March 25
Alamo Café
14250 Hwy 281
Thursday, April 17
Tuesday, April 22
Firm Night
Batchelor Cadillac Saab Hummer
11001 IH-10 West @ Huebner
Thursday, May 15
Third Tuesday, May 20
Spring Leadership Conference
Chicago, IL
EWISP Banquet/Executive Night
DoubleTree Hotel
37 NE Loop 410 @ McCullough
Thursday, June 19
May 1-3, 2008
Tuesday, June 24
Chapter Awards & LCAM Awards
Location To Be Determined
Thursday, July 17
Tuesday, July 22
Non-Meeting Fundraiser
Thursday, August 21
Tuesday, August 26
Location To Be Determined
Second Thursday, September 11
TEXOMA in Dallas, Texas
Tuesday, September 23
Location To Be Determined
Thursday, October 16
2008-2009 Board Installation
Location To Be Determined
August 1-2, 2008
October Board Retreat
September 18-20, 2008
2008 Leadership Conference &
Annual Meeting
Palm Springs, CA
San Antonio Chapter Board Recap
Submitted by: Vicki Chapman
Southwest Business Corporation
January 22, 2008
Location: Southwest Business Corporation
Secretary’s Report
Minutes approved: 12/11/08 Board meeting and
1/17/08 general membership meeting
Incoming communications:
Thank you letter from Russell T. Fritz, Army Fisher
Houses, re: our donation of $506
Letter from Denise Blackmer (Bank of America), re:
$500 ASIST donation through Bank of America
Grants Program in memory of Denise’s mother,
Audrey Warton
E-mails from Linda Buck (Herff Travel) and Janet
Powell (AT&T), re: enjoyment of our January 17
meeting and program
Holiday cards from EWI corporate office and Stamp
- Email from Melissa Averett, Baton Rouge chapter,
introducing herself as our chapter’s Membership
Business Career Development Program
Treasurer’s Report
Account balances as of December 31, 2007:
General account:
Investment account: $12,886.89
BCPD account :
Note: the increased account balance in the General account
is attributed to the 50 Anniversary Sponsorship revenue to
date. Additional 50 Anniversary expenses will be
January installations:
New member firm, United Health Group,
Mary Halvorsen
3 rep Gina Brown, HoltCat
3 rep Belinda Smith, SWBC
3 rep Sue Kolitz, YMCA of Greater S.A.
replacement rep Maggie Hahn, USAA
replacement rep Cecy Bellacetin-O’Keefe,
Montdani, Int’l
- 66 applications were mailed to schools in January;
applications that are received will be distributed to
judges on or around March 14.
- The committee will award three $2,000 scholarships for
- Applications will be mailed out in February and
recipients will be selected in May.
- Judges will be selected soon.
• Philanthropy
- The committee will plan six projects for the year.
56 firms were represented at the January 17 meeting.
Total attendance was 94:
76 representatives
4 sustaining members
1 life member
13 guests
Ways & Means
$560 was collected from the “bring and buy” event
The February PULSE deadline is February 11, 2008 with
a distribution date of February 18. Contact information
for all committee chairs will be listed in future editions.
Director Jackie Gordon distributed copies of the thank
you letter that she sent to Navarra Williams at
SAMMinistries (our January guest speaker)
Vice President / President Elect
The February meeting location, menu and cost were
reviewed – cost per person is $45 and $14 for
sustaining members.
No report given
New Business
Board approved a $25 donation to EWISP in memory of
Merle West Hostutler (1976 chapter president)
Board agreed to post the 3/1/08 Kansas City seminar
information in the February PULSE