tutorial - Saritur


tutorial - Saritur
How to buy your ticket online
Type in your place of
departure, destination,
date of departure and
date of return
Click in “consultar” to
Choose a time of
departure. Times are
presented in a 00h to
24h model (“military
This screen shows the
conditions of online ticket
purchase. Click on “Li e
Concordo” to procede
to the terms screen.
Read carefully and select the option below to proceed with your purchase .
1 . With the " agreement" in this agreement , shall be V.sec adhering to the contract of carriage with the company . In this sense the following conditions should be
observed :
1.1. At the end of the purchase will be generated screen to print the voucher passage . Voucher IS NOT THE TICKET PASS and not permitted on board .
1.2 . The ONLY passage may be withdrawn in one of the city's shipping agencies , upon presentation of the voucher and ID. Failing that , only the removal of the ticket
will be allowed by the client upon presentation of identity of the purchaser ( passenger) and their voucher code .
1.3 . The voucher must be exchanged by the shipping agency for the travel ticket . The passenger must submit to the agency along with a minimum of 60 minutes in
order to facilitate the exchange of the voucher .
1.4 . The voucher data must be specifically granted with regard to the time and date of shipment.
1.5. The voucher can only be redeemed by the Company of any agency .
1.6 . The ONLY passage may be canceled at an agency , with at least three hours prior to commencement of travel .
1.7 . For tickets purchased via card values will never be returned in kind only by credit from the credit provider.
1.8 . Make sure your online shopping in the value of the shipment fee has been charged . Otherwise , the payment will be made on the same board , with the onboard
2.0 . We are supported by Law 11.993 of 29 October 2003 , in its sole paragraph of Article 3 .
Article 3 - The user can choose only the return of the ticket that has not been revalidated , since it manifests itself with a minimum of three hours in relation to the
scheduled departure time.
Sole Paragraph - Opting for the return referred to in this article, the user will receive the amount paid on the purchase of the ticket, the carrier having the right to
retain up to 5 % ( five percent ) of the amount to be refunded to the passenger in accordance with § 3 of Article 740 of Law 10.406 , of January 10, 2002 . (BY: Google
Choose your seat.
To buy more than one
ticket, simply select
more than one seat.
This is a login screen. If
you don’t have na
account, click on
“Quero me cadastrar”.
This is where you enter
your information.
Select the option
“Estrangeiro” and
procede with your
information, entering
your passport
number as your
Date of Birth
ZIP Code
Street Address
Street number Additional
State (select “Outro”)
Phone number
Cell phone
Repeat your password
Enter the names of the
passangers. Only the
person whose name is
provided can retrieve
the ticket.
Enter your credit card
How to buy your ticket online.