biography - I Am Chi City



biography - I Am Chi City
It’s hard to stand out in a city full of stars, but instead of being
intimidated by all the hype surrounding the Windy
City’s “overnight celebrities”, 23 year-old rapper Chi City is
confident he has what it takes to shine with the best of them.
Born and raised in the gang-infested neighborhoods on
Chicago’s South Side, Chi City grew up turning the negative
images around him into moving street narratives. As a kid it was
nearly impossible for him to escape the evil trappings of his
hood; and the mind of a lyrical genius was sparked. By the age
of 16, Chi City was already making a name for himself around
Chicago’s South Side area. From freestyle battles to talent shows, Chi City was a rising star eventually
catching the attention of Chicago’s Street Edition magazine in which he received a write-up. Other than
being an artist himself, Chi City is also a recording engineer. By the age of 17, Chi City had his own
recording studio and was earning money by ghostwriting for other artists and helping artists market and
promote mix-tapes which he produced himself.
Chicago Hip Hop artist, Chi City, has released his new single “What It Is” from his upcoming and highly
anticipated mixtape, Who Is Chi City? due in mid-April 2011. Produced by Mississippi, Da Monsta
(@IAmDaMonsta) with a mainstream appeal, “What It Is’ proves itself a club and street banger. Chi City
has released over 9 underground mix-tapes and has been featured on over 85+ collaboration tracks
nationwide that where all national releases , including artist overseas in the UK and Germany, also he
landed a collaboration with a New York Based Dj Envy artist, Grand Finaal. Probably one of his hottest mix
tapes to date, “Almost Signed” has received a five star rating on Like his platinum Chi-town
counterparts, Kanye West, Twista and Common, Chi City is destined to join his city’s rap elite.
Slip N Slide DJs 1st Annual Artist Showcase - Florida
Slip N Slide DJ convention - Florida
B.E.T. Artist Showcase held - Columbus, Ohio
Philadelphia Freeway Tour - Various Cities
African American Heritage Festival - Steubenville, Ohio
Micky Factz Concert at Skullys - Columbus, Ohio
Chi City Concert at Boma - Columbus, Ohio
Chi City Concert at The Blue Room - Columbus, Ohio
Chi City Concert at Mr Gs - Chicago, Illinois
Soulja Boy / Machine Gun Kelly Concert - Youngstown, Ohio
Who Is Chi City? - 2011
I Am Chi CIty - 2011
Hip Hop … Since I Did It - 2010
A Long Way From Home - 2009
Almost Home - 2008
Rap Vs Hip Hop - 2007
Unfinished Business - 2007
Unsigned Hype - 2006
Featured on “A Vixen Affair the Mixtape Vol. 1″ DJ Gloss & the Real Muzak Vixens - 2008
Featured on “Girl on Girl” Vol 1 prod. by Gallic Wars Mixtapes - 2009
Street Edition Magazine
“With his witty word play, and unique way to switch up his flow, that has been known to mimic any artist in
the game, but still Chi City delivers his own style with a touch of east, west, and down south influence. …
Chi City brings once again some of the most proclaimed lyrics since the days of Common, Rakim, Jay Z,
and others.” - Brandon Veriar for Street Edition Magazine/2006
The Shoot Magazine
“With a fresh, raw flow, and mid-west flavor, Chi City is bound to be a household name very soon. He is on
a path to bring real, heartfelt Hip Hop music back into the industry; getting back to the essence of rapping.
Chi City has the witty storytelling techniques of the late, great Biggie Smalls, sick lyrical word play of Lil
Wayne, and an uncanny ability to switch up his flow in ways that sound like none other. Track to track,
verse to verse, he has the skills and talent to compete with anyone in the game right now.” – Wesley W.
Jenkins for The Shoot Magazine/2010
The Shoot Magazine
“So who’s next? You may have to dig deep into the wells of the underground find an artist who strays
away from the status quo. Lyrical artists such as Chi City out of Chicago and Cory Gunz are climbing their
way into the mainstream.” – Wesley W. Jenkins for The Shoot Magazine/2010
Chi-Towns Finest
“A new, young and talented artist from Chicago, who is currently making his way into the Hip-Hop scene
by recording dope music.” - Chi-Town’s Finest Blog on
What It Is - Explicit
What It Is - Edited
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