January 14, 2008 (All day)



January 14, 2008 (All day)
Chartered in 1958
San Antonio Chapter
EWI Chapter Membership Meeting
Thursday, January 17, 2008
Petroleum Club of San Antonio
8620 N. New Braunfels Ave. #700
San Antonio, TX 78217
(210) 824-9014
Connie Ross – 270-2235
Marmon Mok Architecture
Vicki Chapman – 321-7535
Southwest Business Corporation
Melissa Pina – 353-4480
CPS Energy
January 2008
5:30-6:15 PM
6:15-6:35 PM
6:35-6:45 PM
6:45-7:30 PM
7:30-7:50 PM
7:50-8:15 PM
Registration and Hospitality
Welcome/Mission Statement/ Installations
Roll Call
Invocation and Dinner
Navarra Williams, SAMMinistries
“Bring & Buy” Door Prize/Adjournment
Valerie Manns – 545-0008
Project Control
Debbie Saldana – 938-8382
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
5:30 p.m.
Marmon Mok Architecture
700 N. St. Mary’s, Ste 1600
Lori Reed – 828-8191
Quadrangle Press, Inc.
The Board meeting is open to the membership. If you
would like to attend, please notify Secretary Melissa
Pina at [email protected]
Jackie Gordon – 246-9632
YMCA of Greater San Antonio
Rosie Perez – 737-0777
Conceptual MindWorks, Inc.
Carilyn Riak – 595-2556
Ken Batchelor Cadillac SAAB Hummer
Leticia Villarreal – 475-6900
Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P.
Officers/January Meeting
President’s Message
Dates To Remember
Mission Statement
New Members
News Reels
Year At A Glance
San Antonio Chapter Board Recap
Happy New Year! I find it so refreshing to
ring in a New Year! It’s a fresh beginning, a clean
slate, a new start . . . HOPE renewed. On a scale of
“1 to 10,” my optimism is at a “10” at the beginning of
a new year. I think this is true for most people, as it
is our optimism that gives us the determination and
“resolve” to set our goals for the New Year.
If you have written a list of New Year’s
Resolutions, I hope your list includes “renew my membership in EWI.” The
annual invoices were e-mailed in December, with a payment deadline of
February 1, 2008. Please mail your check directly to Treasurer Valerie
Manns at Project Control or bring it to the January meeting. Or, you may
want to instruct Valerie to “charge it” on your VISA or MasterCard.
Have you thought about “how” you plan to get a return on your
investment in EWI? My suggestion is “participate in ‘08!” Your attendance
at Chapter meetings, philanthropic activities, and at the Leadership
Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM) will give you every opportunity to
promote your firm, develop valuable professional relationships and make a
difference in the San Antonio community. 2008 could be your most
rewarding year ever!
Some exciting highlights of upcoming opportunities include our 50
Anniversary Gala on February 21st, a firm night at Batchelor Cadillac
Saab Hummer in April, the annual EWISP banquet and silent auction in May,
our Chapter award night in June, and a “patriotic” themed meeting in
September. On the horizon will be the ASIST walk-a-thon, an April “baby
shower” for Child Protective Services and our Chapter Reading Rally in
October, to name only a few.
As I encourage your participation, I would also like to remind you of
the attendance requirements set forth in our Chapter Standing Rules. “Each
representative is required to attend a minimum of six (6) meetings each
calendar year. The member firm is required to be represented at a
minimum of seven (7) meetings each calendar year, and this attendance
requirement can only be met by the executive and/or representative.”
At the January 17 meeting we will have a very dynamic speaker from
the SAMMinistries ― President and CEO Navarra Williams. Representatives
may also participate in our first “Bring & Buy” fundraiser, so don’t forget to
bring your “re-gifted” door prize to the January meeting.
Corporate is offering some great membership incentives right now, so I
would like to challenge each representative to focus on a prospective new
member firm for our Chapter. You will receive a $10 gift card to the EWI
Merchandise Shoppe for each new member you recruit, as well as an entry
into a drawing for a 2008 LCAM package. Our recruitment effort is not about
“numbers.” Your Chapter Board is interested in adding quality professionals
to the Chapter to build upon the strong foundation we already have.
