Drumright Fire Department Drumright, OK


Drumright Fire Department Drumright, OK
Drumright Fire Department
Location: Drumright, OK
Commercial Consultant: Jay Gallagher
Equipment Overview:
* Life Fitness Integrity Series cardio
* Hammer Plate-Loaded strength
* USA Troy dumbbells, plates, and kettle bells
Fire Department Bio: The Drumright Fire
Department consists of 5 career and 21 paid per call
firefighters. Founded on October 10, 1916, our
number one goal for almost 100 years is duty to our
community. We do this in many ways other than
emergency situations, from fire prevention in the
schools and assisted living areas, fundraising for
cancer patients, and we even help with the planning
of community events.
Drumright, OK
Fitness Equipment: Our main objective
with this project has been to promote
wellness and physical fitness throughout our
fire department. Also we wanted to set the
bar for other rural fire departments in this
area as far as wellness and fitness is
concerned. With the funding awarded from
the FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grant, we
were be able to buy commercial grade
cardio, strength & conditioning equipment. It
is no secret that heart attacks are the leading
cause of all firefighter fatalities, accounting
for 50 percent, on average, of firefighter lineof-duty deaths. With the funding we received
to implement a health and wellness program,
we will be ahead of the curve in changing
this statistic.