Setting Up Student Email



Setting Up Student Email
Setting Up Student Email
The first time a student logs into student email they will be prompted to set up their email. This walk through
will explain the steps to complete this set up so that students can use their student email.
1. Students will go to and click on “Student Email” in the upper left corner
2. Students will see For “Username” enter the student’s k#. For “Password” have them enter
their Eaglenet Password.
3. Students will see the page once logged in. Click the Student Email block.
4. Students will see that they need to set up their account. Click “Set it up now”.
5. Students need to choose 1 of 3 options.
A) Pair with their phone
B) Pair with another email account OR
C) Set up some security questions. Students must do at least one of these three but may do all three if they
wish. Setting up this information will make it possible to retrieve their password if they need it in the future.
Have the student pick one from this screen.
A) Set up by phone: Enter student’s phone number and select the country code for the phone number. You
may have a code sent to you either by text or by a call. Click the corresponding button.
A2) Enter the six digit code and click “verify”. You may also click “Back” if you decide not to verify by using a
B) Verify by email. Have the student enter a valid active email address other than their student email. Click
“email me”.
B2) The student will receive an email with a verification code. Enter this code and press “email me” you may
also press “Back” if you decide not to verify by email.
C) To verify by security questions pick 5 easy to remember answers from the questions in each drop down.
Click “verify” when done, or “Back” to not verify by security questions.
6. Once one or more of the verification methods has been chosen you may click “Finish” to complete the up of
their student email. This will also log the student into their student email

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