In closing, my New Year’s wish comes from an unknown author and
expresses my sentiments for all of you: “May you have enough happiness to
keep you sweet; enough trials to keep you strong; enough sorrow to keep
you human; enough hope to keep you happy; enough failure to keep you
humble; enough success to keep you eager; enough friends to give you
comfort; enough wealth to meet your needs; enough enthusiasm to make
you look forward to tomorrow; and enough determination to make each day
better than the day before.”
Thursday, February 21st
50th Anniversary Celebration
Oak Hills Country Club
5403 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78229
Tuesday, February 26th
Marmon Mok Architecture
700 N. St. Mary’s, Ste 1600
San Antonio, TX 78205
Thursday, March 20th
Alamo Cafe
14250 Hwy 281
San Antonio, TX 78232
Tuesday, March 25th
Marmon Mok Architecture
700 N. St. Mary’s, Ste 1600
San Antonio, TX 78205
Executive Women Internationalbrings
together key individuals from diverse
businesses for the purpose of:
Promoting member firms
Enhancing personal and professional
Encouraging community involvement
To be the leading connection for business
Serving the EWI San Antonio Chapter
Connie Ross, President
Meet Aida Belmares
Aida Belmares was installed
in December as a new
representative for St. Mary’s
University. Aida is Assistant
to Dean Keith A. Russell of
the Bill Greehey School of
Business. She has been
employed at the university for six months. St. Mary’s
University was established in 1852 and is one of the
oldest Catholic universities in San Antonio. It has
been an EWI member firm for 20 years.
Aida has two children, a son who is a Junior at
Clark High School, and a daughter who will be
attending St. Mary’s to obtain her Master’s Degree in
Public Administration.
And let me not forget to
mention their fun and ever loyal family member,
Rocky, their Boston Terrier. Most of her family lives
here in San Antonio.
A few of Aida’s hobbies are bike riding, hiking,
and yoga in addition to gardening and putzing around
her yard. She will serve on the Clark High School
Booster Club board for the 2008-2009 school year.
Aida looks forward to her involvement with
EWI. Her mentor will be Letty Villarreal with Silver
Eagle Distributors, L.P. She has been assigned to the
EWISP committee. Make sure to welcome Aida next
time you see her.
Meet Deanna Blount
Deanna Blount also known
as “Matchstick” was installed
replacement representative
Communications, Inc., the
communications and media
company which was formed
in 1972 by Lowry Mays and Red McCombs here in
San Antonio. Deanna is Executive Assistant to Lisa
Dollinger, Chief Communications Officer for Clear
Channel and has been with the company for since
August. Today, Clear Channel has 26,000 employees
and Deanna is very proud to be one of them.
Deanna is a native San Antonian having
attended Robert E. Lee High School and Our Lady
of the Lake University. She has also lived in
various Texas cities and Europe. Past employers
include the U.S. Government, Thorn+Graves
Architects, and Lake Flato Architects.
She has a 13-year-old son named Alec,
and a Jack Russell Terrier, Courage. Deanna’s
interests include movies, travel, art and reading
fiction by authors like Nora Roberts. She tries to
find humor in the everyday and can be described
as open-minded, witty and friendly.
Deanna will be mentored by Carole Adamek,
Communications, Inc. She has been assigned to the
Hospitality Committee and looks forward to being
involved with EWI and making new friends. Please
welcome Deanna to EWI.
Welcome Back Monica Garza
Monica Garza is certainly a
familiar face for most of us.
We are very happy to have
Monica was
installed at our November
meeting. She is the Finance and Insurance Manager
for Ken Batchelor Cadillac Saab Hummer and has
been with the company for over a course of 10 years.
The automotive retailer originally opened in 1980
solely as a Cadillac Dealership, but obtained the Saab
and Hummer brands only in the last five years. EWI
has been fortunate to have Ken Batchelor Cadillac
Saab Hummer as an EWI member firm for over 24
years- since 1984.
Monica received her BA in Management from Texas
A&M University and a Certificate in International
Business from the Mays College of Business. The
youngest of five children she says she is blessed to
have a wonderfully close knit family. She is the proud
Aunt of 10 nieces and nephews. Although Monica is
not married she says she loves spending time with her
wonderful group of friends, many of whom she has
known since childhood.
