July 2012 Newsletter



July 2012 Newsletter
July 21, 2012
The above photo was taken at our June meeting held at Croydon Hall in Leonardo. The turnout
was 27 members, a typical light attendance for a summer session. Being held in the fairly spacious
Gymnasium made for plenty of indoor flying afterwards which made for lots of fun for those in
attendance. Not much business was discussed except for the turnout for the Imlaystown event, the
plans for out upcoming Electric fun fly and Warbirds Over Delaware. Besides that it was
announced that Corresponding Secretary Jonathan Albala would soon be moving to Florida
And will have to be replaced. The monthly raffle was won by Chuck Williams who received a generous
handful of servos.
NEXT MEETING – Will be held on Wednesday July 27, 7:30 PM, once again at Croydon Hall. We’ll
have the usual Model of the Month competition and monthly raffle.
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Model of the Month Photos by Stan Berger
Ist Place– Bob Keibley, scratch built Polaris
2nd Place - Gary Swist, Modified Glasair
Charlie Wehler – U2 from kit with ducted fan.
Stu Katz – Modified & Electrified plane.
Warbirds Over Delaware – By Bob Keibley
Here’s the rundown. The weather was really good for this year’s Warbirds Over Delaware
event. Winds were generally down the runway. Lots of members showed up. Adam Lilley,
Chuck, Dave Mauger, Joe Berardi, Jim Baye, Steve Gallop and Donna, Eric Davis, Timmy,
Frank Beshears, John English and his son Justin, and myself. Adam flew the Memphis belle,
his Cub (flew his student pilot routine) and his P-40, with the P-40 setting an all time low pass
record by shredding the propeller on one pass! Lucky he made it back for a safe landing
considering the damage to the prop. Dave flew his P-6 Hawk. Frank had probably his best
flight ever for his Taube, with calm air and clear skies really show off the plane. I had
Several really nice flights with my Tiger Moth, but flying a slow plane like that at WOD is
like being in a car doing 20 MPH on a 100 MPH highway! John English’s son won an 88”
Tiger Moth ARF in one of the many raffles during the event, We all had a great time and all
went home with the aircraft we brought intact! How many days ‘til we go back? Bob
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June 24 Pattern Contest - By Ed Runkel
There was a light turnout for this year’s Pattern Contest but it was held
in nice weather and produced some interesting results. Usually
this is a very safe event but three planes were severely damaged
before the contest was barely begun. Stan Berger totaled his plane
due to a faulty battery during practice rounds prior to the event.
He was able to substitute a plane instead. Gary Swist saw his plane go
in due to a radio failure after only a few maneuvers. Finally George K.
was unable to pull his plane out of an outside loop suffering severe
damage. Other than that, Stan Berger and Rob Kallok won their
respective classes. Dave Mauger and Trent Schneider served as judges,
and Rob Kallok brought in sandwiches to eat in Mark Nettleingham’s
Intermediate Gold
1. Stan Berger
2. Les Boehm
3. Gary Swist
Intermediate Blue
1. Rob Kallok
2. Jim Baye
3. John Tomaino
4. Geo.Kowalewski
Rob practices before Contest
Pattern Pilots
Ninth Annual JCSF Electric Fly‐In (or Some Like It Hot!) As I was thinking about our recently wrapped up electric fly‐in, held in memory of our old friend Norm Hils, the title of that famous Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe movie came to mind. Some like it hot, and apparently some don’t. With temperatures forecast to break 100F, a few of us were wondering how the turnout would be on Saturday. To start with, I got an ominous email from Stu on Friday afternoon. Although we had asked the Park to cut the lawn in anticipation of the fly‐in, as of mid‐day there were no signs of the staff or the mower. As I headed to the park to meet the guys to set up for the event, I anticipated the worst, but instead found a great sight. The rangers had cut the lawn the best it had been all year, nice, short, and clean. Stu, Lee, Jim, and Adam all helped to do some fine‐tuning with the rakes, and then we set up the flight lines and put our initials on the field. Wiping the sweat from our brows, we headed off to get ready for the next day. With the forecast calling for humid weather in plus 100F range, we decided that for safety’s sake we’d have ice water out for anyone who wanted it, gratis on the club. I also decided that anyone coming out deserved a treat, and I flipped for a cooler full of Italian ices. The guys truly appreciated that after lunch! Speaking of pilots, the weather did have an impact on our turnout. We’ve been averaging in the high 30s/low 40s range the past few years, but this time around we were limited to 24 pilots. While our friends from SEFLI couldn’t make the show, the Bergen County Silent Fliers (BCSF) did make the trek out to the field. Despite the temps, the flight line was busy all day, which more than made up for the lower turnout. In addition to the JCSF guys, we also had our regular long‐distance winner from VA, with Rob showing up in his Camaro. He had actually been out earlier in the day at the LVRCS club’s electric jet fly‐in at their Lehigh PA field, and then making the additional trip out to our field. Talk about dedication! Carnage was light for this year – that was until Adam and I decided to have an impromptu round of combat. I sent up my Slasher – Adam his Night Stick (green one). Despite what appeared to be a mismatch, it turned out that between Adam’s skills and his plane’s tight turning radius, he was giving me fits. That was until he ended up wrapped around my airframe, with miscellaneous parts raining down on the field. I was able to shake his plane loose and land successfully – no damage. I’m sorry the same couldn’t be said for Adam’s plane. I apologized, he accepted, and thankfully he has a few other buddies like the one he lost in his stable to take its place. As is always the case, an event like this can’t happen without lots of help and coordination. Stu’s partnership on this event makes a huge difference, as does the support that Mark and Kris provide on the food front. This is truly a club‐run event, with everyone pitching in. With 2013 marking the 10th running of the event, I look forward to a successful (and cooler) anniversary event! Page 5
Electric Fly-in Photos-By Stan Berger
Rob sets up registration tent,
Crowded pit area.
Getting ready.
Fokker fly by.
Launching a flying wing.
Stu at the desk.
Stu registers first customer.
Pilot Meeting.
Youngsters walked past the planes.
Tom launches Klingon.
Ken launching a Biplane
Old time Quaker.
Take off!
Lockheed Lightning
Fly by.
Launching electric.
Next Meeting – Wednesday July 25, 7:30 PM at Croydon
Hall in Leonardo. Model of the Month, Raffle and indoor
Sun. July 22 – Pylon Racing, 11:00 AM at Dorbrook. Bring
slow or non-racing sport planes. CD Stu Katz
July 28-29 – War Birds over PA., Buc-le Aero Sportsmen
Club, (non-club event).
Sun. Aug.12 – Annual Club Picnic, 12 noon at Dorbrook.
Sun. Aug 26 – Streamer Chase Fun Fly, 11:00 AM at
Dorbrook: CD Bob Keibley.