Dommerich Beach and Civic Association, Inc, 1968 By-laws


Dommerich Beach and Civic Association, Inc, 1968 By-laws
Name and Object of the Organization
Section I. The body created by this Constitution shall be known as the
Dcanerich Estates Beach Civic Association, Inc. Its object shall be (1)
to provide funds to pay the taxes and other necessary expenses on Lot 9 of
Carrnerich Estates, 2nd. Addition, in order to comply with all provisions of
the Articles of Incorporation of Dommerich Estates Beach on Lake Minnehaha,
Inc. (a corporation not for profit) filed with the Circuit Court of the Ninth
Judicial Circuit of Florida, in and for Orange County on the 16th day of June,
1958, and (2) to provide a forum for discussion and action on community
Section II. Reincorporated under the corporate name of Dommerich Beach Civic
Association, Inc.,. a corporation not for profit on the 5th. day of June, A.D.,
1968. •
Section I. All owners or residents in Dommerich Estates, Dammerich Nbods, and
the Oaks are eligible for Boating and/or Civic membership. All members are
eligible to vote and hold office with one exception as shown in Article IL
Section II. Boating members are entitled to use of the ramp, and thus receive
a key to the padlocked gate. Civic members do not have boating privileges and,
therefore, do not receive a key.
Section III. Owners or residents of lakefront lots are limited to holding a
total ot two offices on the Executive Cbmmittee of the Association.
Article III
Dues or Assessments
Section I. The annual dues of boating members and Civic members shall be determined by the Officers and the Executive committee and shall be payable in advance
at the beginning of each calendar year.
Section II. If the revenue from dues is not sufficient to meet minimum operating
expenses, an assessment may be made against each member to meet such deficit,
and the amount thereof shall be determined by the Executive Committee.
Article IV
Executive Committee
Section I. The elected officers of the Association shall be a President, VicePresident, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors..
There shall not be less than five (5) nor more than twenty (20) Directors
Section II. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers
and directors listed in Section I above, but is not permitted to be =posed
of more than two lake-front prol6erty owners or residents.
Article V
Section I. A yearly budget shall be made by the Executive Cbmmittee and
presented for adoption at the annual meeting.
Section II. The annual budget must first provide for payment of taxes on Lot 9
and any other assessment made by the City or County.
Section III. The second provision of the budget shall make positive assurance
that at all times the weeds and other wild growth on Lot 9 shall be cut down
or otherwise disposed of by budgeting a sufficient sum for the hire of a caretaker.
Article VI
Section I. Meetings will normally be held bi-monthly beginning in January.
The time and place of each meeting shall be announced at least three days in
advance. All members are eligible to participate in these bi-monthly meetings.
Section II. Official business of the organization can only be conducted when at
least a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of at least seven (7) members
of the Executive COmmittee.
Section III. Special called meetings of the Association: The Executive
Committee or a majority of the general membership, by signed petition, may call
a special meeting of the Association provided at least 14 days written notice
is given all members.
Section IV. The annual meeting shall be held during the last two (2) weeks of
January at a facility located within the city of Maitland capable of seating
a minimum of 50 people. •
The exact time and date of the annual meeting shall be determined by the Fxecutive
Committee no later than NOvember 30 the previous year and shall be bulletined
to the membership, along with other pertinent information such as but not limited
to: the budget for the ensuing year and the nominating committee slate of
candidates, no later than December 28 of that year.
Section I. This Constitution and/or By Laws may be altered or amended only by
a boo-thirds vote of the members present at any meeting, providing notice and a
copy of such proposed amendment shall have been made in writing to the Association
membership ten (10) days prior to the meeting.
Executive Committee
Section I. The Executive Committee shall appoint a chairman and a nartinating
carmittee at the September meeting. This committee will present a slate at the next
regular meeting which will then be bulletined to the membership.
Section II. The annual election of officers and directors shall be held at the
annual meeting, the term of office commencing with the election, and continuing
until replacements have been duly elected.
Duties of Officers
Section I. The duties of the Officers are in general indicated by their titles
Section II. The President shall appoint chairman of the following committees
to serve for the ensuing year: Maintenance and improvement, Membership, Hospitalit
and Beautification, and any other committees the President feels necessary for the
continued operation and success of the Association.
Section III. The Executive Committee shall see that the Smoke Signals is published
and distributed throughout Dommerich Estates, Dommerich Wbods, and the Oak at least
4 times per year. The Smoke Signals shall be a vehicle for disseminating informatic
from and about the Association.
Section I. It shall be the duty of all parents to inform their children of the
contents of this Constitution and By-Laws and to impress upon them the importance
of compliance for the pleasure of all members.
Section II. Boating and Civic members and the immediate memicers of their haves
may bring guests to meeting and to Lot 9 at other times. They must, however,
accompany their guests and be responsible for their conduct. Reservations
should be made.
Section III. Boat Launching and Dock Use:
The clod( is not to be used as a permanent mooring for any boats.
NO space will be provided for overnight parking of cars and trailers
inside Lot 9.
Boat operators should observe the buoys as provided by the city except when
launching or docking their boat.
Members or guests using the lot shall not trespass on adjoining properties.