Monica enjoys traveling, reading, and being
actively involved in the Women’s Ministry Program at
her church – Community Bible Church. During her
previous EWI involvement from June 2001 through
July 2006 she served as EWI Program Director,
Membership Director, and EWISP Chair. She has
been assigned to the Program Committee. She looks
forward to another productive year with EWI. Let’s
give Monica a warm welcome back to our EWI
New Member articles by Rosie Perez
“Be sure to look for articles
on replacement reps
Cynthia Rangel with S.A.
Employers Health Alliance
and Cristina Olivares with
Porter Loring Mortuaries in
our February PULSE”.
The Year was 1957 . . . It was at the first meeting of the 1957 national board of directors of Executives’ Secretaries,
Inc. that approval was given for a new chapter in the state of Texas. The Dallas Chapter was charged with the chartering
and selection of a city, subject to approval by the national board. In June 1957 SAN ANTONIO was chosen, and Susie
Coleman was named organizing chairman. Susie’s firm operated theatres in San Antonio and had other business interests
in our city. She developed a plan to contact people she knew in San Antonio and, with the blessing of her executives, she
was on her way to organizing our chapter.
Susie became a regular air commuter during the next several months. On Wednesday, August 7, 1957, she made her first
trip to San Antonio. She spent the day with three of her company’s executives, explaining to them the nature of
Executives’ Secretaries. Inc. and seeking their advice and counsel. Each one prepared a list of firms and executives whom
he considered desirable for membership. She also contacted the Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth Chapters in an effort to
secure names of proposed firms in San Antonio. When all the lists were in hand, she returned to San Antonio and spent
the day with her associates here, selecting the most outstanding firms from the perspective of product service, integrity
and civic mindedness, etc. Without any premeditated plan as to a number, they produced a list of exactly fifty firms.
When the proposed list had been approved by the national board, a copy was sent to the Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth
chapter executives, asking for their assistance in sending letters to those San Antonio executives they might know to
explain the benefits of joining Executives’ Secretaries, Inc.
On Susie’s next trip to San Antonio, she made personal calls on prospective firms. One of the firms was the Gunter Hotel.
The managing director, Mr. Elliot, and his secretary, Ann Wright, offered to assist with an organizing event. On
November 21st, Ina Mae Gateley and Susie left Dallas on the early morning plane and landed in San Antonio in a
torrential rain storm which lasted all day. After confirming final details with Ann Wright during the day, a reception
began with guests arriving at 6:15 p.m. An informal meeting followed, with Susie pointing out the advantages of our
organization to the firms’ executives and representatives in attendance.
Ina Mae and Susie left San Antonio the next morning during another rainstorm and arrived in Dallas in a snowstorm!
That very day Susie drafted a letter to each executive who attended the reception the previous evening. She enclosed
applications for membership in EWI, explained the dues structure and invited their membership. Due to the Thanksgiving
and Christmas holidays, however, response was slow so efforts were put on hold until after the New Year. On January 16,
1958 a meeting was held at the Gunter Hotel and election of officers took place.
The official chartering meeting and installation of officers was held on February 27, 1958 at the Gunter Hotel. Twentyone member firms were chartered that evening. Over eighty guests were in attendance at the dinner meeting. It was very
heart-warming for Susie to hear the executives express their interest and promise of support that is so necessary to make a
chapter successful for everyone – The Firm -- The Executive -- The Representative.
See the February issue of the Pulse for more history to follow!
By Kathy Beaman
NEWS REELS (Continued)
A “Re-gifting” Experience
The January 17th Ways & Means project will offer an updated version of our traditional door prize
drawings. It’s called “BRING & BUY,” and it offers everyone an opportunity to walk out the door with a
prize! Everyone will be a WINNER, and so will our Ways & Means coffer! Here’s how it works . . .
1) Bring an unwrapped gift, valued at $20.00, to the meeting. Your gift may be a Christmas or
Hanukkah present that “just wasn’t your cup of tea,” and you would like to donate it to this
fundraiser. Or, it may be something nice you have around the house. Re-gifting is not only
acceptable, but encouraged!
2) Buy a $20.00 ticket and choose the door prize you would like to take home. Only those
Representatives that “bring” a gift will be able to “buy” a ticket. So, if you don’t “bring” a gift,
you won’t be going home with a gift!
3) When you purchase your ticket, you will be asked to draw a number, and gift selections will be
made numerically. Do you feel lucky? Whoever draws #1 will get to choose their prize first!
If you bring a gift and choose not to buy a ticket, left over door prizes will be used in future door prize drawings.
It’s too late to be a “bah humbug,” so join the FUN!
The Perfect Fit
Membership Campaign
Recruit and WIN!
Each representative who recruits a new member firm, that joins during October 1, 2007 – May 31,
2008, will RECEIVE:
A $10 gift card to the corporate EWI Merchandise Shoppe. (There’s no limit to the number of
gift cards a representative may receive).
Each recruiter’s name will be entered into a drawing for a 2008 LCAM package to include
registration, hotel fee and airfare! (There’s no limit to the number of chances a representative
can earn)!
The top recruiter, the representative who recruits the most new member firms that join during
the period October 1, 2007 – May 31, 2008, will win a travel voucher valued at $1,500.00. (In the
event of a tie, a random drawing for this prize will be held).
To be eligible, the recruiter’s name must appear on the Application Form 15 when submitted to the EWI Corporate
NEWS REELS (Continued)
Essays from ASIST Fall 2007 winners Paula Ortiz and Maria Whitley:
NEWS REELS (Continued)
NEWS REELS (Continued)
In Our Thoughts and Prayers……
Merle West Hostutler passed away in late December. She was our chapter's President in 1976. Please keep her family
in your prayers.
Ann Reeks with Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research had surgery on Monday December 30th after injuring her
knee. She is also waiting for a possible 'open-heart surgery' due to other health complications. Please keep her in your
prayers and feel free to mail your sweet notes and best regards to her at her home:
2019 Encino Belle
San Antonio, TX. 78259
Diane Flack with the San Antonio Spurs underwent surgery on January 10th and will be on medical leave
for the next 6-8 weeks. Please keep Diane in your thoughts and prayers as she recuperates at home. If
you would like to send a card with your "well wishes," Diane's home address is:
1035 River Glen West
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Update on Carol Able
Good news! Carol Able is back to work (part-time), after undergoing open heart surgery in November.
Don't be surprised if you see Carol at the January meeting!
Philanthropy Committee December Project Update
The Philanthropy Committee would like to thank everyone for their generous contributions to our Christmas project.
Melissa Pina, Tina Luther and I had the honor of being "the EWI elves" and delivering the gifts to our adopted family.
What an amazing sight...to see 5 children stare at you, wondering, “who are these strange ladies bringing all of these
wonderful gifts into our home.” They all sat there in astonishment. Their Mother was so very appreciative that we
could bring such joy to her family. It was truly a blessing.
Thank you for participating and making it possible.
Thank you,
Linda Buck-Philanthropy chair
NEWS REELS (Continued)
The Winston School San Antonio’s
18 Annual Learning Disabilities Symposium
January 26, 2008
"Collaborative Problem Solving: Parenting, Teaching, & Treating Challenging
Featuring Dr. Ross Greene, Keynote Presenter
Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., is Director of the Collaborative Problem Solving Institute in
the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. He specializes in the
treatment of explosive, inflexible, easily frustrated children and adolescents and is the
author of The Explosive Child and co-author of Treating Explosive Kids: The
Collaborative Problem Solving Approach. He is also Associate Professor in the
Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Greene's research focuses on the classification, longitudinal study, and treatment
of inflexible, easily frustrated, explosive children; long-term outcomes in socially
impaired children with ADHD; and student-teacher compatibility. He has authored numerous articles, chapters,
and scientific papers on school- and home-based interventions for children with disruptive behavior disorders.
His research has been funded by the Stanley Medical Research Institute, the National Institute on Drug Abuse,
and the U.S. Department of Education.
Dr. Greene received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Virginia Tech in 1989 after completing his predoctoral internship at Children's National Medical Center/George Washington University Medical Center in
Washington, DC. Prior to joining Mass General, he served as Visiting Assistant Professor on the clinical
psychology faculty at Virginia Tech and as Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Pediatrics at University of
Massachusetts Medical Center.
Breakout Speakers Include:
Dr. Steven Coats “Responding to Challenging Behaviors: Positive Behavioral Supports”, Claudia Goswitz &
Associates “Resources Breakout”, Dr. Patricia Harkins “Aspergers Syndrome and the Inflexible Child”, Dr.
Charles J. Karulak “Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s: Transitioning into College”, Dr. Karin Barnes
“Sensory Integration: Theory, Disorders, Interventions”, and Dr. Thomas Matthews “Behavior Management of
Impulse Control Disorders: What They Are & How To Treat Them”.
Registration Materials will be available in early December.
Please call Marcella Monnaville at 210-615-6544 for more information about
the Symposium or to help sponsor the event.
To help you with your executive’s calendar and your own, we are including the dates of the General Membership
meetings (with topics and locations if available), the conferences scheduled for 2007-2008 (including the annual
meeting) and the Board of Directors meetings.
General Membership Meetings
Thursday, January 17
The Petroleum Club of San Antonio
Balcones Wilcox Room
8620 North New Braunfels Avenue
Thursday, February 21
Board Meetings
Marmon Mok Architects,
700 N. St. Mary’s Ste. 1600
unless otherwise stated.
Conferences/Special Events
Additional Traveling Modules
Dates will be included as
Tuesday, January 22
Tuesday, February 26
50 Anniversary Celebration
Oak Hills Country Club
5403 Fredericksburg Road
Thursday, March 20
Tuesday, March 25
Alamo Café
14250 Hwy 281
Thursday, April 17
Tuesday, April 22
Firm Night
Batchelor Cadillac Saab Hummer
11001 IH-10 West @ Huebner
Thursday, May 15
Third Tuesday, May 20
Spring Leadership Conference
Chicago, IL
EWISP Banquet/Executive Night
DoubleTree Hotel
37 NE Loop 410 @ McCullough
Thursday, June 19
May 1-3, 2008
Tuesday, June 24
Chapter Awards & LCAM Awards
Location To Be Determined
Thursday, July 17
Tuesday, July 22
Non-Meeting Fundraiser
Thursday, August 21
Tuesday, August 26
Location To Be Determined
Second Thursday, September 11
TEXOMA in Dallas, Texas
Tuesday, September 23
Location To Be Determined
Thursday, October 16
2008-2009 Board Installation
Location To Be Determined
August 1-2, 2008
October Board Retreat
September 18-20, 2008
2008 Leadership Conference &
Annual Meeting
Palm Springs, CA
San Antonio Chapter Board Recap
Submitted by: Vicki Chapman
Southwest Business Corporation
December 11, 2007
Location: Gourmet Fresco Cafe
Secretary’s Report
• December Installations:
- 2 rep – Aida Belmares – St. Mary’s
- replacement rep – Deanna Blount – Clear
Channel Communications
• Board approved posting of prospective firm –
Bexar County
Minutes approved:
November 15 membership meeting
December 6 membership meeting
November 20 board meeting
Incoming communications read:
- Email from Gale Ingram with Fresh Start
Salon Ministries re: mentorship program
- Email from Kimberly Stakelbeck,
President of EWI Indianapolis Chapter
requesting a recipe for their W&M
cookbook project
Treasurer’s Report
October 31, 2007 account balances:
General account:
Investment account: $12,831.45
BCPD account :
Note: the increased account balance in the
General account is attributed to the 50
Anniversary Sponsorship revenue to date.
Additional 50 Anniversary expenses will be
Business Career Development Program
- Applications will be distributed to school
counselors during January and February
- Judges have been selected
- The last two recipients for the 2006-07 program
were selected:
- Paula Ortiiz – UTSA
- Maria Whitley - UIW
- The committee will award three $2,000
scholarships for 2007-08
• Philanthropy
- The committee will plan six projects for the year.
53 firms were represented at the December
11 meeting. Total attendance was 88:
66 representatives
4 sustaining members
1 life member
17 guests
Ways & Means
$325 was collected from the December door
prize drawings
“Bring and buy” door prize fundraiser is
planned for the January 17 meeting
Vice President / President Elect
The January PULSE deadline is January 7,
2008 with a distribution date of January 14 .
The January meeting location, menu and cost
was presented. The Board approved the
Petroleum Club venue, menu and a charge of
$30 for representatives and $15 for sustaining
The Board approved Alamo Café as the
March venue and approved an advanced
No report given
New Business
Board approved the purchase of a rolling case
for Hospitality to use in transporting name
badges to meetings.
Joyce Stuart volunteered to send a recipe to the
Indianapolis Chapter for their cookbook.
Connie Ross will call Fresh Start Salon
Ministries to obtain additional information.

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